As a vasodilator, it helps expand and relax blood vessels to improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. One of the most popular Mediterranean herbs grown for its culinary and medicinal values since ancient times, Marjoram oil or knotted marjoram has a delicate sweet-flavor with a subtle pungent taste.

Likewise, marjoram essential oil helps stimulate the secretion of certain digestive fluids including bile and gastric acid. “Origanum“ is thought to have originated from the Greek word oreos meaning mountain, and ganeos, … Marjoram Essential Oil. The essential oil of the marjoram plant is extracted through steam distillation of its leaves.

Vitamin C 51.4 mg – 86% RDA

Any medical information published on this website is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional. Since the oil tends to increase the flow of urine, you may experience dehydration if your body could not sustain enough fluids needed for bodily functions. This also helps prevent chest pains, nausea, vomiting, and hypertension that may root from excessive flatulence.,,, 8 Sucralose Side Effects-Updated for 2019 Research, 8 Effective Home Remedies for a Bartholin's Cyst. Moreover, the very important medicinal properties of marjoram oil are a blessing for those who are suffering insomnia and stress. Marjoram is rich in vitamins A and C and contains a good helping of minerals like calcium and iron. All you need is a few drops of marjoram essential oil on your pillow so you can have a good night’s sleep. Women who frequently experience amenorrhea, which is the absence or suppression of normal menstrual flow, can greatly benefit from the emmenagogue property of the marjoram essential oil. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Long ago, people have been using marjoram seeds to aid digestion for centuries. In addition, it helps prevent premature menopause.

Inhaling the aroma of marjoram essential oil has shown positive effects on the mental state of a person. Pyridoxine 1.190 mg – 91.5% RDA Massage therapist often includes marjoram essential oil in their massage lotions and liniments for two reasons.

It also helps treat and prevent several ailments.

The pleasing aroma of marjoram essential oil alone stimulates the salivary glands and thus, allows a more effective break down of enzymes during the primary digestion of food in the mouth.

Sepsis also called blood poison, is the presence of toxins and pus-forming bacteria in the blood. Hormonal balance is crucial; otherwise, it could lead to frequent menstrual cycle changes, diminished sex drive, depression, irritability, hot flashes, and insomnia among others.

It is also quite effective in darkening grey areas of the hair. There are approximately 415 million diabetics all over the world, and the figure is expected to rise to a staggering 642 million by 2040.

The cardiovascular system consists one of the most vital parts of the human body, the heart. It helps relieve stress and anxiety, as well as induce a calming and relaxing effect on the mind and body. It is ideal for both internal and external wounds. Allow to boil before removing from stove, steep, and then cool.

In so doing, marjoram essential oil facilitates digestion and regular bowel movements. Pantothenic acid 0.209 mg – 4% RDA It features a rather hairy stem with delicate oval shaped dark-green leaves and tiny pinkish-white flowers. Hair experts recommend applying marjoram oil directly to the scalp as it can help to treat any existing ailments such as dandruff and hair dryness. Lutein-zeaxanthin 1895 µg. The hair rinses also aid in numerous scalp infections and should always be the last rinse with no need to follow up with water. First, marjoram essential oil is effective in reducing pain that is associated with muscle spasms or muscle tightness as well as tension headaches.

Copper 1.133 mg – 126% RDA Apart from alleviating monthly symptoms of PMS or menopause, lactating moms can also benefit from marjoram essential oil since it can enhance the production of breast milk.

A sound mind makes a sound body. Marjoram essential oil also has anti-fungal properties that help prevent athlete’s foot, ringworm, etc.

Thus, this attribute of the marjoram essential oil protects you from developing septic or tetanus.