“He did some very bad things,” Brewer said. Edd is a cool cat. I can well believe this. I like Ant more for the simple reason that I hope it pisses people off who have some kind of weird celebrity worship of Edd China, get a life, Edd also got quite fat BTW. Good luck to both of them. Wish you would return Ed. Maybe Edd realised that the show is pitched in a certain way but the core audience (like myself) record these shows and fast forward through all the bits that Edd is not in. In 2001, China was interviewed about Cummfy Banana's vehicles on ITV's Pulling Power. Wishing you all the success in the world Edd. But still miss big Edd, get a new show soon my big mucker. I wish Ed had a garage/ workshop in our locality . We will miss Edd China on Wheeler Dealers, but if you’re butthurt enough over a television show to resort to death threats, you have way bigger problems in your life. So continue watching new series? We hope to see him back on our screens soon! Mike is a charming blagger . The show returned earlier this year with Edd replaced by Ant Anstead alongside Brewer. His main contribution is sitting on his ass while Ed not only gets his hands dirty but actually does 99% of the work.

Edd is the best I love is work and he knows is shit Mike seems to still need a shampoo. So they gave him the option to leave, and he took it.”. Time will tell my money is on Edd being the totoise and mike being the Hare but you have to take into considaration that empy vessels make the most noise…Good Luck and keep plodding Edd. There is no comparison. Edd always did all the work and Mike was just taking the glory! Definitely not dumbed down for ANY market, especially USA. Ed China should have his own show as he is the man with the know-how , glad he left the black-haired turtle so he can get on with his career ! I would say if they switched roles the show would not have worked, Mike is the salesman,and Edd is the mechanic, sure Mike can work on cars but Edd is way better, I don’t think Edd could sell water in the desert. In As the true professional that you are, you would not need to do the whole job on your own [Work life balance]. and build complete, plus exhaust 2.5 to 3 stainless exhaust, then sitting the body to frame and start the major building.

Edd taught me a lot and mike got fat and that stupid bloody handshake..grrrrr, fat mike is HUGE and looks bloated n old……he was ok in old days but he thinks he is a movie star……..whatever lardy……..ed n ant pretty cool, It just goes to show mike, you and Essex TV have no loyalty or respect, the first person who should have been first choice when ed left should have been Paul, or perhaps Paul left with Ed. You would perhaps need to attend the auctions and discuss the vehicle and the solutions. Ant does a great job. Watched the first of the new episodes. Where did they find such an untalented wanker? Its all bullshit and only made for TV and after all who would buy a car from Mike Brewer in the first place. Missing Ed China, l have been in the motor trade for 50 years, but ed China has taught ME most of what I know. But it’s not the same without Edd, Edd you are sorelymissed the show is not the same withoutyou this new fella is useless i started to the first of the new series and switched off about 10 mins never watched it since. Iam in Aussie and I watch wheeler dealers and enjoy watching Ed go about his craft turning shit into diamonds for resell and his explanation on how he does things and why is realistic and makes sense .. C’mon, Britain wants this fight…!!! unnoticed. It’s only entertainment people. I don’t watch it anymore.

Ed it’s a person of principles and outstanding human being.He made the show but was time to move on.The only thing I have against Edd it’s that he does not follow up his new shows . I look forward to seeing him in his own programme sooner rather than later. Mike you A. Edd China was a very nice person his partner most likely took most of the money. They were/ are really good shows but it seems that preassure causes this to happen, very sad. ( not the Ed). New mech ant is a decent fella.

I intend to watch the show with the same amount of enthusiasm and anticipation as before. Edd made an announcement on 21 March 2017, regarding the creation of his YouTube channel. Following the success of his creations as a special effects technician on the comedy television programme Father Ted, China set up Cummfy Banana Limited, in March 1999, as an outlet for his extreme creations. He makes out that he is really helping Ed by taking on a menial task, then takes credit for all the work eg: me and Ed. My son who is a big petrolhead entered a q&a session online with Ed and said when he was asked what the big deal was with the t shirt over sweatshirt and the political slogans on them he got very irritated and entered the session! Discovery were nuts NOT to keep Ed or even give him his own show.

I have missed you, it seems like your naturally intelligent when it comes to working on autos… I’m into Avanti’s built by Studebaker, It became both China's and Brewer's most famous television work to date, and they presented the show together for 13 series, from 2003 to 2017. Also he might have worked on some of the cars on the show with Phil gleninister bit he didn’t build then. Several avenues come to mind: As he is now involved in the production, he made the changes to try and change people’s perception, as in, hey, look, I can work on cars as well…. He’s that good. He ought to start a commission based restoration workshop..I am sure that all his fans and I am one of them will ask him to restore a car for him.That will be a good material for a new series. I can’t even stand the sound of the new guys voice. I’m done with it. When I mentioned the program to my car owning network they told me that they too were also watching the shows as they all have a real interests in true classic vehicles.

TV is ants goal, not building cars, Could not agree with you more. The new series are a pale imitation of what the show used to be – forced laughs and painful script – lead by a motormouthed blag merchant and performed by a phony pretty boy mechanic …..nah, not for me thanks…..I’ll wait to see what the Chin man’s next move is. Driving the Quadski (above) Edd set a new class record of 48.51mph, and then went on to achieve another class record of 39.60mph in the Humdinga (below). Come to Australia and try slapping/ forcefully grabbing someone’s hand like he does , and the result will be a trip in an ambulance for him ! China was a guest on Scrapheap Challenge (known as Junkyard Wars in the United States) in an episode featuring driving beds and sofa cars. That is how you conduct yourself when in the public eye. According to Edd, his decision to leave Wheeler Dealers was due to the production company’s decision to ‘dumb down’ the very thing which made the show successful in the first place – in-depth coverage of the fixes performed on the cars in the workshop. Who is truly the boss? Ed. You see, Wheeler Dealers, co-hosted by Edd China and Mike Brewer for 13 seasons from 2003, reputedly has 350 million viewers, or a smidge more than the car show on …

Look I miss Ed, he sure was a very unique mechanic and super knowledgable….However I still watch the show…Ant is also a very good mechanic and explains things very well just like Ed use to do….