The only IDW Star Trek planned for release that I will certainly check out is Star Trek TNG 20/20 which will take place in Picard’s days on the Stargazer. What constitutes a “success” in the comics biz is variable. Cover price $3.99. So only about 10 of the 80 issues across the two lines (Ongoing & Boldly Go) were “rehashes.”. Don't miss the retailer incentive covers from artist J.J. Lendl! Art by Silvia Califano. The initial issues of the Kelvin comics told tweaked versions of TOS episodes.

For additional details, contact your local comic book retailer or visit to find a store near you. The final voyages of the original mission continue here! A new continuing series about the end of the Five-Year Mission! LOL you’re right. Limited 1 for 10 Retailer Incentive Variant Cover. Art and Cover by Christopher Jones. With a villain revealed, a stranded crew, and a ship on a collision course with total destruction, Captain James T. Kirk will have to face the biggest challenge of his life on his own! full color. Year 5, go through it in a comic book store first before you purchase it. I almost want to see them update them a little to reflect TMP era they’re headed into. The final year of the original mission continues here! (W) Jody Houser (A) Silvia Califano (CA) Stephen Thompson Election season is in full swing across the Federation, and even though it seems ridiculous, Harry Mudd is rising to the top of the polls! The crew of the Enterprise suspects that there's more to Mudd's game than just wanting to do his civic duty, and their investigation will uncover a rot that threatens the entire Federation from the inside. I agree with you that trek comics from IDW have really neglected the twok era and I do hope they rectify the disparity. Written by Jim McCann, Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly. But right now, STC is free on youtube and other platforms, so not sure why it’s even necessary. Enterprise in the Star Trek: Year Five series. Looks great. Preview The First Five Pages Of ‘Star Trek: Year Five’ Issue 16, Amazon Offering Free Collection Of Digital Comics When You Buy Star Trek DVDs And Blu-rays, Preview The First Five Pages Of ‘Star Trek: Year Five’ Issue 15, First Look At January 2021 Star Trek Comics From IDW,,,,, Ask your retailer about the Greg Hildebrandt retailer incentive sketch cover! I think his various mini series came the closest to the original series. Art by Stephen Thompson.

But they'll soon discover that for all of the danger they faced on the five-year mission, the biggest threat of all may be something closer to home. Cover price $3.99. You sound like Science-Fiction Oracle or shannon smith over at Trek*ore. Ahahahaha!

(W) Jim McCann (A) Angel Hernandez (CA) Stephen Thompson The Enterprise receives a distress call from Alpha Centauri and arrives to find a planet in the midst of a deadly global pandemic. If this was a big hit book selling in the 50K range, i might agree with his (albeit sarcastic) point. Cover by Stephen Thompson. Star Trek: Discovery mini-series announced Enterprise crew as they warp toward the end of their five-year mission. and on the web since 1996. 28 pages, full color. That said, their adaptation of Harlan Ellison’s original script for “The City on the Edge of Forever” was very simply one of the best products with the name “Star Trek” on the label to come along in decades, in any medium, and I’ll always be grateful to IDW for producing it. But I share your enthusiatic hope that in their least it will be as good as their COTEOF. Art by Silvia Califano. For example, these are the sales estimates for Star Trek books in the DM for the first few months of 2018: Boldly Go #16 – 6564 28 pages, full color.