I really enjoy it. Please read my disclosure policy for details.

Namiko san. I wish to be there!

Maybe not as same texture as the fresh yakisoba noodles, but maybe it’s close…, https://www.justonecookbook.com/pantry_items/ramen-noodles/, i think your great I am part japaneese and mom is full japaneese and we are very proud of that and your food is great. Exactly how I remember it. Thank you so much for being my go-to recipe and how-to lady. If you have Tonkatsu sauce, I recommend that instead of Worcestershire sauce because it’s sweeter than Worcestershire sauce. Place on low once desired thickness is obtained. If not, how about dried noodles on Amazon, like this: https://amzn.to/2WTeeEN.

Don’t slice it without being frozen. Recipe by Namiko Chen of Just One Cookbook. Never regretted ! This applies to all the chopped ingredients that failed to add nicely while filming. I don’t know what went wrong, but I did follow your recipe to the “tee”. I’m a beginner cook and busy with school and this is great when I want something tasty to bring to school that doesn’t take too long to make.

Sincerely Thankyou.

But if you can eat meat, probably it’s better choice to go with the meat. , Hi Nami!

Wouldn’t the meat be severely overcooked since you don’t start cooking the veggies and adding noddles until meat is cooked through?!? Required fields are marked *. Haha. Thank you. After all the sugar is dissolved and the mixture is boiling, dissolve cornstarch in a small amount of water and stir into boiling mixture. , Hi Rafuru! This dish looks so delicious! It’s regular cabbage. .

I’m happy that you check my site (while you can check Japanese websites). I’m so glad I found your great blog! Your email address will not be published. I feel like I haven’t been a good help much, but thank you for your kind word. Everyone loved it!

I had the Donabi Pot that was over 50 years old Glad to be back, Hi Dennis! It gives enough time for fat to render from the meat, so less oil is used. The buckwheat noodles and a general word for noodles. so it’s hard for me to say yes. will be appreciated!

not sure of the spelling of her first name. 1) Yes, Chinese and Japanese soy sauce have different taste. Thanks for your help and all the amazing recipes!!! I use thinly sliced steak as the meat (and then use the left over meat I didn’t cook for gyudon the next day) and add fresh green beans and it’s so delicious!

I was stationed on camp schwab in Okinawa for a year in 1998. In this article you have a picture of a Yakisoba kit which is the exact kit I’ve always used. Now how about a recipe for Meat Jun? But without having a decent Asian section in stores…this might be very difficult… Oh! For information about our privacy practices, please visit our website. I made this tonight, using bacon, instead of pork belly. xo. If the Army only did a few things right their Yakisoba recipe was one that they got right. Hi Ki! , Thanks for the lovely recipe..I love your new Product page…In the past I’ve purchased many of your utensils etc. I love yakisoba. I use to order YAKISOBA while I impatiently waitied for Ieko san. The flavor doesn’t seem the same as it would be in Japan. The dfac doesn't offer many great meals outside of breakfast, but this one is always worth the trip. Awesome recipe!! Has anyone tried this substituting with other kinds of noodles? Drain noodles and rinse under cold water. Do you have an Asian grocery store or Japanese supermarket nearby?

Have you tried this company’s noodles? Savory and delicious.

I’m so happy to have found your blog. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!! It was delicious!

Hi Nami I’m new to your website and so very thankful for it! Thank you!!!! I would also recommend this to other uni students because yakisoba noodles are a bit more pricey.

It’s close enough to a brand of sauce I use (I tried hard to mimic the flavor…but not “exactly” same. They are made of wheat flour, kansui, and water. Since that incident, I never bought Maruchan and included Myojo brand package in my post. Love your cookbook and blog. I am sorry your yakisoba sauce was sour. I love this recipe!

I asked my mother and we were wondering did you use English Worcestersause or the Japanese Bulldog Worcestersauce? This was our first time making yakisoba, though we love to do our own stir fry. . Yakisoba is also a perfect recipe to use up ingredients from the fridge like cabbage, carrots, or leafy greens like kale, chard, or spinach. Everyone was assigned a recipe. My kids are “half” too, and I hope they will keep some part of Japanese culture with them when they grow up.

You’re very welcome! I was always eating yakisoba every chance that I made a trip to see Ieko san on my days off of work. This was essentially fried vegetables, pork rib, ham, Kamaboko and rice, Still, another elusive flavor I haven’t been able to capture. I also put some grated ginger in the mix, on a second batch, and it gave the dish a tasty twist. A lot of “normal” behavior in cooking is not “pretty” for video making. Hi hfriday!

Just don’t put too much, and the noodles get too soggy by “steaming”. That way, you don’t have to cook the noodles later on, and the noodles will still stay crispy. Was the noodle refrigerated or frozen? and I wish I know how Okinawan Yakisoba tastes like! Whisk all the ingredients for Yakisoba sauce. Hi, Nami, I wonder if you can write a recipe for making the Yakisoba noodle itself. When I was growing up in Japan, yakisoba often appeared as our weekend lunch menu.

although it seems to come out dry? Should I use Worcestershire sauce or I could sub with Japanese ウスターソース?Thank you. I feel like the noodles will break into small pieces…. Hi Lena! Awesome recipe! Thank you for sharing. Enjoy! Meat Jun is a Hawaiian food (which I have never heard of before until you mentioned, thank you!) So happy to hear your husband enjoyed this recipe! I don’t see it written in English on the package. I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed this recipe as well as the homemade sauce!

It’s quick and easy for a single person to make. Hi Cindy!

I know it is made of wheat flour but I don’t know the exact steps.

It happened to me, so I use Myojo brand noodles, which never break.

Glad to hear you could create wonderful yakisoba sauce with substitution! Keep an eye on the noodles as they may stick to the skillet/wok. I ask because I’m using substitute noodles (Hong Kong pan fried noodles) as I can’t find yakisoba at our local Asian store. My mom also put Chinese chives and bean sprouts for her yakisoba, but I don’t always add them as they are not my “staple” in my kitchen.

Thank you for your kind feedback. Add spaghetti noodles and green onions and combine thoroughly.

Maruchan, if frozen, tends to break into pieces when defrosted. Oh, and I am not allowed to shake off the spatula to get rid of ingredients at the edge of the pan/pot as it makes noise while filming. Thank you for your feedback! I didn’t have green onion, so I chopped up a jalapeno for some more flavor. I too take exception to cooking shows thst shoe poor prep methods and sanitation, Perhaps it was an oversight but couldnt help see you leave alot of the soba sauce ingredients in the cups, of course experienced cooks would know to scrape out all of it , but maybe not novice cooks, just food for thought. Haha yeah, usually not that much in other recipes. Your noodles look so bright and yellow! I make my own sauce so I buy this Myojo brand that doesn’t come with sauce (they have one with sauce too). But now that I’ve moved I can’t find it anywhere. I ACTUALLY APPRECIATE THE CALMING MUSIC AND ATMOSPHERE YOU CREATE IN YOUR VIDEOS.

I’m sorry that the recipe didn’t work out for you.

The recipe here: https://www.justonecookbook.com/recipes/dinner-rolls/, Hello Nami! Nothing really fancy… You can add more yakisoba sauce/mayo as you like too, but very simple like that. Well, to get back to the story. Yakisoba’s one of my family’s favorite lunch items too! I think it’s not perfect, but maybe it’s the closest thing? I have made this well over 10 times now for my boyfriend and I. I live in North Carolina and am having no luck finding a way to buy pre-cooked Japanese yakisoba noodles. Fresh ramen noodles or egg noodles would be something close? What I learned from my early mistakes: 1) It’s gotta be Pork Belly. . Yeah cook in batches or cook in 2 pans will do! Thank U Nami for showing a good standard version of Japanese fried noodles. If you also know where I could get it that would be great, thank you very much. I love Japanese food but finding a good cookbook in English is hard to do. Buy our best-selling e-cookbook for 33 more easy and simple recipes! . . The noodles do taste better if you have the noodles slightly charred. Enjoy it soon! Bulldog is the brand known for their Tonkatsu sauce, and they also make Worcestershire sauce, which I think is less acidic. I really appreciated that you had a video, tips and the recipe. It can a dinner dish as well, but personally, I always associate Yakisoba as a weekend lunch menu. but if you don’t mind, that’s okay to use it… Buckwheat noodles have the specific taste, and I just can’t combine that with yakisoba sauce in my head. Thanks for this recipe, I love yakisoba street-food style!

Hi Tom! Hi Biene! Hi Peter! I knew I could find the Army's recipe, thanks!! My whole family loved it. Yakisoba noodles are never sold frozen in Japan. I love Yakisoba. Thank you for your kind words! Not sure what I did wrong but it wasn’t good at all. Thanks for trying this recipe! I currently don’t have any cookware that large. I haven’t tried making yakisoba sauce from tonkatsu sauce, but I think it’s possible. So happy to hear your family enjoyed this recipe!

And this recipe along with the fresh Yakisoba sauce recipe is nothing short of heaven. Thanks for sharing them. So… you can’t use buckwheat soba for this dish (although I’ve seen it outside of Japan….). Namiko san, I use to be stationed on Yokota Air Base in Japan . Glad I am Back after a couple of years away Nami, hope you remember me. Yummy! Brown meat in a skillet. I miss yakisoba.