“The ‘REMEMBER’ music video features KATIE amidst a new universe. How many times that we (You don’t know) I.O.I - I Love You, I Remember You (사랑해 기억해) Lyrics I.O.I Romanization, Korean, Translation.

Chasing those memories

I could relate to it ‘cause I think everyone could relate to if they were ever in love.

saranghae saranghae saranghae 사라져가는 너를 지켜줘 modu byeonhandaedo nan geudael yeongwonhi Day by day, I can’t sleep at thoughts of you

You don't remember me but I remember you. himgyeowojimyeon nareul gieokhaejwo ganul su eopsneun nan eotteohge haeyahae 날 바라봐주기를 Day by day, I can’t sleep at thoughts of you ganjeolhi wonhaesseo jamsi meomchwoseo Remember Lyrics: Ooh / Yeah, yeah / We were so automatic / But now I’m reminiscing / Falling through the cracks was bound to happen / It’s funny how it lingers / But I’m not surprised / That we [Chorus]

We make love, love memorable, memorable

Remember, I remember geudaen moreujyo 하루 하루 그대뿐이죠 gieokhae gieokhago isseulge So, those lingering feelings always, you have to deal with them afterwards. I can’t control myself, what do I do? 난 생각만해도 자꾸 눈물이 나요, 무엇을 꿈꿔왔는지 내가 바랬는지 What I’ve dreamed of, what I hoped for Day by day, it’s only you And that’s just your part to go through.

Words my heart tell you

tteollyeooneun nae simjang sori deullyeoonayo I love you, I love you, I love you, After time passes I love you, I love you, I love you

날 바라봐주기를 But I’m not surprised

gieokhae gieokhae gieokhae gieokhae tteollyeooneun nae simjang sori deullyeoonayo

everyone needs to listen to this I swear. 사랑해 사랑해 사랑해, neoui miso neoui hyanggikkaji I see the lost memories from you, Protect yourself from disappearing

saenggakhae saenggakhae saenggakhae, pihal sudo eovseoyo tto meomchul su eopjyo

A song camp is where you get together in a studio with producers and writers and just start from the scratch and write a song ‘till you’re done. [Verse 1] I remember you walkin' out the door

And you cut the vocals.

Tako & J Hyung – 같이 가요 (With 슬로) [Hangul + Romanization], Yang Da Il & Hyorin – And Then [Hangul + Romanization], I.O.I – PING PONG [Hangul + Romanization].

Remember (Remember) Remember (Remember) saranghae saranghae saranghae I want to confess that I’ve been waiting for you The army of men surrounding KATIE express her emotions and messages on her behalf.

I think of them, I think of them, I think of them 그댄 모르죠

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내게로 다가온 운명을

Faraway memories come back to life, It’s always like that Look at me, remember me You you you you

gieokhae (gieokhae) gieokhae (gieokhae) Do you know?

himgyeowojimyeon nareul gieokhaejwo