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I am going to be reading it at his funeral tomorrow. At PoemSearcher.com find thousands of poems categorized into thousands of categories. Reading this poem has helped and I think it's lovely so than you for writing it and putting a smile back on my face. He took one last breath and he was gone. Thus, some of these poems will help you hold your ground and face the fears that haunt you. this poem is fantastic and really made me cry. This poem was absoulty beautiful and I'm sure your father is looking down on you smiling.

My dad was only 56 when he passed. Even now 2 years later I still can't believe it. I along with my two sisters and dear mother have just lost our dad. Your poem is exceptional and love how you put my thoughts together in your poem. We haven’t spoken to each other for 6 days. He was simple, kind, funny, religious, and wonderful father. My dad left this earth too early. This poem is so great! With some simple advice, you’ll be making all the decisions and living the life you deserve. I love my dad so much and I can't cope with the loss and that I didn't get to say goodbye. I am reading poems after poems and they are just lovely bring a tear to your eye.. He died of left ventricular hypertrophy.

If you don’t do something about them, negative emotions will only pile up and lead to bigger problems. You've put into words how I feel so thank you very much. At first I was angry with him, he had promised to fight and I felt he hadn't fought long enough, but now I realize that I wouldn't have wanted him to suffer any longer than he did. Reading this book will toughen you up, poem by poem. I lost my father when I was 3 years old due to heart attack.. At PoemSearcher.com find thousands of poems categorized into thousands of categories. Thinking about loosing him really makes me appreciate that I have him, and all the things he does for me. Did you spell check your submission? This is a lovely poem. Your Poem has touched me in so many different ways it's hard to describe. Therefore, I had to be strong, pick myself up, and help them during this awful period. 8 years ago today I lost my dad. To sum up, don’t ignore your feelings. Louise Bailey, Death Moving On Poems Thank you. When I read this, I know what the person was feeling, I just want to say Thank You for sharing. I just lost my stepdad at the age of 51. Reading this made me smile :) I looked after my dad. I feel really lost without him here with me. I lost my Dad 31 years ago, I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter and I miss him so much it hurts; I was so unhappy that he never got to meet his granddaughter but happy that he had 4 years with her older brother. In fact, once you start implementing the methods described in these books, you’ll be surprised by the number of people who may come to you looking for advice. I used this poem at my Dad's funeral in 2012, it was just perfect!! I guess all I am is just a daddy's girl at heart <3. My dad had diabetes I knew he was sick but not this sick. Thank you for helping us in this final good bye to our father. Share Your Story Here. That said, your life mustn’t suffer while you’re struggling with your inner demons. RIP, Daddy.

2-25-05 is when she left this world and I have been a broken half being since. Daddy was a gentle giant and he was the BEST FATHER anyone could ever ask for and I'm thankful everyday that God saw it fit to bless me (and my 5 siblings) with him as a father and my mother with him as a husband (for 50 years). Of course, their influence was not direct. This poem has touched me because my dad passed way just last year in December 31,2010. March 2013 and I miss him so much. Death changes everything! I just read this and it really meant a lot to me. It would be the greatest ever told It gets more manageable with time, but it never gets better. Good poem. I often wonder if I hurt as much as I do how does my Mom get on with every day without him. Well, my personal takeaway is all positive. Oct 16, 2020 - A collection of the best funeral poems for Dad.

I'm looking for poems for my mum as she lost her dad nearly 2 yrs ago and still hurts to this day and I want to do a tribute for him with poems. He was a loving, wonderful dad and I miss him so much. I'd give you one last hug so tight and see your great big smile. It sounds like you were close to your Dad, he knew already the things you wanted to say because he knew how much he was loved. A collection of deeply emotional poems as thoughtfully assembled as this one surely gave me an excellent choice of poems in memory of my dad. I was 15 and recall that day I thought I wouldn't make it without him 9 years on I'm around and choose to celebrate his life by carrying forward his values and celebrate his life through memories He strived so hard from day to day

Good luck to you and keep strong.

My mom and him had over 60 years of marriage. I hope that the person who wrote this will not mind my altering a couple of words and using it at the funeral.

I love you dad. Loving Father Poem From Daughter. He was 62 years old and died in his sleep. I'm sixteen years old. My deepest sympathies to all those who lost their dads.

I miss him every day, but I am happy to have had him in my life. Well, my personal takeaway is all positive. We stood for each other. For 12 years he has suffered after his first massive stroke in 2000 and second in 2009. Not even a month before my 16 birthday, and I never knew how hard loosing someone could be until I lost my dad. He is now no longer suffering and is now free. It is beautifully written. My Dad passed away on the ninth of February this year. My mom passed away Thanksgiving 2009 and she did the same. I miss you daddy, may you rest in peace.. I know your pain so well, it's all too familiar, your poem brought me to tears. Its not real, its so hard to cope with.

The thing that shreds my soul is the fact my mother and I had been arguing when it happened. He was my rock, my best friend, he was so kind a loving dad, he was always there for me, but I know that my dad is watching over me every day, I wish I could just pick up the phone and say hi dad it's me, we would be on the phone all day. My dad passed away on August 4, 2012, from heart failure. Life is complicated...when we have someone with us, at that time we don't know his/her worth until he/she is gone. He had two grandchildren, who are taking it good. I just lost my father the 5th of June which happens to be my birthday.

Nothing can remove this pain. It is such a terrible thing to go through my family helped me so much my cousins and aunties and uncles everyone. He was only 43, he had so much more life to live! Surrendering yourself to your daily routines can make for a somewhat unfulfilling life. This is such a beautiful poem I'm still crying. Its been just over eighteen months since I lost my Darling Dad to Lung Cancer age 70. Daddy Are You There? He was on life support until that Sunday, September 30th, we the family decided to take him off at 1:50. I'm deeply sorry for your loss, and I can imagine what you felt at the time your father passed away because I recently lost my father as well. Words cannot describe how in touch I was with this poem. My mom and I never really get along. I found many beautiful thoughts just barely flipping through the book. We identify with the author and compare our sufferings. He was suffering from renal failure and we soon had to make the decision to put him on dialysis or let him suffer until death. How crazy, this month is Father's Day and I lost my father to kidney failure over 10 years ago. Every line is a story in itself; each word painstakingly chosen to have the strongest emotional impact on the reader. My dad passed away in his sleep 3 days ago. I found him that next morning before school. All other content on this website is Copyright © 2006 - 2020 FFP Inc. All rights reserved.

But just remember that he is up in heaven and you can talk to him whenever you want. God bless you and comfort you. He taught me how to give This truly touched many people's hearts at my Sweet 16 and I honestly thank you so much for writing it. He was only 49, I still can not believe what happened. It coveys to me real happenings of our earthly journey and how painful it is to let go of someone you love so dearly. That’s why there’s so much poetry in.

This poem really hit @ home. I feel and share your pain and sadness, as my dad passed too from kidney disease. He was my bestfriend :(. :( as we lost our Dad in the cold winter of July 2006, from secondary Cancer, he was just 42 yrs old, and me turning into my teens 12 1/2 years and just started high school, the twins lil bro and sissy only 6 1/2 yrs old, Mum and Dad were childhood sweet hearts (soul mates). a beautiful place where we will join him his family of love. I took a year off to look after him until he died at home as he wished.

Click here to find more poems that can be read at a celebration of life ceremony or funeral. I can't accept that you are gone. We miss you daddy and you will always be my number one man!!!

Keep that memory! (I'm now 16) But I've just recently been writing and reading things about Dads. X. I lost my father on mother's day (18 may 2011) I sat by the phone hoping it was my dad calling me to wish me a happy mothers day instead it was my sister letting me know I need to tell him my last words because he wasn't going to make it for me to get there. I'm 14 years old and on the 10th of April this year of 2008 I lost my dad to lung cancer :( I got a call one day out of the blue from a family member I've never met.