It was later re-released on November 24, 1997 with Map Scroll and Ms. Grunkle's Hat level indicator added. * JUMPSTART ADVENTURES: 4th Grade - Haunted Island GAME LIST GENERATOR PC (all 32,000+) PC DOS PC Windows PlayStation (all 10,000+) PlayStation PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 Xbox (all 5,000+) Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox One Any genre Action Adventure Driving Education Puzzle Role-playing Simulation Sports Strategy Any combined genre No combined genre Action Adventure Driving … On that day, the rest of the player's class had a substitute teacher who turned out to be a witch named Ms. Grunkle. save hide report. Alternative Titles But it's not exactly cheap. JumpStart's online virtual world has an impressive and exhaustive collection of adventure-based, Learn how school2home ecosystem can help your learner.

The yearbook has pictures of each student in either their monster or human form, depending on whether the player has freed them from their spell yet.

JumpStart Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. After players have freed all 13 children and gotten all 25 keys, they are ready to visit Mrs. Grunkle's house. If players successfully complete both tasks, they rescue one of the classmate's belongings. JumpStart's online virtual world has an impressive and exhaustive collection of adventure-based learning games for children of all ages. Purple flies must also be snapped up before they fly free of the well.

Interactive, 3D, dynamic and addictive, online games have taken the internet world by storm. JumpStart Preschool: Who Left the Juice in the Caboose?

In its original release, it contained KnowledgeLand as a bonus disc.[1].

Whenever a room is entered for the first time, Ms. Grunkle will appear and cast the player into the labyrinth. Then, she took the entire class to her home on ~Haunted Island and imprisoned their beastly forms in her attic. [GET] Command and Conquer the First Decade pc game... [GET] The Sims 3 Deluxe - PC/Mac pc game download. I might be wrong. Each classmate has four prized possessions, and when all four are obtained, Madame Pomreeda will be able to transform the classmate back to normal by reciting a special spell. A rage across the globe, every conceivable type of online game can be easily found today. Making JumpStart 4th Grade Haunted Island a Collector's Item today. Play takes place on The Haunted Island. If they are hit three times by the other ship, they lose most of their rations and cannons. Icon For every 5,000 points earned, players receive one key to Mrs. Grunkle's house.

JumpStart 2nd Grade Readers: CJ and the Mysterious Map, JumpStart World "Growing Smart" Laugh with Me Botley, JumpStart World "Growing Smart" Tag Along Laptop. For every five thousand points earned, the player receives one of 25 keys to Ms. Grunkle's house. The player can also access any of the locations by bringing up the map, and then clicking on the location they want to go to. Play takes place on The Haunted Island. The atmosphere is pleasant, and two bluebirds fly around the school.

As each key is played, the bats will flutter off. There is an activity at each location. They return into human form once the player solves the riddles and challenges which then break the previous spells. JumpStart Adventures: 3rd Grade - Mystery Mountain, JumpStart Adventures: 5th Grade - Jo Hammet, Kid Detective. They must also avoid colliding with the other pirate ships. Addeddate 2019-12-30 00:13:48 If the player doesn't complete the tombstone in time to save three souls as Madame Pomreeda requests, he'll be on his way to invade the cemetery. After all four card quests have been fulfilled players will normalize one child.

A piece of paper she leaves behind on the floor reveals the schoolhouse being restored to its original state. Successor With the influx of online educational games, kids of all ages are now gravitating to computers just to use them.

Early 2000 release 1996 release

There are a multitude of choices available today and it is no surprise that online games have become everybody’s best friend! There are no reviews yet. Meanwhile at School the evil substitute Mrs Grunkel turns all your classmates into monsters. Although little was changed in terms of gameplay, an in-game map was added, and the difficulty select was given an icon. To use the number, they must stand their vampire atop the number and hit the space bar.

You can also choose from games for girls, boys, kids, preschoolers and various other grade-based and age-specific categories.

In the Mutant Garden, players must cultivate their plants to get the right outcome by manipulating plant spacing, light and moisture.