Your income will depend on the size of the station you work for and whether you are a radio or TV news anchor.

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Later on, you may score some reporting shifts and, if you do well, you may be awarded more significant assignments. Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra launched this online initiative at the India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit 2012 held recently in the Capital. The world's largest membership organization for broadcast and digital journalists, the United States based Radio Television Digital News Association, reported in 2017 that median annual salaries for TV news anchors were $70,000 while radio news anchors earned a median annual salary of $44,000. If you want to interact with audiences, interview guests on air and present breaking news, this career might be for you.

Most news anchors spent years working as reporters before being considered as anchors, and many have to accept gigs in remote regions to prove themselves before landing jobs at bigger stations with larger audiences.

Ideally, your degree will be in communication, media, or journalism, but fields like political science, international relations and even science degrees are also accepted if paired with relevant work experience. You need broad knowledge in current affairs, ease with analyzing events and political situations, and strong interviewing skills.

Does your institution offer Diploma in News Anchoring? News analysts in the television and broadcasting field, including TV news anchors, earn a median wage of $58,130 per year, the BLS reported.

A one-of-its-kind, this online course consists of video lessons in not only anchoring basics but also on how a TV news channel works, how a teleprompter works, and more. Highlights: Tips and techniques, microphones, EP, studio lights, Module 4– Voice Grooming Diploma in Event Management & Public Relation. Which Schools Offer Networking Security Courses in Minneapolis? But it is usually important you have some good degree or relevant knowledge/experience. Unfortunately, TV news anchor roles are on the decline. Anchor Academy offers a well designed Diploma in News Presenting & Anchoring courses for the beginners. Should equipment fail, they must know how to stay comfortable while presenting content without scripts.

Highlights: TV dress code for men and women, what to wear, make up, Module 6 – Getting ready for the interview

Higher Diploma in Business Administration(Business Administration), Diploma in Shipping Management(Shipping Management), Diploma in Housekeeping and Accommodation Studies(Housekeeping & Accommodation), Diploma in Hotel and Institutional Management(Hotel & Institutional Management), Diploma in Professional Tour Guiding(Tour Guiding), Japanese, Arabic, Chinese / Mandrin(Languages), Spanish, French, English, Italian, German(Languages), Diploma in International Humanitarian Studies(International Humanitarian Studies). In addition, television anchors need to train their visual delivery and know how to read off a teleprompter while sounding and looking natural. Find the best colleges and universities in Kenya offering Diploma in News Anchoring(News Anchoring).

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that employment for broadcast news analysts will experience 1% growth between 2018 and 2028, due to continued consolidation in the industry. Copyright © 2017 by EDITWORKS. Highlights: The who’s who of TV anchoring share their secret mantras, C 56/12, Institutional Highlights: Understanding your voice, tips and techniques for voice grooming, Module 5 – Anchor styling

Module 1 – Introduction Organizational and time management skills are very important, and you have to work very well under pressure. The table below offers some details about this career. Learn about what news anchors do, the qualifications you need to become a television or radio news anchor, and the salary and employment outlook you can expect.

Deepak Chaurasia was one of the co-founders of Aaj Tak. TV Anchor Courses . Pin – 201 309, Uttar Pradesh -India.

News anchors also must have a very clear on-air voice, and often receive voice training to perfect their pronunciation and delivery. More and more radio and television stations syndicate programs to cut costs, and this lowers demand for news anchors.

They introduce news reports from reporters; create a cohesive program from the mixture of content; and do live interviews with politicians, experts, and other talent or correspondents. Highlights: Ace your interview/screen test, how to better your anchoring skills, Module 7– Anchor Tips He has also worked as a consulting editor in DD news. © Copyright 2003-2020 Find the TV Anchor course you are looking for on Emagister, the most comprehensive online guide to courses in India. You might start out as a trainee in a newsroom to learn how everything works and assist in program delivery, which can include menial tasks like printing TV or radio scripts.

News Reading and Anchoring Qualification 10+2 Duration 3 Months Affiliation Own Flagship, LearnToday Course syllabus: Module 1 – Introduction Highlights: Anchoring Basics, tips and techniques Module 2 – Building a foundation Highlights: Functioning of a TV news channel, Types and formats of news stories Module 3 – What to expect in a studio Highlights: Tips and techniques,… All Rights Reserved | Home | About Us | Contact Us | Copyright | Terms Of Use | Privacy Policy | Advertise. Deepak Chaurasia is a senior Indian journalist and a news anchor. Do News Anchors and News Reporters Earn Different Salaries? The top-earning 10 percent of broadcast news analysts can make more than $163,490 per year.

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Find all course details such as study duration, major subject, course category among others. TV Anchor.

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the medium salary for all broadcast news analysts to be $66,880 in May 2018.

The Institute offer various mass communication courses that includes bachelor’s degree in mass communication, Advertisement, Journalism, master’s degree in mass communication, Postgraduate Diploma in Mass Communication, Advertisement, Journalism, TV News Reading and Anchoring, Radio Jockeying & Videography. News Anchor Qualifications & Requirements. According to the Washington Times in 2015, NBC's Matt Lauer earned $20 million a year. We need a few details from you so as to suggest relevant institutes, © 2008-2020 by Massage Therapist: Job Duties, Career Outlook, and Education Prerequisites.

Highlights: Anchoring Basics, tips and techniques, Module 2 – Building a foundation Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; It used to be that news anchors could hail from various backgrounds, and some successful ones learned everything on the job, without ever having gone to college.