make $93 million in their opening weekends. Was he really in the asylum the whole time, just imagining all of this? "Because, to me, it's very responsible to make it feel real and make it have weight and implications. It's also important because it forces us to contend with the possibility that at least some of what Arthur does during the film's climax didn't actually happen.

Joaquin Phoenix To Finally Play Doctor Strange In The MCU? When the comic book connections do kick in, though, they lead down a dark path, a chain reaction started by Arthur that ends in the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, who are gunned down by a clown-masked rioter in an alley.

Check Out The WHOPPING Sum. An episode of Batman: The Animated Series titled "The Man Who Killed Batman" suggests that without Batman to fight against, Joker just doesn't see the point in committing crimes anymore. Alfred has revealed his true identity to the world, so that the public may honor and remember Bruce as the hero he really was. The big question that the film doesn't answer, though, is how watching his parents get gunned down specifically by a dude in a clown mask will end up changing Bruce. The entire third act of the movie.Not to be outdone, there are those who consider the entire last half-hour of the movie to have taken place entirely in Arthur’s head. Will there be a Joker sequel?

This is all important because it emphasizes just how lonely Arthur is.

If Joker actually killed Batman, all he be doing is ending himself in the process, and likely inspiring generations of new Batman who he would never see as his true foe. Arthur Fleck is, by the end of the film, directly asking people to call him Joker, and drawing a big smile on his face in his own blood seems to seal the deal. The pair strike up a romance after Arthur stalks her around the city and she supports him as he performs a poor performance at a comedy night, while Arthur also cares for his ailing mother, Penny (Frances Conroy), who is a former employee of Thomas Wayne, who she displays adoration of. So perhaps Thomas Wayne is not Arthur's father, but had an affair with Arthur's adoptive mother? Suffering from various mental illnesses - including a severe nervous laughter condition - and eventually denied his psychiatric medication, struggling comedian Arthur Fleck is abused and bullied by society. Cutting that out was one of Phillips’s rare acts of restraint. They might dissipate, or relax their protests a bit and eventually fade out, but that doesn't just go away because the Joker is in jail. We then see Fleck walking away down the corridor leaving a trail of bloody footprints before then seeing him chased by orderlies. Sophie is horrified to find him there and it is revealed she remembers him from their one earlier encounter in the elevator, but their whole 'romance' was a delusion and hallucination of Arthur's.