Perhaps a suggested denizen could be Erebus, a Primordial Deity, the personification of Darkness. From what I’ve seen in a MBTI post, the Mage of Void is categorised under ISTJ. And Void, well it’s basically the darkness and the silence. The Knight of Space would be a creative but insecure soul. Oh and @Anonymous I’m working on Land of Religion and Canvas.

Thank you for sending an ask! Good start! The Mage and Heir are very different but it could easily lead to an opposites attract sort of thing. The Bard of Void’s personality has been difficult for me to know, probably because of their Void destroying abilities… and as a Mage of Void, I … The Page would be socially awkward and the Seer might be the only person they can relax around. Latula and Porrim is a great example of a close relationship between a Knight and Maid. They would find themselves running around, trying to help all their friends at once and overextending themselves.

Vriska had called Jade an “idiot” once in her conversation with Tavros and Damara and Meenah once fought TO THE DEATH. A land for the Mage of Void. We haven’t seen much interaction between doom and void in canon but I feel like they’d get along ok.

But yeah. They were so close, Latula relaxes her “r4d g4m3r grl” facade around Porrim. Oh it’s no problem! The Seer Of Void the Page of Light would definitely be an opposite attract sort of thing! In fact, the Mage of Void requires it as the definition implies: Mage: Receives Knowledge From Aspect. I think they’d be fueling each other’s flames. For Mages of Void, there is basically no complete escape from the darkness and silence. That’s how the “Forfeit Aspect to gain knowledge pertaining Aspect” thing works. :D). We haven’t seen much interaction between Pages and Seers. The Mage of Void is one who creates the absence of knowledge with their knowledge of the absence of knowledge. Nepeta and Equius were loyal to each other and wanted to protect each other. Basically all the liveliness in this land is practically nonexistent, and just an illusion in your eyes, hence the name. We didn’t see much interaction in the comic between Mages and Pages but we did see Meulin and Horuss! They would be passive and weak in the beginning of the game and they may become sad because they feel like they have no use to the team. how would a mage of void, page of heart, knight of space, and heir of time do in a session :3, How about Heir of Doom <3 Mage of Void? (Alright, alright, I get that it might not necessarily mean this in other cases, but well. Not only that, but they hold many secrets. But if they were attacked, they would Time travel to escape not because they want to, but because they constantly protected by time. (sorry if you already did this and i didnt notice) thanks! Nihilistic Mage of Void Nihilism, One who knows Void/ knows through Void – for @cocoadrinker-extraordinaire ... Land of Zodiacs and Classpects. The Mage of Void also has a pumpkin farm. Mage of Void Land Analysis (No Darkness/Silence). But Void and Light are on decent terms!