Refrigerators like chlorofluorocarbons which destroy the Ozone Layer have been replaced by environment friendly chemicals. Receive news and offers from our other brands? It has also help in the greater production of sulphuric acid, nitric acid Ammonia hydrogenated oils by providing suitable catalyst. (2) It has helped to protect the crops from insects and harmful bacteria by the use of certain effective insecticides ,fungicides and pesticides. Related: Unraveling the human genome: 6 molecular milestones.

Importance of chemistry in our daily life Importance of chemistry in our daily life Everything is made of chemicals.

By use of refrigerants like ammonia, liquid sulphur dioxide and freon we can make our homes cooler in summer. (1) It has provided chemical fertilizers such as urea ,calcium superphosphate, sodium nitrate, Ammonium Sulphate which have increased the yield of fruits ,vegetables and other crops. (1) Synthetic fibres such as terylene ,nylon ,rayon which are more comfortable ,durable and attractive. According to the ACS, chemistry is the study of matter, defined as anything that has mass and takes up space, and the changes that matter can undergo when it is subject to different environments and conditions. Importance of Chemistry: Chemistry aids in the improvement of healthcare, the conservation of natural resources, and the protection of the environment. Nice I appreciate your work. Chemistry is a physical science, which means it doesn't involve "living" things. Chemical reactions occur when you breathe, eat, or just sit there reading. They can work at universities, for the government or in private industry, according to the ACS. Chemistry is very important because it helps us to know the composition, structure& changes of matter. (5) Use of Polythene bags is posing a serious threat to sewage system. ©

Here are some examples of what chemists do: In academia, chemists performing research aim to further knowledge about a particular topic, and may not necessarily have a specific application in mind. .sector in Kashmir is doing some job free of cost. For example, physical chemists may study how certain materials, such as plastic, may react with chemicals the material is designed to come in contact with. 5) The Scope of Chemistry in Industry. Most people think chemistry is something done in lab, but you practice aspects of chemistry everyday. (4) Articles of domestic use :Chemistry has made our homes more comfortable by supplying a large number of articles of domestic uses such as detergents ,oils and fats ,sugar ,paper, glass, plastic, paints, cosmetics, perfumes ,cooking gas etc. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Chemists work in a variety of fields, including research and development, quality control, manufacturing, environmental protection, consulting and law.

Y made good attempts to help the students.i like efforts. That the importance of chemistry will increase day by day and it is essential to understand the basic chemistry to properly conduct the activities of the daily life. So, even if you don't work as a chemist, you're doing chemistry, or something that involves chemistry, with pretty much everything you do.

These methods enable scientists to characterize many different properties of chemicals, and can benefit society in a number of ways. Your email address will not be published. In industry, chemists in research and development use scientific knowledge to develop or improve a specific product or process. Many of the changes we observe in the world around we see that caused by chemical reactions. Forensic chemists use a wide variety of analysis methods, such as chromatography and spectrometry, which help identify and quantify chemicals. For instance, chemists may work in intellectual property, where they might apply their scientific background to copyright issues in the sciences, or in environmental law, where they may represent special interest groups and file for approval from regulating agencies before certain activities occur. Sometimes, research and development may not involve bettering the product itself, but rather the manufacturing process involved in making that product. Visit our corporate site. Environmental chemists study how chemicals interact with the natural environment, characterizing the chemicals and chemical reactions present in natural processes in the soil, water and air. Chemistry helps us understand how items around us are made e. g cooking gas. Chemistry has played an important and useful role towards the development and growth of number of industries such as glass ,cement ,paper, textile ,leather ,dye, Paints ,pigments ,petroleum ,sugar ,plastics ,Pharmaceuticals. You are made of chemicals.