Boucher + Co. is a New York City-based digital agency that is dedicated to creating lasting brands for their clients. The presentations always leave a lasting impression on our clients." They provide advertising, branding, direct marketing, marketing strategy, and social media marketing.

Founded in 2014, their team of 8 serves clients in the nonprofit and consumer products sectors. ABE Studios redesigned the website, integrated SEO best practices, create social media content, slideshow presentations, manage PPC campaigns, analytics, and produce their catalog for a construction company.

As a result of this engagement, the Company has seen significant increase in activity level and conversion rates. – Marketing Manager. For example, as an insurance sales rep, you could say, "If I could show you a way to save money on your car insurance, would you be interested?"

“When we contacted Propelo Media, they were more than willing to understand our dynamic marketing process.

Dreamed up by TBW/Hunt/Lascaris agency in Johannesburg, the Trillion Dollar Mailer was so-called because it used the Z$ trillion note as a way to raise awareness of the fact that the Zimbabwean Newspaper had been forced into exile. “After 6 months, we received more than 5,000 unique visitors for our website, every month.” – Marketing Manager, Manufacturing Company. Display advertising, for example, makes it easier to customize your message and measure the results of your campaign. Founded in 2003, Wingman Media's team of about 20 employees provides marketing strategy, advertising, media planning & buying, and direct marketing services.

In such case, promotional efforts would usually depend on the communication channel that is most effective for a particular market. Direct marketing is a type of advertising that allows businesses to be able to speak directly to the consumer and receive a fairly quick response. To mark World Water Day, a mailer was sent to various companies and the press.

You would also need to support these benefits using research or scientific evidence, testimonials, and other endorsements to show potential buyers what you are capable of.

Their work increased the number of phone calls and walk-ins the institution received. The group is satisfied with the results so far. They send multiple drafts. The company wanted to promote their website and improve overall sales. I wasn't able to have that experience with other companies." —Administrative Manager, Staffing Firm.

- Executive Vice President, Direct Marketing Group. GrowthBoost manages email campaigns for a technical manufacturer. They help you and they try to fix things." They work with a range of small and mid-size companies… Their team of more than two offers direct marketing, back-office services, and digital strategy solutions for small and mid-market businesses in the industries of business and IT services. The teams work closely to write copy and determine target audiences.

Direct marketing is a promotional method in which companies provide physical marketing materials to a selected group of consumers to communicate information about an offered product or service. As the candle was pulled out of the box, its design allowed it to simulate lights being switched off.

Established in 2007, Xtra Mile is a B2B lifecycle-marketing agency located in Neve Yamin, Israel. Founded in 2017, with 10 employees, they work largely with small and mid-market businesses in the information technology, advertising and marketing, and real estate sectors. Hell Pizza came up with a creative direct mail idea, involving a ‘mis-fortune’ cookie.

Xtra Mile oversaw the social media platforms and account-based marketing for a maritime shipping company. Jeep’s global tagline is ‘Freedom, Adventure, Authenticity and Passion’ and to ‘Go Anywhere, Do Anything’. The client was based in the US, and needed a distributor for their physical mail in Europe. Audience Serv GmbH is a customer acquisition specialist founded in 2008 with over 50 employees. In marketing, it’s not just about generating new sales opportunities, but it’s also about keeping your current customers satisfied and building bridges with old ones. To mark Earth Hour, the corporation produced one of the most creative direct mail ideas in their history. - Marketing Director, Fruit and Nut Bar Company. Thanks to one of their best direct mail campaigns, company support of the ‘switch off’ went up by 260%.