Vanishing Girls by Lisa Regan introduces readers to Detective Josie Quinn, who is investigating the disappearance of a young girl in the small town of Denton. Christmas with the Ops Room Girls: A festive and feel-good WW2 saga (The Women's Auxiliary Air Force), BODILY HARM a gripping crime thriller full of twists (Langthorne Police Series Book 1), THE DIAMOND ROSARY MURDERS an enthralling crime mystery full of twists (Yorkshire Murder Mysteries Book 19), The Closer You Get: A gripping suspense thriller, Am I Guilty? Iva-Marie Palmer lives with her family in a book-laden house just outside Los Angeles. Along the way, she encounters nefarious criminals and kind fellow travelers, as well as a princess who looks just like her. Our most popular products based on sales.

But trouble finds Brine and Peter (or, they find it) and soon they’re on the pirate ship The Onion, in search of a legendary, and possibly non-existent, land called Magical North. She soon discovers that her biological mother was killed the same night that Jessica was abducted, but the police appears to have forgotten all about the case. Lola's mother is convinced that her ex-husband is the person behind the kidnapping, but he vehemently denies any involvement. Detective Natalie Ward is the lead in The Birthday by Carol Wyer. By submitting my email, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to Penguin Random House’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Buy Adventure books from today. In fact, I’ve read so many adventure books, I just had to break it down into categories. It turns out that the sleep tourist town might just be hiding a lot darker secrets than anyone ever knew. Sheltered Drest, used to a calm life on a remote Scottish island, has her life upended one night when knights kidnap all of her family, leaving her behind. Her job is not made easier by the fact that it looks like some of the parents know more than what they are telling her. Top 100 Paid Top 100 Free #1. If the young reader in your life is hooked on exciting quests, nail-biting danger, and encounters with characters whose motives aren’t always quite clear, these middle grade novels will deliver — and each one features a girl at the proverbial wheel, setting a course and often saving the day. £0.99 #2.

Jess thought that the killer is already dead, but to her horror, the bodies of more women bearing the same kinds of wounds show up years later. However, recent years have seen a lot of women step up to the plate as well, thanks to the increasing amount of brilliant female authors. Find our best selection and offers online, with FREE Click & Collect or UK delivery. The hardest part about creating a list of stellar non-fiction adventure books had nothing to do with actually reading the material. As the only child of the King of Damar, Aerin should be the rightful heir. Lottie soon finds that the victims could be linked to unsolved murders from decades ago, but going through with the investigation could put her own children in danger. She doesn’t know her name, much less how she ended up on the unfamiliar island of Skuldark, but she soon learns that she’s a Keeper, someone who is responsible for using a time machine to return lost objects to important historical figures at just the right time. Jessica specializes in investigating missing persons, but in a strange twist of fate, she receives a photo of a three-year old girl who was kidnapped twenty-five years ago in Los Angeles. Best Sellers in Women's Action & Adventure Fiction. This quick read, great for younger middle grade fans, draws comparisons to The Secret Garden, and rates additional praise for the relationship between Tess and her younger brother Max. Yet there are things she doesn’t know about her lineage, which she learns as she’s called to battle. Get reading picks, tips, and activities in your inbox. In Lola is Missing by Alison James it is up to Detective Rachel Prince to discover what happened to a six-year old girl named Lola Jade. If you are a fan of murder mysteries, crime fiction, and similar stories, but want to read about women cracking the cases, then there is no better time to be a reader than now. Mafi, author of the YA saga Shatter Me, has penned two different but equally worth-following-anywhere female protagonists in Furthermore and its companion novel, Whichwood. Read our editorial policy to learn more.

by Carol Wyer 21 Best Non-Fiction Adventure Books to Read in 2020. by Mac Misseldine. 4.4 out of 5 stars 417.

She is the author of two YA novels, The End of the World As We Know It and The Summers. THE PATIENT MAN a gripping crime thriller full of stunning twists (JACKMAN & EVANS Book 6), The Choice: The unputdownable new 2020 psychological crime thriller from the Top Ten Sunday Times bestselling author of Seven Days, A Vintage Friendship: the most uplifting and feel-good read for 2020, My Kind of Happy - Part Four: A new feel-good, funny serial from the Sunday Times bestseller, THE CASE OF THE MISSING MORRIS DANCER a cozy Welsh mystery full of twists (WISE Enquiries Agency Mysteries Book 2).