ive played dark knight since the beginning of reboot and i would say that their mobbing is better at 5th job than hero. After 5th, I wold say dark knight does have better mobbing than hero, in terms of the map reaches. Even without leech, the server has a 4x exp rate so it isn't too bad. Also, saying that the mobbing is lackluster before v job is an understatement, the range on raging blow is minuscule, and even when heroes become good at mobbing, it requires a lot of jumping around, which you need to focus on that to train, and you cannot phase out. i dont think godly weapons can be purchased through meso nowadays.... so its bit annoying lol. With is in mind, heros do more damage than dark knight at the end game with their kit. ... as well asking for people that have played a Dark Knight or a Hero for their opinion is another form of research. Any class can be strong when funded and every class is weak when not funded.

Bar-none best mobbing of explorer warriors post-5th. warriors and grinding is ok as long as you sweat yourself. As for paladin, clunky at the least, 5th job sort of squish, the wheeling hammer does give a good stream of damage, however, the up time seems short and pallly suffers the most the low on IEd and bossing, since no skill provides it naturally. I personally just enjoy the higher survivability of Dark Knights and find them to have a more dynamic playstyle than Heroes. Just don't think that it will suddenly make you far stronger and able to clear all kinds of content and bosses that you couldn't before. Dark Knight is a STR warrior class part of the Explorers. I'd say turning on your orbs after you die could get annoying, but I'd argue that it's not as bothersome as trying to remember to cast Dark Knight's Eye of Beholder. Dark Knight's fifth job skill Spear of Darkness does not hit if you have high ping. http://mapleroyals.com/forum/threads/fully-revised-hp-washing-guide.8286/, http://mapleroyals.com/forum/threads/a-guide-to-maple-royals.8814/#post-71172, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Overall I think dark knight is more user-friendly/versatile than hero. Heros have more DPS then Dark Knights because Berserk 30 isn't available in the game just yet i.e. Dark Knight Class Overview | MapleStory — Grandis Library. I think Hero does more DPM right now? Of course, play what you think is fun, but Paladin is secretly really good, not even a meme. Dark Knights also lack boss utility skills, and do far less overall damage on stationary bosses assuming that both classes hit all of their attacks. You gotta enjoy what you play or progression never happens, Thing is I alrdy have a pretty good Weapon for my DK. The base time for invincibility is 40 secs but can be affected by buff duration. I don’t think Dark Knight has that much rate difference when grinding and Paladin might be the easiest to grind or low effort. Both are kinda bad at mobbing before fifth job I think? Hero is overall stronger.

Any thoughts? Cookies help us deliver our Services. You might find something that you like in particular about a class that we might look over. Dark Knight is a STR warrior class part of the Explorers. Hero has limitations, cd on burst is longer than Drk, survivability is okey but worst when compared other adv. If leveling up from 70-120 is tough, you could leech if you have the money. for curse seal box.

Hero has better bossing if you have good control of your character. Hero's fifth job skill Sword of Burning Soul is pretty good for bosses that spawn adds and makes Hero's mobbing very good while its up. As for bossing, it’s primarily a support class. So while there are differences in DPS between classes, funding is just far more important of a factor than class. But I still prefer dark knight cuz I like the berserk animation and holding a giant spear. Both are pretty close damage wise. Imo hero training after V is pretty decent. whats a good range for a decent funded DK at level 210? What they lack in utility, they make up for with having the potential to be one of the best boss damage doers in the game (rank 10 in regular KMS, 9 in Reboot KMS according to the latest damage chart). Paladin has better mobbing, better utility, and after you consider the huge party dps boost that divine echo can give, it has comparable damage in a party too. Hero's second fifth job skill makes you invincible while casting it, making it very useful for avoiding certain boss mechanics and it has a short cd (15s), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, The official Reddit community for the MMORPG MapleStory, Press J to jump to the feed. But you’re never going to know until you play the classes yourself and formulate your own opinion.