“The whole beauty of the Jewish tradition or religion is after any person passes, you’re with your immediate family for seven days, and hundreds and hundreds of people from the community come and visit you and comfort you and bring you food.

“Everything that makes these communities so beautiful is likely a factor that puts them at risk in this situation,” Mr. Seligson said. The leader of the Vishnitz Hasidic sect, Rabbi Israel Hager. “To interfere with a Jew holding a celebration is offensive and unacceptable on principle,” adding: “The mental and spiritual harm caused by the closure of schools is unbearable” and must not be tolerated again. Many of those who are now hunkering down at home have never before missed a minyan or a dunk in ritual waters. He recently attended the funeral of a family member from his car. For Mr. Leifer, the problem started closer to home. For the past year we have been working on an AHRC-funded research project on contemporary Hasidic Yiddish based in UCL Linguistics and Hebrew & Jewish Studies.

From a Hasidic perspective, he said, the stay-at-home orders issued last month across the country did not seem like “that much of a sacrifice” for non-Hasidic people, he said. On Friday, hundreds of Hasidic Jews attended an hours-long service inside a synagogue that was led by a COVID-19-positive rabbi, Gothamist reported. In any community, it is natural that such inconvenient rules can be better adhered to if the authorities provide clear and transparent guidance as to why they have been put in place. Our research team consists of four UCL-based linguists and three research assistants who are native speakers of Hasidic Yiddish from Stamford Hill and Israel. “We have to reach out to these communities to reach them and others where they are, not where we want them to be.”, He said it was “counterproductive” to criticize members of the community for violating public health guidelines if the city was “unwilling to invest in outreach strategies that prioritize them in the first place.”.

A Vishnitz building in Bnei Brak, September 2020. All around the globe, Covid-19 has affected various groups of people unequally even within one country. In a taped message this week, Shochet said: “It amazes me that particularly in the Haredi community there is such contempt for the lives of others. Borough Park is a leafy neighborhood of low-rise buildings and small businesses like the kosher bakeries and Judaica shops on Raoul Wallenberg Way that cater to the local Hasidic population. She will serve her incomparable chicken soup and egg noodles, fermented borscht with warm potatoes, and falsche fish made of a mixture of ground chicken and turkey only to my father. Families in Hasidic communities live in tight quarters. “We belong to a community that thrives on physical proximity and constant interaction at weddings, at bar mitzvahs, three times a day at the prayer, we go to the same kosher restaurants, the same grocery stores. Neighborhoods in Brooklyn with large Hasidic populations have some of New York City’s highest levels of positive Covid-19 test results.

Heavy-handed ZIP code restriction models are a haphazard attempt at solving the problem,” she said. Authorities say the numbers are partly explained by the communities there where Orthodox residents haven’t conformed to social distancing. They should use their pulpits to demand their followers practice social distancing and protect their sacred lives. While some have insisted that people stay home on Passover and beyond, too many have failed to crack down. Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order on Oct. 6 mandating that schools and businesses in New York City’s coronavirus hotspots close, and that houses of worship limit their capacity to 10 people. Philip D. Murphy’s executive order barring large gatherings.

When I see footage of Hasidic funeral processions that have taken place in recent weeks, I’m incredulous: Don’t you see how a gathering will perpetuate the collective grief? “[They needed] to make a greater effort preemptively, trying to get those [local] leaders to come more on board before the holiday season started.”. “We get a lot of complaints that the hospitals wouldn’t let any family members in. Rabbi Baruch Meir Yaakov Shochet, 66, was hospitalized earlier this month in Netanya with the virus. The coronavirus has hit the Hasidic Jewish community in the New York area with devastating force, killing influential religious leaders and tearing through large, tight-knit families at a rate that community leaders and some public health data suggest may exceed that of other ethnic or religious groups. Mr. Leifer said the “firewall” between Hasidic Jews and the outside world had served the community very well over the years. Friedlander said he supports mask-wearing and other safety protocols, but argued that the ultra-Orthodox community’s unique demographics and social structure require a more tailored approach to COVID-19 containment. The precautions that are necessary to prevent the spread of Covid-19 are at odds with communal and ritualistic life. Gov.

In Brooklyn, Hasidic Jews gathered inside their synagogues to celebrate Simchat Torah even as coronavirus infections tick up in their community.

Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community has faced mounting criticism over widespread disregard for rules put in place by the government to combat the coronavirus, which led to the community being particularly hard-hit. Efforts to inform the community of public health guidelines may have been complicated by the strictures of Hasidic life, which emphasize the guidance of religious leaders and cast a wary eye at outside authorities, including health officials and the mainstream news media. But the city health department says it has invested in outreach. Translating Covid-19 information into Hasidic Yiddish. Vishnitz Rabbi Israel Hager says coronavirus regulations cannot be allowed to infringe on Torah study and forbidding celebrations is 'offensive on principle', The leader of the Vishnitz Hasidic sect, Rabbi Israel Hager, on Saturday condemned people who report on ultra-Orthodox school openings and mass events in violation of coronavirus regulations, referring to them as “snitches.”. Members of the Hasidic community or the Orthodox Jewish community we’re shuttering the synagogues to save lives. Protesters in Borough Park Oct. 7 brought Trump flags and signs supporting the president’s re-election. “Generally speaking, people consume information differently. “You are my soldiers!

In late February, it launched a $27 million ad campaign on the dangers of the coronavirus that included material in 22 languages, including Yiddish and Hebrew, said Patrick Gallahue, a spokesman. But then I remember how funerals were conducted in the place I grew up. Does The Times of Israel give you valuable insight into Israel and the Jewish world? Goldy Landau, who left the Hasidic faith at age 18, works overtime as an EMT in the city. Vishnitz Rabbi Israel Hager says coronavirus regulations cannot be allowed to infringe on Torah study and forbidding celebrations is 'offensive on principle' The deceased died of Covid-19. “They told the families they were not allowed to come.