Akers says that due to the coronavirus some of their larger events had to be canceled and postponed to avoid large gatherings, but sales will continue as normal.

That forecast means that every week, each consumer is expected to chew through two pounds of chicken and turkey, one pound of beef and one pound of pork. It affects our livelihood," said Greiman, adding he just refinanced his own family-owned Iowa cattle farm and feedlot. For farmers, "It may be early 2018 before we hit the bottom," said Kenny Burdine, an agriculture economist at the University of Kentucky. Among older generations, vegetarians run scarcer, at about one for every 20 people. $4,000. For 24 hour market prices call: (502) 573-0553 or (800) 327-6568. The shakeout's begun in Kentucky beef. "These are the young men and women that will be the next consumers.". As Bluegrass Stockyards continue their normal operations, leaders are also making sure to follow the recommended CDC guidelines. It's as bad as it's ever been," Ed Greiman, a representative of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, told 100 Kentucky cattlemen at a recent meeting about terrible market conditions in Winchester. Stanford Stockyard 277 Cordier Lane Stanford, KY 40484 (606) 365-0665. ►MORE:  Ky. distilleries top 1.2M visits in 2016, ►RELATED:  Millionaire investors bet on Ky farms, Green surveyed nearly 300 consumers ages 18 to 25 for a research project at Western Kentucky University. "The sooner it gets done, the better.

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"We've been waiting five years to get these rules out," Wolfe said.

As a result, few chicken and hogs are raised by independent, family farms.

But that reform of the federal Grain Inspection, Packers & Stockyards Administration, or GIPSA, has been put on hold for 60 days by President Donald Trump.

For now, Foree said low prices mean "farmers will not have much profit at all.". The bottom line? “Approximately 30% of the value of an animal just evaporated over the last two weeks at a very critical time of year for most of our local farmers,” says COO Jim Akers, with Bluegrass Stockyards.

Two years ago, Foree sold 300 calves for as high as $1,927 per head when prices topped out at $2.29 a pound.

"We can't get our cattle harvested.

In the U.S., most chicken and pigs are born and raised on concrete indoors, operations run by large corporations that control breeding, husbandry, slaughtering and wholesale markets. %%EOF

Lexington Stockyard 375 Lisle Industrial Ave Lexington, KY 40511 (859) 255-7701.

Cattle herds grew 6 percent last year with those numbers expected to expand at least as much in 2017. “The urban millennial's perception of beef is hazy, at best," Green told fellow researchers of the Kentucky Academy of Science at the University of Louisville in November.

When crude oil drops below $50 per barrel, pump prices never plummet.

"We haven’t seen pricing quite come down as far as the cattle prices,” co-owner Ben Robinson said. This premium program has increased the quality and value of Kentucky beef cattle ensuring that CPH-45 …

To cope, Foree, a lawyer and vice president of the Kentucky Cattlemen's Association, said he has "been practicing more law" to make up lost farm income. Maysville Stockyard 7124 AA Hwy East Maysville, KY …

favorite this post Nov 1 Deer hunting lease Others, like former cattle futures trader Brian Luftman, now owner of a farm investment company in Lexington, agree with farmers that "plenty of speculation is probably what is …

Low prices for corn and feed crops made it easy for greedy farmers to raise too much meat while others point to declines in beef consumption, especially by millennials. The Kentucky Cattlemen's Association, a grassroots organization with 99 chapters in 120 counties, works to protect, advance and be a strong voice for the state's 38,000 + cattle producers. Market Report for the week of October 30th 2020: Heifers: Steers: Lexington Livestock Mkt,LLC: 350: $169.00: 396: $181.00: 300 Plum Creek Blvd: 360: $165.50: 413: $176.00