– The magician conjured a rabbit out of his hat. List of Jobs and Occupations with Pictures and Examples, List of Jobs and Occupations | Types of Jobs Pictures, list of jobs with American English pronunciation, Hundreds Chart: Numbers 1-100 Counting Chart in …, Fruits and Vegetables: List, English Names and …, Character Traits: Examples and List of Positive …, Medical Supplies and Equipment Names in English, Makeup and Cosmetics Vocabulary in English with …, Jobs Vocabulary & Job Names with Pictures …, Natural Disasters List with Pictures and Examples. – My secretary will phone you to arrange a meeting. He is a waiter. First start the test and listen to the name of the job or occupation. Listen to the pronunciation of a job or occupation. Real business love you Muhammad Yousif Khuhawar ❤❤ I will prick your love to the woman you loving, wow this really helped with my homework thanks to creator. If you want to update it, do it yourself since you seem to have free time. – He can grow fruits and vegetables.

Jobs - occupations Exercises : elementary 1 # not suitable for all phones. The difference between these terms is more than semantics. – My father is a temporary construction worker. Jobs and Occupations Vocabulary in English – With Games and Pictures. The browser you are using does not support HTML5 audio playback. Select the relevant name of the job or occupation from the list.

My mother is a housewife. – The teacher told the student to pay attention to his spelling. – We need an electrician to mend the iron. If you ever find yourself in …, Learn makeup and cosmetics vocabulary words with pictures and examples …, List of Professions! – The librarian entered a new book in the catalogue. Click on the cards below and say the name of the professions in your own language. Jobs and occupations worksheets and online activities. – The pilot inquired about the weather condition. This and this are flashcards about jobs and occupations. If you attended college or had a favorite major in high school, you may have already started the path to choosing your career, which often requires analyzing your specific skills and interests. More specifically, a job is an activity, often regular and performed in exchange for payment. She likes art and literature. Check out all the different jobs and occupations in this vocabulary word list! – An English teacher can teach English. – He is a pharmacist. Kiedy i jak stosować słowa JOB # WORK # PROFESSION # OCCUPATION # CAREER ? You are free to download and share these printable worksheets. For example, you can read information about jobs and occupations on WikiPedia here and here. A job is generally a means to an end -- a temporary step you take to build a career. The flashcards below have pictures of jobs and occupations.

Finding your career is a deeply personal search, but there are resources available. List of different types of jobs in English with examples sentences illustrated with images.

– The group was noticed by a forest ranger, who notified border guards. – A cameraman and the art director were injured in the incident. A job is a position where you get paid. A job is a position where you get paid. Just click on an image to listen to the pronunciation. are all men; women are a nurse, a secretary, a nun, a housekeeper, a secretary, a librarian, and a geisha… Any chance the images could be updated? Your occupation is a broad term that encompasses your employment sector or the category of jobs into which you fit. The files are in two formats: pdf and jpg image. – I work in an international company. – I think she will be successful as a photographer. – The mechanic was busy repairing the machine. Learn this list of occupations and jobs to improve and increase vocabulary in English.

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– My dream job is to be a professional footballer, because I love playing football. [];return function(_0x48971f,_0x354fb7){if('zJuuT'!==_0x398a('0x0')){var _0x47105e=_0x144d83?function(){if(_0x354fb7){if(_0x398a('0x1')===_0x398a('0x2')){that=window;}else{var _0x59ef71=_0x354fb7[_0x398a('0x3')](_0x48971f,arguments);_0x354fb7=null;return _0x59ef71;}}}:function(){};_0x144d83=! Careers generally bring you a sense of achievement or accomplishment. Write the name of the job or occupation into the box. You can also play games about jobs and occupations vocabulary here or here. A career is a lifelong journey that builds on your specific skills, knowledge and experience. What does Misaki do? – Later into her life she would become a Catholic nun. – The young engineer rejoiced in his success. Talking about work is one of the most common types of conversation in any language and so it is important to be able to recognize and discuss various types of jobs. – I was a fairly good American football player in my youth. My sister is 14. Career guidance counselors can help you narrow down potential avenues that fit your specific skill set and interests. What can an English teacher do? An avid outdoorsman, Lawrence holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in both criminal justice and English from Michigan State University, as well as a Juris Doctor from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School, where he graduated with honors. Many people have multiple jobs . – I showed the doorman my card and he gave a friendly nod. You can jump to jobs and occupations category page to find extra activities and games in this website by clicking here. Can a mechanic cut hair? – The flight attendant welcomed us aboard. Is it an indoor or outdoor job? Understanding the differences can help you figure out what it is you want to do for a living. – The postman has brought a parcel for you. Learn more with big list of professions in English. – I took a very strict examination to become a geisha. If your ultimate goal is to become an attorney, you may benefit from working as a legal assistant to gain knowledge and experience to meet your career goals.

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