Another one of our best online bachelor’s degree, the Bachelor’s of Environmental Science degree is a great option for students interested in working to preserve our natural world through the study of environmental issues.

Graduating with a bachelor's degree in this discipline can earn you as much as $94,500. Want to start your own business? What is a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health? Teachers are a crucial part of an educated society and by engaging in a Bachelor’s in Education, students are entering into one of the noblest professions. They will also work to hone their communication skills as well as their decision-making and mediation skills. Students who complete a Bachelor’s in Psychology degree will have gained a strong liberal arts background that can either act as a starting point for a variety of different careers or can act as a solid foundation for graduate-level studies. Deciding to pursue an undergraduate degree program online will help to ensure a greater return on your investment as you save money and time by pursuing your degree online. If the ways that groups of people interact and the ways that influences human behavior is a topic of great interest to you, choosing to study a Bachelor’s in Sociology degree might be the best online bachelor’s degree for you to enroll in. If you’ve found yourself intrigued by politics and civic engagement, a Bachelor’s in Political Science is the best online bachelor’s degree to choose to begin your pursuit towards a career within the massive field of politics. If so, a Bachelor’s in Psychology degree might be the best online bachelor’s degree for you.

Students will study social institutions such as the family, romantic relationships, the workplace, and more to gain a better understanding of the forces at play in these types of institutions and the ways that they change human behavior. This degree program is great preparation for students to enter into variety of different job positions at both the entry and mid-level position. Students looking for the skills needed to lead a variety of different organizations and businesses should choose one of our best online bachelor’s degree similar to a Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership degree in order to begin their path towards a successful career. Business Degrees: Business graduates are expected to receive an average starting salary of $57,657.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, elementary education is expected to grow by 6% by 2024.

They will also learn how to think critically and problem solve in order to guide businesses through crucial business decisions. Public health is a very wide field of study that encompasses a variety of different topics. Through this degree program, students will receive an education that is career-oriented and provides students with the necessary skills and experience to hit the ground running upon graduation. If you're an undergrad, there are things you can do now to prepare to get hired for a post-graduate job. Tapping into your creative side, students will learn the fundamentals of design by studying topics including typography, color theory, principles of layout, and much more. A sound decision requires an assessment of many factors including your skills, personality orientation, interests, personal values, lifestyle choices, the opportunity for growth in various careers, as well as the availability of jobs.

Often overlooks, management positions within the healthcare field are of major importance in order to ensure the smooth operation of these massive organizations. If you’re interested in environmental issues and ways to help preserve our natural world, a Bachelor’s in Environmental Science degree is a great place to start your studies towards realizing this career goal. Those interested in continuing their education in to a graduate-level should consider a Bachelor’s in History as it gives students the proper base knowledge to enter into studies in history, law, education, and other liberal arts fields. However, if students want to enter into the workforce immediately they can find positions in human resources, administration, and much more. Students who have a proclivity towards math and statistics should heavily consider a Bachelor’s in Accounting. In a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice degree,  students will examine a variety of different cases and scenarios to better understand the ways that are laws are applied in different situations. Nurses an integral and important part to the field of healthcare and health services. Students can also expect to find opportunities for upward mobility within their field as they move into more senior-level nursing positions and become in charge of other nurses below them. Chemical Engineering (tied with number 3), Electronics and Communications Engineering, Computer Engineering (tied with number 9), Physics and Mathematics (tied with number 11), Electrical Engineering (tied with number 13), Industrial and Systems Engineering (tied with number 15), Electrical and Computer Engineering (tied with number 15, repeat of number 8), Materials Science and Engineering (tied with number 15), Computer Science (author misnumbered as number 19), Industrial Distribution (tied with number 20), Industrial Engineering (tied with number 26), Structural Engineering (tied with number 26), 5.

On this list you will find degree programs that we have determined will provide students with an education of value that will also increase student’s chances of gainful employment. According to NACE, employers expect to pay the highest salaries to engineering graduates - $69,188, followed by computer science graduates-$67,539. If you’d like to apply what you have learned through this program to a more traditional job, these skills can be easily applied towards finding a job in more traditional work environments.

25 Best Online Bachelor’s Degrees for 2019, 100 Most Affordable Online Colleges & Degrees 2019, 100 Most Affordable Online Graduate Schools of 2019, Top 25 Cheapest Online RN to BSN Degree Programs, 25 Cheapest Online Associate’s Degree Programs, 25 Cheapest Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs, 25 Cheapest Online Master’s Degree Programs, Top 50 Affordable Online MBA Degree Programs for 2019, 50 Most Affordable Online Degree Certificates in Cyber Security. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in accounting are expected to experience an 11% increase by 2024. This increased demand for college graduates is anticipated to put pressure on salaries, and CERI expects overall salaries for college graduates to increase by 4.3% percent. However, it makes sense to consider the salary implications of whatever major you choose. One of our top online bachelor’s degrees, a Bachelor’s in Environmental Science degree will allow students to work towards gaining a deeper understanding of a variety of environmental issues and ways that they can help to mitigate them. This is a great job outlook in comparison to other industries that are not experiencing these levels of job growth. They will also gain a deeper understanding of the ways in which computers work and the variety of different operating systems available. It also makes sense to look at how majors relate to earning when you’re considering career options as an undergraduate. A tighter job market has increased demand for college graduates to meet the requirements of employers for additional labor to support business expansion. A Bachelor’s in Political Science is also a great start towards pursuing graduate level studies. Students will learn about a variety of different cultures and populations to better understand the ways that they can properly reach and help people of all backgrounds in order to provide them with support and services needed to ensure there success. If literature and the English language is your bag, a Bachelor’s in English might be the best selection from our best online bachelor’s degrees for you. Through a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, students will learn a variety of different computer programming languages including Python, C++, Java, and more. If you are interested in writing or multimedia, a Bachelor’s in Communication is a great degree for students to continue their education to gain a deeper understanding of a variety of different communication skills. Students will study topics including organizational structure, group dynamics, power, culture, and much more. Students can find jobs working in marketing and advertising, working in positions such as art director and graphic designer. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is expected that jobs within the health information management industry are expected to grow by 13% by 2026. Through the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills, students will look at societal issues in order to understand their root causes and to find ways that they can be remedied. Students can also work as case workers, community health organizers, and much more. Students interested in the best online bachelor’s degree that allows them to learn how market and sell products to people should look no further than a Bachelor’s in Marketing degree. Students can find employment working for hospitals, health insurance companies, as well as smaller facilities like physician offices. This is great for those looking for a potential career path with higher-than-average job growth.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, positions within advertising, promotions, and marketing are expected to grow by 9% through 2026. If I get a STEM degree who would research the inequality between starting salaries of STEM grads and starting salaries for people with BA degrees? Supporting families, children, and marginalized people through trying times in order to help people succeed is a noble and important function within our society. A Bachelor’s in Human Resources degree is an excellent choice for students looking for the best online college degree who also like to work with people to help them find success in the workplace. This amount of growth is indicative of a healthy job market and means that students entering into this field of work should expect to be able to find some kind of gainful employment. One of our best online bachelor’s degrees, a Bachelor’s in Education degree is the right degree for students interested in becoming a teacher or educator. Have a great idea for a new product? This salary jumps to an average of $176,900 in mid-career. Currently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the field of computer science will experience at least a 17% growth by 2024. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in sociology are expected to grow by 0% in 2024. This specialization allows students to become experts in the history or a particular time period or region. For example, the Job Outlook 2019 Spring Update reported that employers plan to hire 10.7 percent more graduates from the Class of 2019 than they did from the Class of 2018. If you have an interest in management, communication, or working on maintain interpersonal relationships in the workplace, a Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree is a great place to focus your attention.