Son of King Lot and Morgause, brother to Gawain, Agravaine, and Gareth, and half-brother to Mordred. Sir Thomas Malory had only mention three: Morgawse, Elaine (Blasine), who was married to Neutres, and Morgan le Fay. It was only when Arthur arrested Guinevere for adultery and treason, that the power of the Round Table broke. This list of Scottish Gaelic given names shows Scottish Gaelic given names beside their English language equivalent.

After they were happily married for some years, Yvain wanted to attend a tournament held by his uncle, King Arthur. There are no earlier Welsh or English than the French/Breton version about these events. Only Lunete offered counsel and aid to Yvain.

Igraine was unaware that she was not making love to her husband.

This vintage name, meaning ‘bright’, always manages to make a place in the US top 200. Laudine was known also by her title as the Lady of Landuc and was the daughter of Duke Landunet.

Morgan intends to take Arthur to Avalon, where she could heal her brother’s wounds. Her hound was stolen and she was abducted. According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, when her husband died, Ganieda lived in the forest with her brother. Queen of Camelot. Morgan was also identified with another Breton goddess, Dahut or Ahes, the princess, who had caused the destruction of her city Ys. Idk, just throwing it out there. I would really love to honour my dad and use his name, Arthur, as a middle name for our baby. Often in the Grail romances, Perceval’s sister doesn’t appear to have any name, nor does she appear in every tale with her brother. Even at this young age, Merlin had fallen into her charm, which he found irresistible. Dindraine could board the ship because she was an innocent virgin. 10 Most Popular Countries To Adopt From And Their... 10 Countries with Accessible International Adopti... Top 5 Reasons Adoptees Search For Birth Family Me... How to Answer Ignorant Questions about Your Adopt... 6 Tips for Writing a Stellar Dear Expectant Paren... How to Approach a Birth Family Member Youve Just ... 3 Encouraging Things To Say To A Birth Mom.

Niniane helped Lancelot several times either by herself or by many of her damsels who served her. Her great beauty also caused trouble for her. She was the wife of Arthur. Gawain met his sister, who was called Clarissant.

Results: 33. I have loads to think about!!! Enide Her name was merely mentioned in Le Morte d’Arthur as being half-sister to Arthur and married to Nentres. In the Arthhurian legend, Modron and Morgan le Fay became one and the same person, because they both were married to King Urien (brother of King Lot), and both were mother of the hero Owain (Yvain). The Vulgate Mort Artu only mentioned Morgan and unspecific number of ladies on the ship. You are not logged in. With his magic he hid her home, so that anyone who went by, would only see a lake instead of her home. Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar; Aballach: Father of Modron. So it was no different from adultery, which Lancelot had committed with Queen Guinevere, and that Elaine would have been condemned along with Guinevere. At first, Anna was the daughter of Uther and Igraine, and therefore full sister of Arthur [VIII 20]. She was given no other name apart from her title as the Lady of the Lake, yet she was different from Niniane. Though the war ended without either side winning and Guinevere was returned to Arthur, the strength of Round Table was seriously weakened without the support of Lancelot and his kinsmen, when Mordred betrayed Arthur and seized the kingdom. A strong and brave knight was needed to defend the fountain. Arthur would have punished him if Lanval could prove his boast, had it not being the timely arrival of the fairy woman saved from execution with her appearance.

Her name was merely mentioned in Le Morte d’Arthur as being half-sister to Arthur and married to Nentres. After Tristan was mortally wounded only Isolde de Blonde could heal him. Then the author went on to say that Amite’s true name was Helizabel (Heliabel). When Merlin regained his sanity by drinking water from healing spring, Ganieda gained the power of prophecy, supposedly superior to his own power. According to Thomas, her father was called Roald de Foytenant; while Beroul, the Prose Tristan and Malory had all called her father King Hoel (Howel) of Brittany).

Clarice: Clarice is the name of the female reindeer who likes Rudolf just the way he is, even with the red nose.

It was Morgawse who was wife of King Lot. This second Guinevere was frequently known as the False Guinevere or Second Guinevere. Artis is a really cool suggestion, i agree with the poster that suggested it. Users of agree to the Artaxiad. News came the next morning that Gorlois was killed in the siege of the other castle, while Uther was still making love to Igraine.

Artemis—Greek goddess of the hunt whose moon-related name has a strong unisex feel.

There seemed to be several “Lady of the Lake”. Thank you!

Dindraine did not appeared in Chretien de Troyes’ Conte du Graal. Later, when Arthur returned to Camelot, Morgan sent one of her damsels, carrying a beautiful mantle to her half-brother, as token of peace. This action cannot be undone. Sister of Percival, but personally sounds like a masculine name to me. Julek Heller a Knight. This Grail Maiden, Elaine was also confused with Elaine the Peerless. Later, in the story, Morgan was mentioned again as sister of Arthur and a great healer. Wife of Bors the Elder, mother of Bors the Younger and Lionel, sister of Elaine of Benoic, aunt of Lancelot, Queen of Camelot.

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Due to Breton Isolde’s jealously of Isolde of Ireland, Isolde brought about her husband and his lover’s death. All three wives were named Gwenhwyfar (Gwenhwyvar). All Rights Reserved. In the end, Enide proved her love and loyalty to Erec, Erec apologised to Enide for putting her through the taxing ordeals, while he proved had lose none of his prowess as he defeated enemy after enemy. Galeshin revealed his intention that he preferred to be knighted by his uncle (Arthur) than from his own father, who was currently at war with both Arthur and the Saxon invaders. (See False Guinevere in the page called Lancelot du Lac. When Arthur married Guinevere, he was given the Round Table and a hundred knights, as part of dowry.

I would either save it for the next baby or name the female baby with his initials. Otherwise: Art, Charlie, Charlotte, Char ("Shar") could work as more feminine middle names. The second Gwenhwyfach struck upon Gwenhwyfar: and for that cause there took place afterwards the Action of the Battle of Camlan…. :: 6 years ago |, posted by

Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. In the Vulgate Cycle and later authors, Guinevere had managed to prevent Mordred from marrying her by gathering loyal men hide behind the walls of Tower of London. Niniane taught Lancelot about courtly love and the duties of a true knight. If his name was Joseph Id name her Josephine, if his name was Theodore I would name her Theodora, etc.

As early as the Vulgate Merlin, it was Arthur was the father of Mordred, when Mordred betrayed him, implying that had committed incest with Morgawse. In the Vulgate Merlin chapter 4, the Micha manuscript only say that Igraine had two daughters, the eldest is wife to Lot and the other was Morgan, who Neutres of Garlot took; while the Sommer text mentioned three, Neutres marrying a different sister.

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Niniane, Ninianne, Niviene, Viviane, Vivian, Vivien, Eviene, Éviène, Nimue, Nimuè, Nina, Nenive. Charles E. Perugini Her father had served the Duke of Burgundy as vavasor, and was given the Forest of Briosque. But her parentage and her relationship with Arthur is not so clear in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s account of Historia regum Britanniae. What about his middle name? The following table shows the 100 most popular given names for male and female babies born during the last 100 years, 1920-2019. Can you think of any variations of Arthur suitable? Uther was totally obsessed with Igraine that he asked Merlin to aid him in satisfying his desire. She was of royal birth.

She would probably be a half-sister of Perceval and this sister had died long before the Grail began. Gorlois was one of Uther’s most powerful allies against the Saxons. In the tale told by Geoffrey of Monmouth, titled, The heroine in the Tristan legend.

Another possibility, in the case of there being two sisters of Arthur, both are named Anna – one married to Loth and the other to Budicius of Brittany. She used her magic to knock Excalibur out of Accolon’s hand. Though, Lancelot appeared in earlier works of Chretien, but his role was minor. Some scholars at the time say that Avalon was situated on Glastonbury, an island in the middle of marshland. She was the heroine who informed Galahad, Perceval and Bors about the origin of Sword of the Strange Belt, the magical ship and the Tree of Life. Illustration, 1984. In Queste del Saint Graal, Elaine was the Grail Bearer, when the three Grail knights finally arrived in Corbenic.

Arden—A name with a unisex feel used mostly for girls that benefits from sounding like ardent. Uther was so obvious with his lust for Igraine, that Gorlois left the celebration early, with his wife and followers. Artimus. Several times she had imprisoned Lancelot refusing to release him until the hero became her lover. © 2020 Everyday Health, Inc. Her hatred for Guinevere may have stemmed from one story, when she was serving as the queen’s lady-in-waiting. The only mean of identifying the real Guinevere from the false was that she had a birthmark of a king’s crown on her back, while the Second Guinevere had none. He called his little girl Sofia Carlotta and I think it's really cute! According to this tale, when Sir Kay murdered Lohot, Guinevere was grief-stricken and she died from broken heart. See Wedded to the Land in the Celtic World & Cultures page for more explanation of the Sacred Marriage. There is even confusion of who Anna was married to. From her marriage with Gorlois (according to Geoffrey of Monmouth), Igraine was the mother of Cador. 1 Book 1 Chapter 19]. It's my brother's name (Italian Carlo) and I love it! Later still, when Geoffrey say that she was Lot’s wife, and the mother of Gawain and Mordred; Anna was no longer the sister of Arthur and daughter of Uther. But you don't need to trawl through long lists of baby names any more! This strange loyalty to Arthur had actually made Arthur’s claim to kingship, even more stronger. The horses had belonged to Arthur and Sir Kay, when these two challenge Gawain, but were unhorsed. To add salt to Arthur’s wound, Mordred had married Guinevere. This plan was foiled when Lancelot challenged three of her knights in a trial by combat. Male: Arthurian-Legend: Accalon: Lover of Morgan le Fay. Arthw.

Similar names like Gwendolyn, Jennifer, Gwyneth, etc, Son of King Lot and Morgause, brother to Gawain, Agravaine, and Gareth, and half-brother to Mordred, Arthur's foster brother, but I like it as a female name, if you don't know who this is you are possible on the wrong list, Son of King Bors of Gaunnes (or Gaul), brother of Bors the Younger, a handmaiden and advisor to sir Ywain's wife, Seeks aid from Arthur to rescue her sister Lyonesse; Arthur sends an incognito Gareth, who she berates until he proves his worth, King of Lothian, father to Gawain, Agravain, Gaheris, and Gareth, King of Ireland, Tristan's uncle, Isolde's husband. There are no such confusion found in the accounts of Wace and Layamon; Anna was clearly Uther’s daughter and Arthur’s sister. Lancelot did not known his own name nor those of his parents’, because Niniane did not reveal it while he was living with her. It means white flower. Though Chretien de Troyes and some other authors just referred her as sister of Arthur. Help and give me all your opinions and ideas!