We have the most advanced and efficient log processing mill in the world. They allow you to look at the product up-close, and can help you make decisions on design and how much of the labor you want to take on. If you're accustomed to crowds, traffic jams, smog, neon lights, stress, noise, and rudeness, you might not feel comfortable here. We can sell you your logs pre-cut to lengths you specify for an additional 33%. The House Log page featured a 1,680 square foot log home and listed the price of the house logs at $19,584. Please look at our "frequently asked questions" page for information on kiln drying. Adds and brochures cost thousands of dollars we'd rather spend on developing a better website and search engine ranking. Logs for Sale. MULCH, SAWDUST, & CHIPS. Whether you need 1 board or 1,000 board feet, we look forward to working with you. It's like an 8x8" timber with one round slab left on the outside. Twin Creeks Log Home Supply is proud to offer the highest quality White Pine Milled Logs on the market. Finding a reliable source for timber can be challenging. On the inside surface, they're planed with a hand-held power tool which gives them a slightly hand-hewn look. Berdoll Sawmill is a family owned and operated sawmill near Austin, Texas.

All logs … FULL LOGS - ROUND LOG, D-LOG, SQUARE LOG . We're still having trouble understanding why some manufacturers cut tongues and grooves into their house logs. If you have cedar logs or standing timber, check out our log pay scale. LOG BUYING.

We take pride in producing the highest quality, kiln dried natural and live edge slabs and furniture grade lumber available. Berdoll Sawmill © 2009-2020 Contact Us Photography, Berdoll Sawmill logos, and text property of Berdoll Sawmill unless otherwise noted. MILLED LOGS. But that's also true for other companies charging two to four times what we do for the logs.

Here are some of the... We don't inventory many logs. All limbs must be trimmed clean.

All children must remain in vehicle. Rushmore, we have two national parks, two national monuments, a huge national forest, two national grasslands, world-class rodeos, American Indian powwows, museums, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, great back-country trails, fly-fishing, and historic gold-mining sites. We exclusively harvest and mill native Texas hardwood logs … No extremely crooked logs. The long side is 22' … It saves everybody a lot of time and money. (no matter the size) More. Sawmill,Portable Sawmill,Used Sawmill,Used Portable Sawmill,Sawmill for Sale,Sawmill Equipment,Band Sawmill,Used Band Sawmill,Portable Band Sawmill,Used Portable Band Sawmill,band mill, Tanoak and Madrone Logs for sale/trade (CA), 100 Pecan Trees for Sale, you cut, you haul, you buy (AL), Saw Logs-exotic scented Camphor Laurel Logs, Kiln Dried Ash Hardwood Logs At Fourseasons Fuel In West Sussex, UK, Tali, Bubinga, Padouck and other tropical Logs for Sale (Cameroon), AFRICA Specialty Logs and Sawn Timber (MAHOGANY, TALI, IROKO, OAK, TEAK, WENGUE). Email Us: [email protected] ft. and subtract the … We have a sister company that builds log homes here in the Black Hills, and you're welcome to visit a construction site to get pointers on which tools and techniques have worked best for us. Band Saw Mill, Portable Sawmill, Portable Saw Mill, Used Sawmill for Sale, Used Sawmills for Sale… It is low compared to others, and we're proud of that. Requirements and Policies. The $19,584 price is for random-length logs.

But if you have a chainsaw, a pencil, a square, and a fairly steady hand, you can cut your logs on-site and save some money. We're an internet-based company. Top End      Log ft @ 8' Length      Price @ .43/log ft, *4"               4.5                  $.34, 5"                 7                   $3.01, 6"                11                  $4.73, 7"                15                  $6.45, 8"                19                  $8.17, 9"                24                  $10.32, 10"                30                  $12.90, 11"                36                  $15.48, 12"                43                  $18.49, 13"                50                  $21.50, 14"                58                  $24.94, 15"                67                  $28.81, 16"                76                  $32.68, 17"                86                  $36.98, 18"                96                  $41.28, 19"              107                  $46.01, 20"              119                  $51.17, 21"              131                  $56.33, 22"              143                  $61.49, 23"              157                  $67.51, 24"              171                  $73.53, 25"              185                  $79.55, 26"              200                  $86.00, ©2020 by Grant Cedar Mill. We don't mind spending time answering your questions, but if we don't hear back from you, we're not going to keep calling and emailing you. We buy logs at $90/ton by weight or at $.43/log ft by measure. Our mill requires a lot of raw materials, so Grant Cedar Mill is always in need of cedar logs. They're hand-planed on the inside. Most milled house logs are made from a square or rectangular timber that has a round side planed into it. We probably miss out on some good customers, but we believe that customers who search the internet for house logs are a good target for us.

Unfortunately, many companies have convinced log home buyers that kiln drying adds value to a log. To us, the corners of these logs look a little more "busy" or "industrial" than you'd want a log home to look.