A post shared by HUNGRY IN LA® | Food + Travel (@hungryinla) on Jul 5, 2017 at 9:11pm PDT. The good news is Toronto’s best minds are already hard at work thinking about this. Right now it’s the millennials who don’t yet have children and have some disposable income. Instead, Tanenbaum hopes to see leaders proposing even bolder initiatives. As Benstead’s mother was known as Mary, and his father as Ben, their home came to be known as Marben. They build social living communities for awesome people to thrive together, with amenities, common areas, and events that bring swagger, culture, and fun to residents’ lives. A post shared by The Mar Vista (@themarvista) on Jul 7, 2017 at 5:18pm PDT. 300 Biscayne is genuinely a condo project on the leading edge—and it’s the future of living, as far as PMG is concerned.

We will of course keep your data safe and secure and if you change your mind you can unsubscribe at any time on any marketing email we send or email us at [email protected] Grab a table beneath the Sputnik chandeliers to indulge in pork loin milanese. Southern flavors have been inflecting local dishes for some time now, but the subtle way they appear in Mike Williams’s lobster bolognese gnocchi and his Little Gem salad (the buttermilk dressing had us licking the plate) feels as fresh as a new pair of boots. Still, Ken Tanenbaum, Vice Chairman of Kilmer Group, says it’s time to put down the proverbial yardstick and stop looking outward for validation. For starters, we can vote for leaders who are embracing the big picture, both in terms of geography and timeline. A post shared by Trois Mec (@troismecla) on Jun 16, 2017 at 2:20pm PDT. Trained at Spago, Antonia Lofaso understands high-volume cooking, and her take on hearty Italian-American is respectful yet inventive. When it comes to tackling this challenge, and laying out the roadmap for an effective Smart City strategy, collaboration will be key. And we have the best Japanese food on the continent at Sushi Kaji and Hashimoto. “The structure itself is going to be an attraction of its own from an architectural perspective,” says Paul.

While the roasted escarole heart with Parmigiano-Reggiano and anchovy vinaigrette evokes something essential about the Italian cucina, the marsala-deglazed chicken livers tossed with maccheroncini spears summon the era of scallopini and spumoni. Looking at factors such as air quality, water quality, appropriate lighting, thermal comfort, and acoustic comfort, Delos discovered that there are profound connections between the built environment, where we spend most of our lives, and the health and wellness of the people inside of these buildings, both near and long term. What was it that hooked you? Andrew Kirschner’s laid-back restaurant combines creativity and smarts. “The vision for the mall is that it evolves as the culture house of Yorkville. IWBI has developed six pilot versions of the standard to test and refine how WELL can be applied to other building sectors.

His skin-on French fries? If I told you that there are two apartment buildings, identical in design with the same street address, but the building on the right has wellness elements built into it that can constantly and passively work to potentially improve your health and well-being, while the building on the left does not, you would intuitively choose the healthy building.”. A post shared by Janetttt Chan (@janettttfoodie) on Jul 16, 2017 at 3:57pm PDT. And with only one or two exceptions, people no longer dined in hotels. Across the street from Chanel’s boutique is 101 Yorkville, one of First Capital’s latest acquisitions jointly acquired with asset manager, Greybrook Realty Partners.

For those opposed to large primal cuts of cow, consider the sea bream, which is cleverly deboned yet served whole with charred halves of lemon and orange that beg to be given a liberal squeeze. There were only a couple of places to go after the show—both of them were steakhouses. Like the city around it, each of their buildings shifts in countless ways as a reflection of its inhabitants, part of an exciting cultural tapestry that’s comfortable and challenging, relaxed and engaging, free and welcoming. Menashe lights up beef heart tartare with champagne vinegar and boosts grilled orata with an anchovy-and-lemon paste. Song means “two” in Thai, and with this Silver Lake outpost, Kris Yenbamroong continues his exploration of Thai regional cooking. Many people speak of the 1980s as being halcyon times for the Toronto restaurant industry. The menu of mostly Cal-Med small plates—pork collar with salsa verde, fresh pastas with meaty ragù—also includes several toasts, which sound prosaic yet taste compelling, such as the one with tuna conserva and clams. He did it first at Bucato in Culver City and now presides at Felix, a clubby, floral-patterned trattoria that occupies the former home of Joe’s in Venice. Transportation, education, the environment—all are pertinent to any great city, but you need to pick a lane and stay there. Top Chef graduate Antonia Lofaso understands the complex art of drinking food, but her Italian chops are visible in the buxom ricotta gnudi with brown butter and pistachios. According to Paul, the feeling was mutual as the executives at Chanel immediately recognized the fit. “It’s scary and exciting,” admits Longo. George Trow’s Within the Context of No Context was a brilliant, scary vision of a cultural end-time. (The owners like to pedal: Show up in a bike jersey—there’s a bike valet nearby—for a free second beer.) At the first of their two Fairfax District enclaves, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo have maintained—even honed—their knack for rejiggering comfort food into balanced, thoughtful dishes that leap with spurts of acid and fat. There are full-service restaurants adjacent to the retail areas, each specializing in one type of food (e.g., fish, pasta, meat, pizza, vegetables). We’re connecting the inspiring work of Evergreen at the Brickworks and Waterfront Toronto’s master planning genius of the West Don Lands, through a trail activation strategy known as “The Ribbon.” It is one of many steps being taken to celebrate our natural environment, through the visionary leadership of Geoff Cape at Evergreen.”, Moreover he wants Toronto residents to realize this incredible resource connects distant neighbourhoods and disparate populations. This chic ode to seafood—especially its tree-lined back patio illuminated by string lights and a fireplace—is a whole new level of sophisticated style for Silver Lake.

“What we’re able to do here is realize the vision and mandate that we aspired to on Queen Street; we can evolve the ideas that we test-drove,” and now they’ll have the space to do so. Fillings include a sultry mixture of Manila clams and shavings of lardo, or perhaps cubes of house-made mortadella laced with mayonnaise. When Scialla looked at this groundbreaking research through his Wall Street lens, he became fascinated with the potential opportunity of taking the world’s largest asset class, real estate (sitting at $180 trillion), and merging that with the world’s fastest growing industry, health and wellness (a $4 trillion annual spend and growing). Cooked like a risotto and capped by San Diego uni, the satsuki rice nears evanescence with yuzu-pecorino cream.