Your time is being invested on growth. 1. I’ve learned a lot about my strength by getting through these difficult losses, and I’ve also gotten a lot of clarity on who of my friends will truly be there through my worst (and best!) “You won’t believe this, but I was just on the phone with a customer who was crying because he couldn’t assemble his bed frame.”. You don’t have time for forced fake catch-ups or pointless conversations, trying to keep up with what everyone is up to. Still have questions? “Patients with these terrible histories were getting well immediately. You’re an old soul so you have visions for the future. One girl was the first person I’d confided in about struggling with an eating disorder. "I have no friends at recess. So if you don’t have any friends you may simply not have anyone you can pal up with yet. These people are the ones you have time for and make effort with. No! 9 Reasons Why Intelligent People Have Fewer Friends – WritingByNat, Intelligent People Choose To Be Alone More Than Others – Here's Why, Här är förklaringen till varför intelligenta människor väljer att vara mindre sociala, Top 10 Ways to Simplify Your Schedule | AppointmentCare, You Can’t Get Something Previous These Three Most Sensible Zodiac Indicators – My Blog, How ENFPs Like Me Survive Adulthood – Dot's Writing Dojo, Why I Think Observing “Rights of Neighbors” Are Critical For Creating World Peace – Dot's Writing Dojo, Another Rough Day At A Marriage Networking Site – Dot's Writing Dojo, 10 Reasons Being Intelligent Is Difficult, 8 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Diagnosed With Herpes, 9 Reasons Why People With Alpha Personalities Have Fewer Friendships, Here’s Why We Need To Normalize Friendships Ending, How To Make Friends And Have Meaningful Relationships [2020], The One Thing Female Athletes Are Tired Of Hearing, You Aren’t Too Busy To Be A Friend, You’re Just A Bad Friend. 4. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. And by this I mean: thinks the same, expresses the same and has the same values.

8. Intelligent people have less friends. days. It means selecting a core group of friends and family who you care about and bring out the best in you. It felt like my fault. For some years, I shut myself away from other people but kept just a few close friends—I am a very genuine person. Yahoo News explains. Since then I’ve basically kept away from everyone. I put all the energy I did have into those two friendships. That betrayal of trust has stayed with me for a long time. You talk less and listen more so you find yourself sitting back observing the norms of today: The constant posting on social media, backstabbing, unloyal partners and disrespectful behaviour. […]. We were a close-knit group of three. 2.

And with time and healing, I’ve learned that even if the other person hurt me badly, my ex-friends aren’t completely at fault either. You don’t care about the latest trends or latest music. You don’t expect people to understand what you’re up to. Last medically reviewed on April 25, 2018, “We knew it worked,” says Benedetti. You forget your friends have other friends like them. Has anyone gone through this and tell me how they got better? Am I wrong? Your world seems to flourish more on your own. We forget, too often, that some of us are on the other side of a suicide attempt and need support. Is it really true that I'm racist for not liking rap and hip hop music? You still test them in situations to see if they really care about you as a person or if they just want to know your tricks of the trade. I isolated myself and cancelled plans often due to my depression and eating disorder. Hi I am currently a Junior and my experience with school has been very similar to yours. That’s the only time you let a new person in your life. Is my boyfriend just being selfish. I don’t just connect with men. I’d also entrusted a friend with my mental health issues, like self-harming, only to have her tell my classmates. In reality, I know that I do, but I have this intrusive thought that I don t, and it makes me feel really lonely.