This prevents the brownies and chocolate chunks from being too hard. If you are halving the recipe, it would be hard to halve the amount of eggs as well, so you would have to use 2 eggs instead. But I have had to make it with compound chocolate chips/chunks, and it was still good. I baked this 2 days back and its was AMAZING . Am i mistaken? You can use the hand mixer to mix the butter and sugar, and then you definitely need the hand mixer to whisk the eggs until you get the right consistency. For this brownie recipe though, we are not really worried about getting “softer” brownies, as it doesn’t really provide an advantage as such. It can't be done. The Spruce Eats uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Will for sure try this again. You'll be rattling a fork around in your mug, and cocoa powder will be flying everywhere. Mug brownies are merely the next step in the evolution of hot chocolate. I love baking, and I love cooking. I hope that helps. Find me sharing more inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. It’s just for two of us and I don’t have enough plain flour and can’t go and buy any. Please say i am & i can double it and it will come out great lol thanks love. I will give it a go and less you know. Get my curated collection of the Top 10 Flavor Bender recipes! Arrange these tiles correctly to reveal something delicious!

I would just like to say I use your recipe all the time it’s a big hit with all my family and friends, At this very moment I’ve added a layer of lotus biscuit spread to the mix, can’t wait to see how they turn out.

You can also easily adjust the fudginess to your liking by adjusting the amount of baking time as follows. Sprinkle the rest of the chocolate on top. You are welcome to reduce the sugar, but it will change the texture of the brownie. As for the graininess; it could be that the sugar didn’t dissolve in the batter, OR if you’re using a different cocoa powder. This also brings us to another reason why eggs are important in this fudgy chocolate brownie recipe. Whisk in the eggs until they have been incorporated into the butter sugar mix. thank you for giving me my new favorite brownie recipe!! Simply one of the best cookie recipes around. A silicone spatula or scraper will ensure every last drop of batter makes it into the mug. 4. While I prefer buying blocks or using couverture chocolate, you can use store bought chocolate chips too. I’m so glad that you and your boyfriend love this recipe! Hi Manisha Thank you. If your oven runs hotter at the bottom or top, you can adjust it accordingly. Do you use medium or large eggs? These brownies taste like happiness and hugs. The recipe is meant to produce fudgy brownies that seem underdone when baked. I haven’t found another recipe that comes close to those one. Enjoy! Hi Dini! If it’s the cup measurements, then I use US cups for measurements. You'd end up with basically a chocolate frittata. Hi Janelle! The color of the brownies depend entirely on the cocoa powder that you use. Using a hand mixer, whisk the butter-sugar-egg mix on medium speed, until the batter becomes pale in color (about 2 minutes).

You can even use cacao powder too. 30 minutes for extra gooey, fudgy pieces in the middle, and perfectly fudgy pieces at the edges of the baking pan.

They might not teach mug brownies in culinary school, but of that I am certain. If it’s measured the wrong way the resulting brownies can be too dry or too wet. Especially after they’ve been chilled in the fridge a bit to get extra fudgy.

No, friends, we're going to mix up the batter in a handy bowl and then pour it into the mug. So that. For example, with regular vanilla cakes, recipes with extra sugar tend to have a softer crumb. Press - My food is a reflection of those amazing experiences! And THAT is what creates that crackly brownie crust we all love!

I was wondering if I can replace the cocoa powder with melted chocolate. Since I want to keep these chocolate brownies fudgy and dense, I don’t use any leaveners. There are links on this site that can be defined as “affiliate links”. I usually make it in two batches in two 8 inch square pans, or two 9 inch square pans. Also, for preheating, do we turn on both rods or only bottom? Line two rimmed baking sheets with parchment paper. You could double the recipe and bake it in a 9 x 13 pan, but the cooking time will have to increase.

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I would love to try this after seeing so many reviews.. Will this works with any cup being used ? Thank you for speedy reply. 2. I’m interested to try this recipe. Just remember to keep an eye on the butter. I was born in Sri Lanka, grew up in New Zealand and lived in Australia, and then the US, before moving to Canada in 2019! Hi Kathrine Sign up for our newsletter and get our cookbook! Now, just because we're doing away with the pan doesn't mean we are going to discard all culinary conventions along with it. But can I avoid cocco powder and add dark chocolate. For the dark chocolate chunks, is it better to use chocolate couverture or dark cooking compound (DCC)? If you have a mixing bowl with a spout, you'll be sitting pretty. I made these with a gluten free flour blend and they were Amazing! Using a tablespoon or a cookie scoop, divide portions of batter onto the prepared baking sheets – you should get 20 cookies total. Confectioner’s sugar is different from either of these as it has cornstarch added to it and won’t work for this recipe. Or more specifically, it’s the cocoa butter and sugar in the chocolate that make chocolate brownies fudgy. Coffee extract is concentrated coffee. However conventional ovens regulate the heat by alternating the bottom and top elements to ensure even baking automatically.

Using a stand mixer or hand mixer, whip sugar and eggs on medium-high speed until very thick and pale. Which means, we will NOT be mixing the ingredients directly in the mug. I use dutch cocoa powder (callebaut) which has a dark color, which gives my brownies a dark color too. Sugar makes the brownies “softer”. Hi Akalya

Some cocoa powder can also cause it to be a little powdery/grainy. This recipe was nice, the flavor is on point but it took 1.5 hours of cooking in a 9×9 pan and the center was still raw while the shell was extremely firm .

I haven’t tried to halve this recipe before unfortunately. There is 1 more question,what temperature should i use to bake this awesome cake please? I added walnuts to it and they were the best brownies ever!

Egg is great in brownies, but one egg is too much for a mug brownie. the second time, I ran out of brown sugar and substituted coconut sugar in. If you use a glass pan, this can interfere with the baking time and consistency though, and yes the altitude could be part of the problem too, but I am not very well versed in how to adapt recipes to high altitude baking. OMG!! I’m sure this was what made me able to make these perfect brownies. You can, but it will change the texture of the brownies. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. I hope that helps!

I want to make this brownies tomorrow! Contact -