It is recommended that the employee and her manager meet to plan arrangements and to discuss any potential issues anticipated, or arising, due to the pregnancy. Further information can be found in the University's. oӋ�p�pjfj� ��n*����e�6�(��?��m?���m���sa����eIX�$���d�=9�=�M�Ƌ㮺^��;��(ef�k2/��Q��蘯 @��Zg��|��\{ �:__����7� gd�pU&}K��=0G�?�Y"�&;���p��٠r_h�A=1 b��b�6�L�(�����A�:t2bfا��̈́�� �[��T������ ���12�=*�6��'��1V({`��1�2�BpG?���z+\�W�4��9Ov&��׶ D?y�~&�h�l7q�j�{,���_-�1+IԲ�v"��`�e���D�X��&ʎS������aB"���%�yY��J����=X�?P5��8�k�W|�I��>��#>��������}� �'Qv�'�Q�A��^|�[email protected]��gQ�n�2Lb�1��y�n�[email protected]����~H��s椉&�&=��-*zd*:ߵh�9�KA��E�6}H No further action is required unless the employee changes her mind and decides to return to work early, in which case an ML3 form should be submitted to her manager giving at least 8 weeks' notice of the new return to work date. An employee can return to work any time from 2 weeks after the birth and before AML has finished. Changes to the original return to work date can be made by submitting a revised ML3 form at least 8 weeks before the intended return date. Where payment for a day's work is less than the weekly SMP payment then the employee will receive the SMP payment only. It is helpful to receive as much notice as possible, but this should not be less than the notice period in the employee's contract of employment. On receipt of the ML1 and ML2 forms HR Services will write to the employee, confirming details, including the date when her maternity leave will end. An employee who receives OMP is expected to return to work for at least 3 months, or to the end of her contract, whichever date is sooner. This should be done, as soon as reasonably practicable, by the employee or someone acting on her behalf. Ordinary Maternity Leave 7 9. When the employee returns to work, she must complete a second ML2 risk assessment. To qualify for statutory maternity pay an employee has to have 26 weeks continuous service with the one (current) employer by the beginning of the fifteenth week before the expected week of childbirth (EWC). The employee is advised to notify her manager of her pregnancy as soon as possible so that a health and safety risk assessment may be carried out. Statutory Maternity Pay Scheme 8 12. Usually the employee will return to the same job in which she was employed prior to maternity leave, on the same terms and conditions of employment as if she had not been absent. This will be sent within 28 days of receiving the forms. <> For an employee taking maternity leave in accordance with the Statutory Maternity entitlement only, and where she is intending to return at the end of her total maternity leave ie after 52 weeks, there is no formal requirement to complete an ML3. 5 0 obj

SAS contract reform discussions and are now entering into the final stages of negotiations. Maternity leave will start on whichever date is earliest: The employee's chosen start date ie any time after the beginning of the 11th week before the employee's EWC or, The day after the employee gives birth, in the case of a Premature Birth; or, The day after any day on which the employee is absent for a pregnancy related illness in the four weeks before the EWC. If an employee qualifies for both SMP and NHS OMP this will be made up of. As SMP is based on the employee's AWE in the 8 weeks preceding maternity leave, entitlement to SMP may also be affected. Where appropriate, a payment will be made in lieu of annual leave not taken before the start of maternity leave and calculated up to the last working day. 3��[email protected]^.Ҕ��[h» �F����f�RWT��S�s�v�5y��#�J�^�y��b�d��5�. FMLA requires businesses to provide up to 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave. If the employee or her manager would like any specialist or confidential advice on the possible risks involved in her work whilst she is breastfeeding they should contact the Director of Health and Safety or the Occupational Health Advisor. Checklists and templates to help you and your organisation, Agenda for change Completing a risk assessment post maternity leave, Where an employee's contract is due to end during maternity leave, the University's. Providing medical confirmation of maternity dates MAT B1, Confirming the details of maternity leave, Changing the start date of maternity leave. {���w�W����Ӛ�+?N��gz���]�J�Ψ�s���Od뫯N~8Q��/�����6��������,�PM�\�4�Vgׁv}ߙ���M���ں�����?v�^�:,~���'>�5�пq1���ϗ�n�}������U ���>YQ�����׍#��u_��taĩ�ö?�]_�w�T��vf�m"��T���}�[S���=��^��o�~��渝(�����0�n�ŝOd{)��ԍ�� ������U_�,�a�L��O���]u�����N��&�_��+��^Z�W���8�Wa�AY_d_��;��4мsfSw]o�������������AbN�ܹAPބ����ƨ�6���5��&�ڇ�y۷AbNo��4eߨa�a�� 3�Mݺ���Wi���1Ap�۴���i5�Zdgا����a&�M�f%4}S����]|?9ݚ�k�9� ��;���'\ԍ�-^T��H��tӚ�q�� ����'�����l�������]�8h��H^c�I[�H���$�p�>��߅&��Q� �gi��O�2>�a�\g�V �J|~?��5ߤ�AA��`��|�c��Jߦ1Wi�(/q�܅��ڦ���"s.�͟f�ESdĹ��O|�r��]���0EW�?���~4�Ac���~LT�^�q"���C�'o��*��߆�;�5-�/�]����̭�B��I��bԮ����8�\$܏��+�E���t.�K�'r/�n)�"�o���5yQ`U)S�@k�Z�D��3

Maternity Leave Policy Maternity Leave Policy Page | 2 5.1.4 If the baby is born earlier than two weeks before the due date and before maternity leave has commenced, then the 26 weeks’ maternity leave will begin on the day of the birth. If this is not possible, she should be offered a similar job on terms and conditions of employment which are no less favourable. An employee who is not entitled to SMP may be entitled to Maternity Allowance which is paid by Jobcentre Plus. Notification should be sent to her manager, copied to HR Services.

If the employee's baby is born prematurely but after her maternity leave has already started, the rules governing Occupational Maternity Pay (OMP), Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) and Maternity Allowance (MA) do not change. An employee who decides not to return to work after maternity leave must give written notice to her manager of her resignation. Where an employee wishes to return to work earlier than planned but fails to give the correct notice period, the University may postpone her return to work date until 8 weeks' notice has been given or until her 52 week's maternity leave expires. Under the 1955 Employment Act, you are then entitled to at least 60 consecutive days of maternity leave at full pay. [email protected], NHS Terms and Conditions of Service Handbook, Maternity support (paternity) leave and pay - Section 35, HMRC: A guide to matternity benefits-NI 17A. Where payment for the day's work is in excess of the weekly SMP payment, the difference will be paid. In general, eligibility of an employee will be assessed according to legislative guidelines. This page should be read in conjunction with the maternity leave and occupational maternity pay provisions which can be found in Section 15 of the NHS terms and conditions of service handbook. The employee is encouraged to discuss her situation with her manager as soon as possible, to complete a flexible working request in line with the Flexible Working Policy at least 12 weeks prior to returning to work and to agree any new working arrangements prior to her return. Payment for a KIT day will be inclusive of SMP payment for the week. This should be done at least 8 weeks before the intended return to work date. Shortly before maternity leave begins, a pregnant employee's manager should discuss a handover and arrangements for keeping in touch during maternity leave.

The employee is still entitled to take up to 52 weeks maternity leave, the leave being calculated from the actual date her maternity leave starts. Pension Contributions 11 17. 7.1.2 Paid maternity leave can be for up to 39 weeks . Shortly before returning to work, or as soon after returning as possible, the employee should complete a second risk assessment (ML2) and discuss it with her manager. Maternity Allowance 7 11. Great reasons to register with NHS Employers, Very senior managers - SpHAs, ambulance trusts, Diversity and Inclusion Partners Programme, NHS terms and conditions of service (Agenda for Change), NHS terms and conditions of service handbook, Flat rate SMP (or 90 per cent of their average weekly earnings, whichever is the lower), Half pay plus the flat rate of SMP (or average weekly earnings, whichever is lower) providing the total does not exceed full pay, Flat rate SMP (or 90 per cent of their average weekly earnings, whichever is the lower. If your business has 50 or more employees, you are required to comply with the federal Family and Medical Leave Act , which is one of the federal labor laws.

Additional Maternity Leave 7 10. Failure to return to work at the end of maternity leave will be treated as unauthorised absence unless the employee is sick and produces a medical certificate to cover the absence from the end of the maternity period. The guidance covers the encouragement of careful communication, approaching parents to make sure they are comfortable being contacted by colleagues from work with offers of help and asking parents what they would like their colleagues to be told about their situation. Her leaving date will be the date on which funding ceased, so contractual benefits such as leave entitlement and redundancy calculations would be based on this date. The employee should pass the completed forms to her manager who is responsible for checking them and, where appropriate, adding comments to the ML2, before sending both forms to HR Services. Regardless of length of service or hours of work, expectant mothers are entitled to up to 52 weeks maternity leave. If an employee's contract ends before her entitlement to SMP ceases, she will remain on the University's payroll for the remainder of the period for which she is eligible for SMP. The table below shows the criteria required for each category. In the event of a stillbirth from the 24th week of pregnancy onwards, the employee will be eligible for maternity leave, OMP, SMP or MA in the normal way. �[� \�DY燬��n����970����F�4¥��0���y�'=���fO�ۚ?8'. By mutual agreement, an employee may work for up to ten Keeping in Touch (KIT) days during her maternity leave without affecting her right to statutory maternity leave or pay - KIT days can be taken at any time during maternity leave apart from the two week period immediately following childbirth.