And in a country where emergency contraception and abortion are banned, even for rape victims, survivors of sexual violence have few options if they become pregnant.

We have provided a few examples below that you can copy and paste to your site: Your data export is now complete. He has a factory job that allows him to work in air conditioning. Top, the tag for MS-13 is sprayed across a wall in La Rivera Hernandez, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in San Pedro Sula.

This should not distract, however, from the fact that there are life-threatening problems that residents of Honduras struggle with daily.

“If he comes out,” Sofia’s mom says, “I am afraid for my life and her life, too.”. Two years ago, Sara (not her real name), a slim, 24-year-old university student got pregnant unexpectedly when the condom didn’t work.

In March, La Línea, the information line for abortion, re-opened. Honduras is not exactly safe, but it’s getting safer.

The first person I spoke with in Honduras, a taxi driver who would only give his first name, William, said he’d been deported from the United states for the second time just three weeks ago. Conservative Christian churches, both Catholic and evangelical Protestant, are extremely influential and the vast majority of Hondurans belong to one or the other. But Heydi did make it.

“I tell him all my things,” she says. But the doctors also called the police. She was alone in her apartment when she took them, and while she experienced a fever and started vomiting from the pain, there was only a little bleeding. 10. After much begging by her siblings, she finally agreed to go to the hospital. She doesn’t have an answer.

Her heart hurt, too. She wanted to have an abortion, but knew it was illegal and didn’t pursue one.

He is the only person, Ricsy says, “who asked me why I am not the same happy person I used to be.” She tells him she’s just busy because, she says, “I feel ashamed.” Besides, she can guess what he’ll say: “‘Let’s pray for that person so God may put his hand on him,’” Ricsy says.

A second woman was denied an abortion and forced to continue a pregnancy against her wishes after doctors told her the fetus had anencephaly, a fatal brain disorder. Demographics of Honduras 2019. The desperation of the people is palpable. It took her hours to get back home to Tegucigalpa. She couldn’t afford another child, so she scraped together 7,000 lempiras (US$285) for the pills. He attributes the recent surge largely to President Trump’s messaging. Emergency contraception can still be bought illegally in some pharmacies, but the price is high and quality uncertain.

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This is impossible if the government is forcing them to bear their rapists’ child. Girls may also have less information about safely ending pregnancies, putting them at risk of complications should they choose to have a clandestine abortion. Let’s be clear about what that means. “They end up feeling that that is normal, as they do with the other kinds of violence they suffer.”. Created at the beginning of this century to bring clarity to land ownership, to shift from a personal property model to a real property model. I told them it was because I was rubbing my belly.”.

Please check your download folder. But scrapping the SIM card and changing phone numbers would leave the women who knew about La Línea with the wrong number. Fearing for their safety, La Línea’s volunteers needed a plan to reopen the line. Or, I already have three children, and I just can’t handle any more. He still struggles to survive. When Lorena met her new court-appointed lawyer this January, the lawyer recommended she plead guilty. “I knew I didn’t want to have a baby,” she said... One of the founders of La Línea (“The Line”), an information line for abortion in Honduras. Some pushed baby carriages draped with blankets.

These estimates are currently based on just a small amount of data.

Still, in these instances, she said she “always acts in favor of the patient.”. Her daughter smiles again now. But the pills hadn’t worked. A cardinal in Tegucigalpa slammed Las Ecuménicas in a Catholic website article, falsely claiming the group was funded by US-based “abortionists.” When she and other women demonstrated in front of the congressional building calling for legal access to abortion, counter protesters threw stones, bottles, knives, and sticks at them.

This lack of affection affects the whole family; not surprisingly, the sisters also don’t get along.

As 14 is the age of sexual consent, under the law, many of these girls became pregnant from rape. The coyote assured him, and a Mexican national who was similarly exhausted, that they should sit and rest and that he’d come back for them.

Two years ago, Sara (not her real name), a slim, 24-year-old university student got pregnant unexpectedly when the condom didn’t work... Olivia (not her real name), 44, spoke in a whisper as she described how, 20 years ago, she became pregnant after her brother raped her... Isabel (not her real name), a 25-year-old artist and university student, had an unplanned pregnancy last year.

“Don’t keep me waiting!” Many said they were calling for a “friend.” All were desperate to know the same thing, forbidden by law in Honduras: how to end an unwanted pregnancy safely. “I’m pregnant now and happy to be. They quickly spread the word of their return and now receive more calls than ever from women and girls, begging for information about safe abortions, asking about contraception, or in need of the morning after pill. With a growing population, combined with high underemployment and limited job opportunities because of a largely agricultural economy, many Hondurans seek opportunity elsewhere.