– Just as physical bodies are born, mature and die so does the universe also undergoes cycles of creation, evolution and dissolution. We have no recording of Oppenheimer saying this except the 1965 one above. Van Buitenen, introduction by Alexandre Piatigorsky, Element Books, Rockport MA, 1997. But he has been enjoined to battle by something bigger than himself — physics, fission, the atomic bomb, World War II, what have you — and only at the moment when it truly reveals its nature, the Trinity test, does he fully see why he, a man who hates war, is compelled to battle. As I understand it, Oppenheimer was only opposed to the development of the fission-fusion-fission ‘thermonuclear’ weapon that Dr. Edward T. Strangelove was such a strong advocate of, and that’s what all the controversy was about. Fortunately, many years back, James A. Hijiya of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth wrote a wonderful article on “The Gita of J. Robert Oppenheimer” that covers all of this topic as well as one might ever want it to be covered.1 Everything I know about the Gita comes from Hijiya’s article — so read it if you want much more discussion of this than I have here. I’m not sure I am 100% convinced of that. He had educated himself on Sanskrit and is said to have studied Bhagavad Gita in the original. ‘on whatever sphere of being Thanks for sharing — and let us know when you want to come visit his house!

And then, in his most amazing and terrible form, Krishna tells Arjuna what he, Krishna, is there to do: Death am I, and my present task [Quoted from the Bhagavad Gita after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I agree, the Bird and Sherwin biography is excellent, maybe the best one out there so far. A rare color photograph of Oppenheimer from October 1945, with General Groves and University of California President Robert Sproul, at the Army-Navy “E” Award ceremony. It also dovetails with Paul Forman’s idea that after the war physicists were reduced to gadgeteers. The only world-destroying event we have control over is nuclear Armageddon; it will come when we allow it. in History, Physics, Religion | September 4th, 2020 Leave a Comment ‘Ahimsa/Non-violence is the greatest dharma,,but paradoxically violence is unavoidable to destroy evil. I am particularly fond of Hijiya’s opening line, that Oppenheimer’s paraphrase of the Gita is “one of the most-cited and least-interpreted quotations” of the atomic age. Perfectly explained. So even while Oppenheimer was “wronged,” it was clear to a lot of the public (not just his close friends) that he was being wrong. Proceedings articles generally are 30 pages in length or less, although exceptions are made. The text of the Gita is mostly Krishna telling Arjuna why Arjuna must go to war, even if Arjuna does not want to do it.

Which shall fructify in the lives of others: For further discussion of Oppenheimer and the Gita, see Steven J. Rosen’s “Krishna’s Song: A New Look at the Bhagavad Gita”, chapter 12, in which Rosen acknowledges Hijiya’s article (which you cite) as the best exegesis on this subject. He thought (with good reason, in my opinion) that the thermonuclear program was unnecessary and wasteful – after all, if you can make D-T boosted fission bombs with an ~500 kT yield, why go beyond that?

Will you write about it? It’s not clear when Oppenheimer was first exposed to the Gita. However, Arjuna is the chosen warrior who will become the cause of their death on the basis of his past reincarnations.

Generally, where the word death appears in English translation, such as 9:3, 9:19, 10:34, and 13:9, the Sanskrit word is mrtyuh, not kalah. He is ‘time become mature’, because, most of the warriors in the opposite camp have chosen to fight on the side of adharma. Your interpretation appears very sound, Alex. * The Bhagavad-Gita, 11:32, translation by J.A.B.      Arising in the sky http://kinofilms.tv/film/vybor-celi/31942/, http://www.whosdatedwho.com/tpx_745001/vybor-tseli/.

Was there a man dismay’d? “Forward, the Light Brigade! But what is death, as the Gita sees it? The Proceedings journal also contains biographical memoirs of deceased members of the Society. THE GITA OF J. ROBERT OPPENHEIMER 125 "these affairs are hard on the heart. In addition, articles that have been submitted by outside authors, reviewed by qualified scholars in the particular fields of study, and accepted for publication by the Committee on Publications, are published. Historically, I get the impression that Oppenheimer was an ardent advocate of the development and use of the fission bomb – for example, even after intelligence made it clear c. winter 1944 that German efforts towards a fission bomb were non-existent, he still continued to push for its development (and the threat of a German bomb was clearly the driving force behind the entire Manhattan Project). À cause de son rôle éminent, il est régulièrement surnommé le « père de la bombe atomique ».

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on Friday, May 23rd, 2014 at 9:39 am and is filed under Visions. -although dharma is deterministic the soul has Free Will to choose his Karma/deeds and its on the basis of his karma that a man ascends or lowers his consciousness, suffering/enjoying its fruits on Earth, before migrating to the next body. 37 Frank Oppenheimer J. Robert Oppenheimer Oral History Collection (Transcripts), MC 85, Institute Archives and Special Collections, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries, 193 Powers, Heisenberg's War, 464. Even if the physicists had refused to make nuclear weapons, the death toll of World War II would hardly have been altered. 2 0 obj << /Length 2873 /Filter /FlateDecode >> stream was D-T boosted, or not? ��@��_�������� �i|1������ӓ[�|qy= �qzrM����`����C/t�^��ߣۡ գ���R��ߝ�6�f~;X��WDĊ����#>�3�k���yh��^,P1�o��7 ��x��ǬN�!�e(��m'q�x{v��ѕ�/Ń.k�V:��l�K�(�=�$��Z��Y�(v#�K)� �a$2)�B�Gt"������ oL�Ƅ��]aЋ%"���@�sY�tU%�~�UuQ>w���k�=���g~u�VU:��+]���e�,��ܔs0n�|��Qt��䊀6$]����.M;�2��8*�i�X�yZtF��Nh1I*��Ǝ�+��>�@u�yf��[email protected]��7~b�ڧD�CaL�v������toF;�����0D�m��T M�^d�tM�z�M��t��6��J�)��Ym����=�m�{���&��1��`w�;ÿgE9}O��U�n9=S���]�1'dd�l=�D��n��

Rather, it is him being awed by what is being displayed in front of him, confronted with the spectacle of death itself unveiled in front of him, in the world’s most impressive memento mori, and realizing how little and inconsequential he is as a result.

It’s a chilling delivery and an evocative quote. Source. Ryder’s translation, Hijiya explains, is a somewhat idiosyncratic but defensible one. With a personal account, you can read up to 100 articles each month for free. That’s what I want to talk about: what was Oppenheimer trying to say, presuming he was not just trying to be gnomic? On “Manhattan,” I might! I haven’t seen any Soviet film, but would love to see it.

This carries more of a feeling of destiny propelling the actor forward, but the sense that the actor must not focus on the “fruit of action” overlaps with the duty Krishna lays on Arjuna. I suspect that if Turing’s work had been declassified earlier, and his role as a “scientific hero” had been more prominent, his fate might have been different, though it is hard to say, given the different nature of their persecutions.