You can see how easily these twist off [SOUND], just like that.

Get the tiny bits out: If you're using the meat in other recipes, be sure to go through it first.It’s easy to overlook tiny bits of shell and cartilage. My Charleston Deviled Crab recipe is perfect for all that hard-earned crab meat. This meat is some of the sweetest blue crab meat and it is my favorite part of the crab. And the payoff is a feast of tender sweet crab meat dipped in hot butter as friends and family gather around the newspaper-covered picnic table on the porch. Mix gently: You might want to be careful mixing the ingredients gently so that the lumps aren’t broken up. Tips for Cooking With Crab. [MUSIC] The crab's already cooked, and they have a little bit of seasoning on them, and we're gonna take the legs off the crabs. Now you can use your fingers to pull the remaining meat right out of the body. Step Five: Attack the Legs and Claws.

Just make sure you have a nice work surface that's easy to clean up, that maybe …

With the lump meat found in the clusters under control, now it's time to attack the crab's legs and claws. So, follow along and hear how we catch, clean, and cook blue crabs here in South Carolina's coastal lowcountry. Easy on the seasoning: Crabmeat is mild in flavor, and it doesn’t need a lot of heavy seasonings.