He’d like to be a peacemaker, but sometimes he has to be a troublemaker.". Micah 2.3. This is simply division according to literary form rather than subject-matter. If we would know the full chord in the music we must turn on to the New Testament, and learn there that God REDEEMS. Micah 6:7 (See cross-references) Does the LORD take delight in thousands of rams (Rams were used for sin offerings - Lev 5:15, 6:6, 16:3), in ten thousand rivers of oil of oil? Commentary Critical and Explanatory He "redeems" because He is love. - Root out indicates a definitive and final removal of Israel's idolatrous worship of this goddess of fertility, which was associated with abominable sexual perversions and both male and female prostitution in the name of "religion" (Reference)! Wiersbe adds that "a true servant of God declares God’s message regardless of whether the people like it or not. ", Breaker (Heb - parats, 06555 Lxx = diakope = through the breach -used in 2Sa 5:20 where David declared "Jehovah has broken through my enemies") - The idea is break down the hedge, break down the wall, break through a barrier or retainer, break into the house of God, tear down the wall of Jerusalem. Some like Charles Ryrie try to tie these two together and say "she (the virgin Mary, Isa. For I am Like the fruit pickers and the grape gatherers. Thousands...ten thousand - These inordinately large quantities are exaggerted in order to emphasize the point of the futility of sacrifice without obedience. Samaria and the Cities of Judah. MICAH COMMENTARY Micah. Hos. A personal problem? - All attempts to salvage their goods will be futile, for the hand of the Lord is against them. Barnes' Notes on the Minor prophets — The prophecy seems literal (compare Joel 3:2). Ryrie: The Prophet Whereas Hosea prophesied to the northern tribes of Israel, and Isaiah to the court in Jerusalem, Micah, a Judean from Moresheth in the SW of Palestine, preached to the common people of Judah. (Holman Christian Study Bible - Online). Micah addresses a small people in a strip of land merely about the size of Wales, yet in Micah 1:2 and Micah 6:1,2, he commands the whole earth, the mountains, the hills, to attend (in Scripture usage mountains and hills frequently symbolize kingdoms). Exposition and Homilies ), the general land reform prescribed in the Sabbatical and Jubilee years would find its consummation. He is seen in contrast to the hireling priests and prophets, and the judges who accept bribes. Micah 6:10 (See cross-references) "Is there yet a man in the wicked house, along with treasures of wickedness ("the dishonest gain you have hoarded away" = NET; "ill-gotten treasures"), and a short measure (giving less weight than would normally be given with an Ephah) that is cursed? The prophet begins a prophecy of a better day is coming for the little nation of Israel! MICAH