The fruit are eaten fresh and made into an alcoholic beverage. only the thorns to be careful of.

The fruit are generally smaller than their domesticated cousins, the cultivated orchard apple and have a sour taste not usually eaten fresh. The flesh color can range from white to yellow to red and pink.

It is resistant to insect damage, decay and is very durable. 0 0.

Pour autoriser Verizon Media et nos partenaires à traiter vos données personnelles, sélectionnez 'J'accepte' ou 'Gérer les paramètres' pour obtenir plus d’informations et pour gérer vos choix. They are cold hardy compared to other citrus withstanding temperatures down to 14 degrees Celsius. Preserved specimen have been found in an Egyptian Queen’s tomb and in a shipwreck off the coast of Turkey pre 14th Century B.C. "Marsh" is the most popular variety grown in the United States and is desirable for its sweet, juicy flesh and small number of seeds. They have very sharp thorns at the base of each frond that are 2 to 3 inches long. The pulp inside the pods has a strongly sweet taste which is where the name “honey” locust comes from. This deciduous tree bears sweet-sour red fruit from September to February in the Northern Hemisphere. Native to North America, this fruiting tree extends from central Canada south to New Mexico and East to Maine and Florida. It was used as food and traditional medicine by Native American people but considered a nuisance weed in Australia and the midwest United States. In the western world it is an ingredient in Worcestershire sauce but is also used in chutneys, curries, drinks, soups and snacks.

The tree grows to a height of 30 feet and the seeds are considered toxic but the flesh is edible. They are native to Asia and have a long history in traditional Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese medicine.

The young tender leaves of the tamarind tree are used in Indian cuisine. New York, NY 10001, Hours The fruit are eaten fresh or sprinkled with sugar and also used in jams, deserts or pickled.

- Gardening Know How Questions & Answers. The fruit is generally sour but some varieties have a higher sugar content and they are usually processed and used in various dishes and condiments. The ph is around 2.2 which gives it their sour taste.

The honey locust tree has a love hate relationship depending on who interacts with it. Some varieties of lemons, oranges, etc have thorns, some do not.

The thick form of dense foliage with small thorns provides a habitat for small birds and animals.

The Date Palm is an iconic fruit. Also, help answer other questions about Fruit and Grapefruit Trees, and plants at They can reach heights up to 35 feet, have thorny branches and are planted as windbreaks because of their high density of growth. They are easily propagated and do not require much fertilization.

The flavor is reminiscent of pineapple and lemon juice with slight astringency, although there are other sweeter varieties.

Native to temperate North America, this thorny fruit tree has many uses including its fruit, flowers, wood and roots.

They originated in South Asia as early as the 12th Century. Native to Western Europe they grow on almost any soil type except for very acidic ones.

It depends on the variety of the citrus tree.

The fruit, when dried contains about 75% sugar and the colors range from bright yellow to brown to bright red. Grapefruit Tree Care - Tips For How To Grow Grapefruit, Grapefruit Tree Info: Why Doesn't My Grapefruit Tree Bear Fruit, Grapefruit Mint Info: Care Of Grapefruit Mint Herbs. The Tamarind tree is cultivated throughout the tropical belt around the world. Nearly all citrus trees must be grafted to produce fruit. The fruit are small around 1.5 inches in diameter and are astringent until very ripe and fall off the tree. They are nitrogen fixating trees that can grow on very marginal sites and are great for establishing shade in a rapid manner in new parks or housing developments. The flowers are used to pollinate orchard apples, the wood for adding smokey flavor to food and high quality fire wood and the roots for rootstock for domesticated varieties to enhance cold tolerance. They are primarily squeezed for their acidic juice used in food flavoring. The Tamarind tree has thorns that are born from the trunk of the tree. Add Answer.

This may be a good place to introduce yourself and your site or include some credits. The heartwood is also used to make furniture, carvings, chopping blocks and other small specialty wood items.

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They have been introduced to other warm temperate climes such as mediterranean, California and Florida. The Kei Apple is native to southern Africa. Sharp thorns guard the branches of the chittamwood (Bumelia lanuginosa), a tree native to the Southeast and suitable to line property borders.

The bushes are also used as a cattle proof hedge. Answered by Nikki on October 9, 2012 Certified Expert .

Today, most varieties are either thornless or have thin, flexible and blunt thorns. Native to South Africa, this shrub is very salt tolerant and grow well near coastal climates. Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden.

Goji Berry is a small fruiting tree reaching a height up to 6 feet. The lemon tree produces oblong yellow fruit that are sour to the taste. It produces many small red colored fruit that can be eaten fresh or made into pies, jams, jellies, and sauces.

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Découvrez comment nous utilisons vos informations dans notre Politique relative à la vie privée et notre Politique relative aux cookies. Grapefruit (Citrus X paradisi) trees, like other citrus trees, have thorns, but they are short and flexible, and they are only found on the twigs. A. Mine was grown from a seed, so has thorns and is sterile.

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They are slow growing trees usually reaching heights up to 15 feet and sometimes the branches bear small thorns.

Q. The branches have many sharp thorns and are best trimmed as a hedge.

A small green fruit in the citrus family, they are grown year-round on evergreen trees.

It has many uses for the fruit, leaves, seeds and wood. They can grow up to 30 feet tall and have many stem spines at each leaf axis. Indigenous to tropical and subtropical Africa, this thorny tree produced aromatic orange colored fruit that are sweet and sour tasting.

They are a cross between sweet orange and pomelo, discovered in Barbados.

They are a small evergreen tree in the citrus or rutaceae family and are native to South Asia and contain 5%-6% citric acid. sometimes bearing small thorns. Native to eastern Australia, this shrub grows to a height of about 10 feet and produced edible orange fruit about 1.5 inches in diameter, traditionally eaten by the aboriginals. Native to southern Asia, it was domesticated around 9000 B.C.

No grapefruit trees do not have thorns, but Lemon Trees,Wild Plums, Wild Apple Trees, Pomergranates, Wild Pear Trees do have thorns. Sign up for our newsletter. The branches are densely formed, stiff and spiny. Was this answer useful? In Kenya they are usually used for live fences and hedges but produce a juicy, acidic, but very tasty fruit reminiscent of an apple. Do you need more info on this question? My name is Alex Brown and I’m have been a Mastergardener with the University of California Cooperative Extension Office since 2014 and have learned a lot over the years. The fruit is even used as a metal polish due to the high tartaric acid content. Balckthorn is a large deciduous shrub or small tree growing to a height of 16 feet. The leaves of this tree are shiny green, armed with a pair of spines. Moving a Grapefruit Tree.

Sweet oranges are the most widely cultivated fruit in the citrus genus.

I think most that are grown from seed do. Most all citrus produce thorns, so this is normal. You must be logged into your account to answer a question. They are also used in jams, chutneys, wines, pies, gins, infused in vodkas and pickled. Below I will go into more detail on each fruit type and provide some amazing pictures of all these spiny trees. 123 Main Street They are very astringent and need to be frozen first before consuming fresh. I have compiled a list of fruit trees that have thorns to help you identify that thorny fruit tree you’ve found. The flesh is sour, while the rind tends to be sweeter. Informations sur votre appareil et sur votre connexion Internet, y compris votre adresse IP, Navigation et recherche lors de l’utilisation des sites Web et applications Verizon Media. Address

Here is a link from a nursery about the care of your citrus tree:

They grow to a height of around 30 feet and wild forms have large thorns stemming from their trunk and branches.

These evergreen trees are larger than other citrus reaching heights up to 50 feet with thorns from 1 to 3 inches long. They are a hybrid of Pomelo and Mandarin and over time, have been bred to be less thorny.

These evergreen trees are larger than other citrus reaching heights up to 50 feet with thorns from 1 to 3 inches long. New varieties have been bred to be thornless but they are less flavorful and less productive.

Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! It is referenced in religious culture past and present, is used for a variety of culinary purposes and has been a staple food source for thousands of years. Help answer a question about Do All Grapefruit Trees Have Thorns?

Obviously as the tree you picked from had no thorns this confirms you have damsons Good wine/gin/pudding making. Wild pear trees reach a height up to 66 feet and have thorny branches unlike the common pear. The wood was used for woodcuts to print the worlds first books in the 8th century. They have thorns but they are small and not very sharp and produce small semisweet red fruit that have a high antioxidant content with an ORAC score of 3,290. They produce fruit mainly in the summer and fall, but in coastal areas, all year round. The name grapefruit refers to the clusters of fruit that form on the tree resembling clusters of grapes. You may find that you have no grapefruit on a tree that you’ve watered and pruned for several years.

The young shoots and leaves are edible as well. They reproduce asexually and new varieties are discovered through bud mutations. Stemming from the family Rutaceae, these small orange fruit are usually eaten whole. The trees originate from China where they were cultivated as far back as 314 B.C.

A species of Hawthorn native to eastern United states and Ontario Canada.

The seeds are processed and the oil is removed for use in industrial gums and adhesives. Vous pouvez modifier vos choix à tout moment dans vos paramètres de vie privée. For more information click here.

Grapefruit: The grapefruit is a large semi sweet, sour and bitter citrus type.