is published in the journal Global Environmental Change. Flying is one of the most carbon-emitting actions and there have been growing calls from both within and outside the research community for scientists, and in particular climate researchers, to do more to curb their flying so their crucial message on the need to reduce aviation emissions is not undermined. c) symptoms compatible with Covid-19 according to a predefined list, or; The UK has suffered the biggest recorded insect falls overall, though that is probably a result of being more intensely studied than most places. Perhaps then governments, businesses and wider civil society would take more note of our research and conclusions,” said Professor Anderson, who was not involved in this research. See what's on offer and enrol for free. Coronavirus; Public Health; Share This: Share on Facebook. ‘As a result, we have in place trained research staff and standardised data collection forms focused on outcomes, such as preterm birth and neonatal morbidity. Get support on your learning journey. The researchers will be recruiting women who have been exposed and not-exposed to SARS-CoV-2 at any stage of pregnancy, and following them and their newborns until hospital discharge to quantify the risks associated with the exposure. 2015. b) radiological findings suggestive of Covid-19; We use cookies to give you the best experience of using this website. The large, international survey of more than 1,400 university researchers was carried out by the UK Centre for Climate and Social Transformation (CAST), which is coordinated by Cardiff University.

Oxford has over 100 researchers working on the urgent response to the Coronavirus outbreak. “Our findings highlight that climate scientists, like many other professionals, can struggle to square their environmental commitments with competing professional and personal demands, and academia itself is not doing enough to change this culture,” she said. d) no symptoms, whilst in close interaction with a person(s) with confirmed Covid-19 infection (a proxy for asymptomatic cases, one of the main problems in controlling the pandemic). Practical information and insight on UK education for international students. For every exposed pregnant woman, two not-exposed pregnant women will be recruited as representative of the general population. However, the study found practical factors like family commitments and availability of low-carbon options were more important in predicting scientists’ actual flying behaviour. A registered charity: 209131 (England and Wales) SC037733 (Scotland). The overall conclusions of the research have not changed.

We have a significant impact on Wales and the UK as a whole, in areas including employment, research funding, and teaching and learning activities. We need to take a long hard look in the mirror, reflect on our research, and rapidly transition to an academia fit for the 21st Century. It also found that levels of flying rose with job seniority.

Kevin Anderson, professor of energy and climate change at the University of Manchester and former director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, said it made for “uncomfortable” reading. GREAT Scholarships . For example, 29% of climate researchers chose not to travel to a work event because of the carbon footprint of the travel, compared to 5% of other researchers. of our undergraduates enter employment or further study shortly after graduating, invested in our biggest campus upgrade for a generation. The United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Select the subjects you're passionate about and find the UK universities and colleges where you can study them. Global study to assess the effects of Covid-19 in pregnancy launched 24th Apr 2020. See what's on offer and enrol for free. *Figure revised (9 November 2020) following an amend to the journal paper. Scholarly Rigor and Critical Thought award for Strategic Leadership Across Cultures: The GLOBE Study of CEO Leadership Behavior and Effectiveness in 24 Countries" received the 2015 University of San Diego and International Leadership Association (ILA) leadership book award. We're looking for people who are ready to think on their feet, speak their minds, and help bring the power of global conversation to people all over the world.

It’s vital that new ways of working adopted during lockdown are embraced in the long term, not just for universities but for many other organisations and businesses that have tended to have high carbon footprints from travel. However, we welcome additional institutions who would like to join this important study’. The charter seeks to recognise that climate change researchers have a particular responsibility to confront their environmental impact and seek out transformative solutions to climate change and other issues. avoiding flying) where physical travel is required; Addressing food choices by ensuring all catering is vegetarian or vegan and reducing food waste; Making low-energy choices in offices and conference venues; Ensuring advocacy for low-carbon lifestyles and practices is central to researchers’ activities. Copyright Cardiff University. The large-scale study - the first of its kind to survey climate academics about their travel for conferences, fieldwork and meetings – is published in the journal Global Environmental Change. By continuing to use this site, you accept our use of cookies. Applying to study in the UK is a straightforward process and we will guide you through it step by step. For the present study, we have simply expanded to include Covid-19, which explains why we are able to start immediately’. 19 October 2020 Climate change researchers, especially professors, fly more than other researchers – but are also more likely to have taken steps to reduce or offset their flying, a new study has found. For example, online conferences and home working can be better for work-life balance, allow wider participation, and cut costs. CAST Centre today launches its Sustainability Charter, UK gets new £5 million climate change research centre, Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST), Climate scientists fly more than other researchers, first global study suggests. Our results strongly suggest knowledge alone is not enough to change workplace travel,” said Professor Whitmarsh. Facebook Twitter … Share on Reddit. Climate researchers did report higher levels of awareness and concern about the impact of aviation on climate change and as such were more likely to offset their flights, use alternative modes of travel or avoid travel. Find out how you can prepare for studying in the UK in the 2020-21 academic year. More information about the charter can be found here. All the work is done via an online data collection system that provide information almost in real-time. Professor José Villar of the University’s Nuffield Department of Women’s & Reproductive Health, (NDWRH) who is leading the research, said: ‘This large study benefits from the University having hosted, over the last 12 years, a network of researchers across the world who have participated in the INTERGROWTH-21st Project which has produced new international standards for monitoring growth and development from early pregnancy to 2 years of age. Failure to obtain that information runs the risk of pregnant women being denied priority access to a new vaccine or therapy, as has occurred so many times in the past.’. 1136855. “This paper must be a catalyst for rapid change. EU Referendum news. The information is needed quickly and at scale to optimise pregnancy care, reduce maternal anxiety, inform decision-making about the allocation of resources, and guide the process toward social adaptation. These virtual options can be just as effective as face-to-face meetings, but at a fraction of the cost, as well as being more accessible for those with caring commitments.”. Study UK is offering a range of free online courses - from university 'taster' courses to career advice for graduates. Professor Stephen Kennedy (NDWRH), who is jointly leading the research, said: ‘The translational value of the INTERCOVID Study is that we will be collecting invaluable baseline outcome data, as recommended by the Pregnancy Research Ethics for Vaccines, Epidemics and New Technologies (PREVENT) Report to inform risk-benefit analyses for future vaccine trials in pregnant women by providing “potential risk relationships between vaccination and adverse events”. Exposed pregnant women are defined as having: a) laboratory confirmed Covid-19; The GLOBE Project. Climate scientists fly more than other researchers, first global study suggests . How to apply . Public donations of any size will be rapidly put to use in our frontline research. Follow @GLOBEprojectSFU. Climate and sustainability experts conduct more fieldwork, but even accounting for this, their international travel was still higher. Maybe it's Twitter. Please read our Cookie Policy for more information. Although it is generally believed that pregnant women with Covid-19 are at similar risk to the general population, there is limited data available, principally from small studies without controls, which cannot answer fundamental questions relating to the effects of the disease on maternal and neonatal outcomes. Researchers at the University of Oxford are today starting a large, international study to evaluate the effects of Covid-19 in pregnancy. The data for our study was collected in 2017 – however little had changed in academia up until the global pandemic this year. Registered charity no. GREAT Scholarships are for international students who want to study at a UK university for a one-year postgraduate course. This study found “significantly” higher levels of flying among climate change researchers for work than researchers from other disciplines. Why choose Edinburgh?

The data indicated climate experts take about two or three flights per year*, while non-climate researchers take two. Sign up to receive personalised updates on courses, scholarships, visas and events. Already over 60 medical institutions in 29 countries have agreed to participate, which means the study should have sufficient power to provide invaluable answers, in a short time period, regarding the risks to pregnant women who are exposed to SARS-CoV-2. The findings are released as the CAST Centre today launches its Sustainability Charter – its commitment to a low-carbon research culture. Study UK is offering a range of free online courses - from university 'taster' courses to career advice for graduates. Global; Study abroad in Edinburgh; Contact us.

Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn. Researchers at the University of Oxford are today starting a large, international study to evaluate the effects of Covid-19 in pregnancy.

A follow-up experiment with more than 350 researchers found that providing information about the impacts of aviation and support for workplace policies increases intentions to fly less. GREAT Scholarships are for international students who want to study at a UK university for a one-year postgraduate course. “Crucially, our research demonstrates the need for policies and ways of working to encourage and enable low-carbon travel and use of virtual alternatives – something which is already happening in light of Covid-19. Twitter Tweets by GLOBEprojectSFU Facebook. Director of CAST Professor Lorraine Whitmarsh, who led the study, said the findings were “unexpected” but said it also suggested “knowledge alone is not enough” to tackle global warming.