rewards, status updates and get feedback from our community. Zayn Malik has delighted his fans by dropping comeback single, Trampoline, in the early hours of Thursday.. Hey, click the icon to check the status of your THIS stole the spot of favourite Zayn song tbh. I can see this being in a movie scene too. We stan. Either way, we're hoping that "Rainberry" will showcase some of Zayn's artistic talents, in the music video or liner notes. I'm bopping, I need Carly Slay Jesusen to put out a cover of this asap, it's giving me lite disco and funk vibes. I wanna see a video with that Nascar sponsor!

I wouldn't mind seeing this track spin off into it's own EP with more moonlight lounge vibes. Rainberry: Still iconic. I think that's why I love him lol. Just a bop. Serving me Grand Prix Speedway vibes. Is that flute? He's not as eloquent as her by far and I think she's more involved with her production, too, but the smokey, icy, hazy ass vibes and ethereal touches are similar. The cover would go on to have as many as 1.7 million views. Unlike that, this feature matches the sound of the album while still feeling like a slight standout. This bops. Maybe he was just working on the song while drinking a Rain Berry Gatorade and he thought it fit the beat of the song pretty well. Scripted: Some of the synths and samples on this album are just so well chosen and interesting, I love when one standout sound or tick makes an entire song.

Fresh Air: Zayn is such a male Tinashe. We're caught in a cycle, so pardon my psychoWe could've been right, though, guess that's how life goThere's nothing that I can do for you. This is honestly song of the summer material don't @ me I wanna hang out on an island and go swimming to this.

"[30], Madison Spira of Who gave the album a positive review, stating that it is "different to anything we've seen from Zayn before, and that's what makes this album so beautiful" and there "are so many songs I'm convinced most people will relate to on a personal level. A genuine bop that maybe should have opened the album instead? A music video for "Satisfaction", directed by Bouha Kazmi, was released on 9 January 2019. Until then, we'll just have to keep listening to "Rainberry" on repeat until the mysteries reveal themselves. The weird effects on the backing vocals are perfect. Make sure you've read our simple. I was more charitable towards it than most as a single but it makes no sense on this album and feels like even more of a thankless Nicki cash pull. The opening track was early 2000s in a bad way, this is early 2000s in a good way, while still having a clearly modern touch to it. Overall, this is a really strong album I was happily surprised with.

though i did love too much and sour diesel. All rights reserved. by our users: Please, do not delete tags "[e=***][/e]", because they responsible for Zayn Malik lists Bel Air mansion boasting mountain views and a hot tub for $3.5 million as he prepares to live in New York with girlfriend Gigi Hadid Explain your version of song meaning, find more of ZAYN lyrics.

Sour Diesel: I didn't think this was for his next album when it dropped but I loved it more than the surrounding singles, so I'm glad it's here. [18][failed verification] On 6 December, the song "Good Years" was released as the second promotional single. [9], Icarus Falls is a concept album inspired by the Greek myth of Icarus, the man who flew too close to the sun.

Okay, yes, there's even less evidence to support this theory, but Zayn has written plenty of songs about breaking free from his time in One Direction — anyone else remember "BeFoUr" and his lyrics about "being tired of picking that bone"?

That's why the album date hasn't really come yet. "[2], Tara Joshi of The Observer gave it a favourable review, stating that, despite "the intimidating length", there is "plenty here to appreciate" such as vocals "pouring forth a gorgeous falsetto" and often channelling "melismatic Bollywood/qawwali-style singing", a "glossy production," and "a variety of styles", concluding that "Malik is defying expectations, remaining in ascent.