[9] The vengeful Lambert and Ageltrude also persuaded Pope Stephen VI, elected by their influence, to put the corpse of Formosus on trial for various crimes.

The Saracens, however, landed new forces and attacked Salerno. In early 897, Lambert journeyed to Rome with Ageltrude and Guy to receive reconfirmation of his imperial title. Despite a bloody battle, he successfully entered Bari.

Lambert hereafter governed with the church and continued the policy of his father of renovatio regni Francorum: renewal of the Frankish kingdom. In 877, Charles died and Lambert supported Carloman of Bavaria over Charles' heir, Louis the Stammerer, for the kingship of Italy and the emperorship. While Lambert refused to offer battle, Arnulf was garnering support among the nobility of Tuscany. His epitaph (in Latin elegiac couplets) is: He was succeeded in Spoleto by Guy IV while the regnum Italicum and the imperium Romanum were thrown into chaos, contested by multiple candidates. Lambert was preoccupied in thwarting the attempts of both Arnulf of Carinthia and Berengar of Friuli to take Italy for themselves during his reign.

Lambert I (died 880) was the duke and margrave (dux et marchio) of Spoleto on two occasions, first from 859 to 871 and then from 876 to his death.

[6] Arnulf was there crowned King and Emperor by Formosus, who declared Lambert deposed. In March 878, Lambert and Adalbert I of Tuscany[1] forced the populace to acknowledge Carloman as king. Lambert left the siege of Capua and went Rome after the election of Adrian II on 13 November 867. Juli 2020 um 09:09 Uhr bearbeitet. [2] He and his father signed a pact with the pontiff confirming the Donation of Pepin and subsequent Carolingian gifts to the papacy. Lambert aided King Louis II of Italy and the Frankish Kingdom of Italy in their conquest of the Sawdanid Emirate of Bari, but in 860 the Lambert and Count Hildebert of Camerino rebelled against Louis II. It was three years before he rebelled a second time, though. Lambert Of Spoleto, Italian Lamberto Di Spoleto, (died Oct. 15, 898, Marengo, Lombardy [Italy]), duke of Spoleto, king of Italy, and Holy Roman emperor (892–898) during the turbulent late Carolingian Age. Arnolfs Salbung wurde von Papst Johannes IX. Still young though, he was left under the regency of his mother, a staunch anti-German. He was able to issue capitularies in the Frankish fashion as his father had done. [7] That same year, Formosus died, leaving Lambert once again in power.

https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Lambert_von_Spoleto&oldid=201921566, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. The pope even accused Lambert of desiring the imperial crown for himself, which is probable considering the subsequent history of his dynasty.

Despite the urging of Fulk of Rheims on his behalf, Lambert found himself abandoned by the pope, who feared the increased power of the Spoletan house. Oktober 898 in Marengo) war König von Italien und römischer Kaiser. After his death, he was replaced as emperor by his uncle Charles the Bald, who reappointed Lambert to his old post in Spoleto (February or June 876). In October and November, he met Berengar outside of Pavia and the two reached an agreement whereby they parcelled the kingdom out between them, Berengar keeping the realm between the Adda and the Po and Lambert the rest. It was this partitioning which caused the later chronicler Liutprand of Cremona to remark that the Italians always suffered under two monarchs. Lambert himself entered Rome with the intent of making himself king, but was dissuaded by Pope John VIII. "Lambert" was one of the supporters of the rebellion of co-Emperor Lothar I in 833/34, and consequently lost his position in the Breton march. He was promptly excommunicated and, as the emperor supported Adrian's pontificate, lost the patronage of Louis. On his return to Marengo however, he was killed, either by assassination (by Hugh, son of Maginulf), a theory about which Liutprand, our primary source, is reserved, or by falling from his horse.


While Berengar occupied Pavia, Lambert and Ageltrude travelled to Rome to receive papal confirmation of his imperial title,[5] but Pope Formosus wanted instead to crown Arnulf and was imprisoned in the Castel Sant'Angelo. He even granted Lambert the county of Capua to continue the siege. He was the son of Guy III of Spoleto and Ageltrude, born in San Rufino.

He married Judith, daughter of Eberhard of Friuli.

After Arnulf returned to Germany and until his death,[citation needed] Lambert and his supporters, most powerful in the northeast and the centre of the peninsula, were in complete control of Italy.

The two then besieged the pope in the Leonine City for thirty days and John fled Rome for Troyes. Category:Lambert II of Spoleto. Sein Vater brachte im Februar 892 den neuen Papst Formosus dazu, Lambert zum Mitkaiser zu ernennen. Lambert returned his sights to Capua after this Roman episode. Nach dem Abzug Arnolfs und dem Tod des Formosus kehrte Lambert 897 als Kaiser zurück. Chased by an imperial army into the Marsi, from there they fled to Benevento and took refuge under Prince Adelchis. At that moment, the duchy of Spoleto had reached its greatest extent. Lambert (c. 880 – 15 October 898) was the King of Italy from 891, Holy Roman Emperor, co-ruling with his father from 892, and Duke of Spoleto and Camerino (as Lambert II) from his father's death in 894. He besieged Benevento, but failed to take Lambert. [5] In October, Arnulf undertook his second campaign into Italy. Oktober 898 in Marengo) war König von Italien und römischer Kaiser. In September, an embassy arrived in Regensburg beseeching Arnulf's aid. Lambert war der Sohn des Herzogs Guido von Spoleto aus dem Haus der Guidonen und seiner Ehefrau Ageltrude. [citation needed] He was buried in Piacenza.

Adelchis, who had imprisoned the emperor while Lambert was staying in Benevento, released his captive to lead the forces against the infidels. He conquered all of the territory north of the Po River, but went no further before Guy died suddenly in late autumn. He was one of many claimants to the imperial title. The emperor, who had been hunting near Marengo[15] south of Milan, was given advance word.

[14] In 898, the latter marched on Pavia. However, Lambert still had to face Berengar of Friuli and the rebellious Adalbert of Tuscany. [2] They defeated Guy, but bribes, along with an outbreak of fever, saw him leave in the autumn. 889 wurde Guido König von Italien und 891 …

[16] Within days, Berengar had taken Pavia.

[citation needed].

Louis returned to the Mezzogiorno in 873, the pope having absolved him from the oaths he had sworn to Adelchis in return for liberty. Hildebert, however, fled further to Bari. Lambert war der Sohn des Herzogs Guido von Spoleto aus dem Haus der Guidonen und seiner Ehefrau Ageltrude.

His brother Guy became king and emperor, as did his nephew and namesake Lambert II. [4] Arnulf sent his son Zwentibold with a Bavarian army to join with Berengar of Friuli. The Archbishop of Rheims Fulk the Venerable, cautioned Lambert II against following his eponymous uncle's example. Seventy bishops met and confirmed the pact of 891, the invalidity of Arnulf's coronation, and the validity of Lambert's imperial title. Lambert von Spoleto (* um 875; † 15. In April 860, Lambert joined with Hildebert, count of Camerino, in rebelling against the Emperor Louis II.

Arnulf marched on Spoleto, where Ageltrude had fled to Lambert, but Arnulf suffered a stroke and had to call off the campaign. He also appointed Lambert's younger brother Guy as margrave of Camerino with the job of protecting the pope. [12] Most significantly for Lambert, however, they reaffirmed the Constitutio Romana of Lothair I (824), which required the imperial presence at papal elections.[11]. By January 895, Lambert could take up residence in the royal capital.

[8] They shared Bergamo. He was the son of Guy III of Spoleto and Ageltrude, born in San Rufino. Lambert (c. 880 – 15 October 898) was the King of Italy from 891, Holy Roman Emperor, co-ruling with his father from 892, and Duke of Spoleto and Camerino (as Lambert II) from his father's death in 894. Leben L. s Vater Wido, der 891 als erster Nichtkarolinger Kaiser geworden war, ließ seinen damals etwa 15jährigen Sohn noch im selben Jahr zum König erheben und ihn am 30.4.892 von Papst Formosus zum Mitkaiser salben.

Lambert was born in 850, the eldest son of Guy I of Spoleto and the daughter of Sico of Benevento, and he married Eberhard of Friuli 's daughter.

Louis surrounded the city and pardoned both Lambert and his protector in return for their loyalty.

From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. [citation needed] The body, stripped of its papal robes and mutilated, was thrown into the river Tiber after the "Cadaver Synod. He was Duke of Spoleto and Camerino (891-898), joint King of Italy (892-894), King of Italy (894-898), co-Holy Roman Emperor (892-894), 8th Holy Roman Emperor (894 …