Both the flexibility and structure of freelance writing is appealing for many people with anxiety. Do you have an eye for execution and detail? In case you work for an agency, it’s a supervisor who communicates with clients. My wife did this.

You can do it from the comfort of your own home if you choose to be a freelancer. Related: 17 of the Best Places to Find Small Task or Micro Jobs. They might also research what consumers are looking for and what they’re willing to pay. Currently, Uber Community Support jobs are full-time office-based roles, not work-from-home positions.

Technology jobs are becoming increasingly popular. They are on a 5-7 day payment delay system but they do pay to PayPal on Friday. Employee Workforce Report, 17 of the Best Places to Find Small Task or Micro Jobs, 9 Transcription Jobs That Pay You to Type Audio to Text, 14 Best Ways to Make Money on Amazon (That Aren’t Just Selling Things), 3 Tips for Maximizing Your Earnings When You Drive with Uber, 29 Best Work-From-Home Jobs that Pay Well, average reported pay for Geek Squad employees, How to Make Money Proofreading from Anywhere in the World, 6 Google Jobs From Home That You Can Apply to Now, 14 Places to Get Paid to Test Websites from Home, 11 Places to Find House Sitting Jobs Locally and Abroad, 10 Online Tutoring Jobs to Supplement or Replace Your Income, 10 Places to Write Paid Reviews for Movies, Restaurants, and More, 13 Legit Ways to Make Money Watching Videos, Excellent customer service, written, and oral communication skills, A PC with Windows 7 to 10 (Macs aren’t eligible), Computer needs to be hard wired to the internet, Ability to work nights, weekends, and holidays, Six months of experience in customer service, Ability to pass a background check or drug test.

It means that you need time to reach the required level and start your career. With that giant list, I will definitely give the Virtual Assistant route another shot! Fiverr lets you connect with customers, negotiate terms, and collect payment. Not dealing with customers on a regular basis doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful, fulfilling career on your own. The point is that this career is in a big demand which continues growing daily.

Most of these positions are seasonal with part-time hours — take a look at these companies for openings. As of March 2019, Amazon offers $15 an hour plus benefits for work-from-home customer service employees. Employees make $13.50 an hour starting out. Many people become transcriptionists as a part-time job. However, many people who don’t want to deal with customers on a daily basis may prefer dealing with animals. While being a YouTuber can be a stressful job, what makes it right for many folks with anxiety is the fact that you have power over your own content and how frequent you’d like to post. Fortunately, there are coding forums where you can talk with others to learn and resolve your issues. After finishing initial communication with your client, you can continue to work on your own. You acn make money with your own website that has advertising on it. So, let’s start our review and learn about 13 job options for introverts.

So here’s a few ways to find your ideal employer: What jobs are best for people with anxiety? OutPLEX, previously Talk2rep, offers outsourcing services for customer support functions including live chat and text support. Applying for such jobs, you can not only work alone but get a credible salary. Freelance-wise, this job gives those with anxiety the freedom to pause custom designs during anxious periods while still bringing in income from made-to-stock items they’ve already created. In this role, you would work remotely to drive continuous improvement efforts, become an expert on LivePerson’s offerings, and manage customer contracts. But, the salary level reflects the amount of schooling you may have to take part in. Anna over at Real Ways to Earn also has a great post for teens: thanks for the great resources/leads here.

I doubt there are jobs I could do with my lack of like I said, skill.

I am checking into my options for school and training now. Good luck and keep us posted on your work-at-home journey. There are also options for those who are interested in the legal field but don’t want to spend years learning the law. Technicians may have to answer phone calls, take payments, and communicate in-person with customers.

Been a teacher of young children for more than 30 years. Such jobs gain popularity recently and there is a bunch of available options. To work at Uber, you should be able to show empathy for riders and drivers. Landscaping is ideal for those with anxiety as it is generally a very quiet task. Customer issues might include technical problems, questions about their local store, or issues with item delivery. As soon as you gain enough experience and plenty of clients, you’ll be able to earn a good salary and don’t worry about communicational issues. However, if you go through the right process, you may even be able to work from home a majority of the time.

With the routine tasks of sanitizing the kitchen along with cutting, chopping, peeling, slicing, and generally prepping food, those with anxiety may find comfort knowing that this job is uniform and not too varied. 1+ year of experience in a related environment (i.e.

Moreover, there is little communication even with your team members. I’ve done surveys and used smartphone apps and made a fair amount (enough to pay for my Starbuck’s habit). In fact, they can perform a variety of task such as software or system development, network control, devices management, etc.

While some people might find the accuracy of baking intimidating, others might like the structure of it. We are looking for experienced and confident phone agents who are adept in both, Supports station management in leading airport personnel to provide superior, Provide training support to others who are assuming. Introverts certainly don’t get the credit they deserve!

We think about fast-paced hospitals and emergency situations where…, Did you know that most jobs are not advertised?


Customer service jobs often deal with money in some way. Maybe you don’t mind working with people’s information, as long as you don’t have to work with them directly. As an alternative to writing for individual clients and companies, you may instead be interested in starting your own blog, earning profit via ads, sponsors, and/or affiliate links. It’s a perfect opportunity to start working in the legal field without a need to communicate with clients directly.

Although janitorial work can be a bit labor-intensive, the good news is, you don’t require a … Fiverr offers a few different payment methods, including PayPal and direct deposit.

Find physical therapist assistant schools in your area.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Many zoologists also do their work at popular zoos. Hello all, What are some good career paths for someone who is not a "people person". The need for data analysts is so high because many times, they work with numbers that are much too complicated for most people. But, most of your actual work will be done independently. I removed the link and name of the company from your comment, as I feel this company might be on the shady side. If this sounds interesting to you, read our complete overview of careers for animal lovers here. This way, they can find the important information right when they need it, making their job smoother and more consistent. It’s a great way to make an extra few bucks every week. However, it’s a full-time gig that pays quite well. Many jobs out there require you to work with others or frequently communicate with customers. I was always interested in graphic design I took a course in 2001 in a community college that was the mistake of going to a community college to take this course all they did was waste my time the entire. Then maybe working as a freelance image reviewer or editor is your calling. Holly, where do I find real, legit automated systems?

From longer working hours to being bombarded by late night emails, we live in a demanding work culture. Then consider working from home as a proofreader. So take it easy on yourself. This article will give you a detailed roadmap on how to avoid scams: Many times, they can complete this work without having to deal with technologists, physicians, etc. I have been in customer service for most of my working life and I just don’t want to deal with people anymore.