I've been writing about social skills for over ten years. Once you're in a situation with some prospective friends around, you need to strike up conversations and try to get to know them. Too many times, people assume that there are just no potential friends out there.

A good friend doesn't make the friendship all about their needs; but also takes an active interest in the other person. Sometimes you're at a point where you need to meet entirely new people. You can meet all the people you want, and they can think you're great, but if you don't take any action to do something with them in the future, then you won't form many new relationships. For instance, you could chaperone a dance or work in the school store alongside some other parents. A fairly common social issue people have is that they're not sure how to make friends and put together a social life for themselves. Who knows? If you get invited to do something, strongly consider going. If you're not super social in nature, one or two good buddies may be all you need to be happy. Plus, there are usually a lot of opportunities for involvement. As a result, if your social circles have started to dwindle, here's what you can do to start adding more friends to your inner circle. Another thing to consider is that many people will stop inviting someone out if they decline too often. Sure, if you've just met someone it may not be a deep, intimate relationship, but you can still hang out with them and have a good time.

It's a lot like dating or trying to find a new job. Likewise, don't assume that all your future friends have to be the same gender as you. Let's face it, everyone is busy.

When you've got more friends and different options competing for your time you can be more choosy. If you're lonely your initial goal should just be to get some sort of social life going. I have also found that going out solo has led me on some epic adventures. But things have changed now that you are a grown-up. That way if an opportunity to get together comes up, they'll be easy to reach.

Be open and inviting and see what happens. There are quite a few ways someone can find themselves in this situation: Below are my thoughts on how to make friends.

Also, even the act of making an invitation sends the message that you like someone and want to hang out with them. There's no law that says everyone has to have dozens of people in their social circle either.

They've been in a long-term relationship and have let their social life wither. But, if someone invites you to do something, try to make it happen! It never hurts to just to live a full, varied, interesting life. As a result, decide when you are going to ask that friend from the office to join you for appetizers after work.

Plus, don't have an skewed self-image that demands you can only hang out with a certain caliber of people.

Please do not copy, reproduce, or translate any articles without permission. Whenever you have two or more people in the equation, you're going to have to compromise sometimes. It may seem contradictory to making friends, but it is really important to be comfortable with who you are. If you don't water them regularly, they will die. I also give this advice because studies show lonely people tend to be more negative about others in general.

If you want to get a group of friends, assume you'll have to put in all the effort.

For those who have social anxiety, but want to make new friends, here are some techniques that can help you feel more comfortable in social situations, opening you up to new connections. What's more, another study found that friendship quality often predicts health more so than the quality of any other relationship.

If you tend to be down on everyone you meet, you need to make an effort to consciously override these feelings.

You may warm up to each other before long. At the very least, it's easier to make even more friends when you've already got a few. Depending on how you met them, you may invite someone to hang out fairly quickly or wait a few weeks. You ask them if they want do something, they agree, and you set a time and place. People will stay as the guy you talk to in class, or the girl you chat to at work in the break room. If you don't water them regularly, they will die. Research shows that after the age of 25, most adult friendships start to dwindle. It helps to accept that this is just an area where there's always going to be an amount of uncertainty, and you can't control everything. To make new friends as an adult, you've got to meet new people.

Sherri Gordon is a published author and a bullying prevention expert. Get into hobbies or communities where you'll naturally meet a lot of people you already have something in common with.

You may feel like you don't jell with anyone, or like they're ignoring you in favor of making in-jokes with each other.

Friendships are like plants.

For instance, suggest you attend a baseball game together or grab dinner after work.

A large chunk of their social circle disappeared overnight, like everyone graduated from university and most of their friends moved out of the city. There are two main ways to do this: This won't apply if you've moved to a new area and don't know anyone, but often you'll already have the seeds of a social life around you.