If anyone really wants a micro highland cow I have put a link to one in the box below. Still people want the strangest of things, I remember some years ago funds of over ten thousand euros were raised to save bengy the gay bull form the factory. The factories are just concerned about kg of beef at the lowest price they can get it for and pet cattle are very much a niche market especially in Ireland. Born June 11, 2017, Lizette is out of Lassie, sired by Hank. Only an acre is required for a pair and they are easier on pastures and fences. Her calves are similarly more anxious but do well with training and do very well when bottle fed. Although it was later claimed that he was in fact bisexual it was still a very large sum of money to purchase the bull and re home him in an animal sanctuary in Norfolk, England.

Are they genetically breed form smaller cattle or crossbreed with a short Dexter to create a new breed of cattle. Aurora. we take pride in having a part in the development of these exceptional animals and … Sadly, Alena has never had a heifer calf; all of her bull calves have sold as herd sires. Measuring in at 41” at age 4, Bernese classifies as a full miniature. Double J Sabrina is a dun Highland cow out of registered show stock. Hi there I think for now I will stick with regular size cattle but if anyone wants one for a pet or animal sanctuary let me know. Lakeport RS Smidgen born October 17, 2015 32" at age 10 months, Lakeport RH Hannah born October 27, 2015 34.5" at age 10 months. Born in 2004, Sabrina is one of our foundation cows, selected for her excellent conformation, long coat, thick dossen, and round face. Alena won best of breed, best Highland cow/calf pair, and her calves have always taken first place when shown. The only one I know of that’s real is the short legged Dexter which has a form of dwarfism so they never get very tall and then there is another type of the breed that’s around the size of a Kerry cow. Although I am always open to new ideas I would also have an underlying fear of being laughed out of the mart if I couldn’t find sale for a miniature breed on the private market. 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She is very quiet and easily kept and comes at a very reasonable price. I also attached the story of bengy the gay bull. Austin Farms Kendall, Born spring 2010, Kendall is a very loudly marked yellow brindle (red with 1 dilute gene + brindle gene) 100% Highland out of registered parents. Double J Ginger, born summer 2010, Ginger is a 100% Highland yellow (red with 1 dilute gene) cow out of registered show stock. A bit of a clown, Ginger has a wonderful temperament and is a farm favorite. Daisy measured in at 41” at age 4 and 44” at age 11. Right now the height of our mini cows at the top of the hip is 40” down to a tiny 34” tall. Rocking L Ranch is a boutique designer of highland micro miniature and miniature cattle. Calved a red hefier 4-19-19. This little girl is just about as cute and tiny as we can make them. She has ample hair, a thick dossen, a compact body, an excellent udder, and that round sheep dog face. 42 inches and below (at age 3) is considered a mini. Chloe is fairly low on the pecking order and is a bit high strung as a result. These docile minis are much easier and safer to handle then standards size, are calm and don’t spook easily; making them great for showing or pets. It could be worse than the poor jersey bull calf which has practically no commercial value in todays market place. Mini Highlands for small (and large) farms. Daisy has a good hair coat and a nice dossen. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. Sign up for a daily dose of our top stories. Exposed to Loki for 2021 Red mini highland cow 42" Born 3-9-2013. They live to be roughly 20 years old which is much longer than the average cow. Kendall measured in at 41” at age 3 and at 43” at age 6. Daisy is very fine boned and is a bit leggy, but her calves out of Thor, Rusty, and Hank have all been very small; all have measured in as full miniatures at age 3. Xenia’s Lindsay is a mahogany red 100% Highland cow. Chloe’s retained calves are Lacey and Guinness. Double J Alena is a 2008 cream (double dilute of red) Highland cow out of registered show stock. Much the same way designer dogs are costing a lot of money and people brought miniature pigs as pets it seems that now there is also a demand in some parts of the world for miniature pet cows. Lindsay’s coat is very thick and long in the winter but she sheds to a thinner coat in the summer. Her mother measured in at 43” at age 7 and her sire measured in at 41” at age 3. theadventuresofminifinn Depending on the size and markings, a miniature Highland cow will cost you between $1,800-3500. They were smaller and predominantly black. Her calves are also very sweet but benefit from being bottle fed. 43 inches and above ( at age 3) is considered a mid-mini. Daisy is a very sweet girl, but in our group of horned foundation girls, she is very low on the pecking order and is a bit jumpy. Mini Highland cattle are good browsers making them good for … Puppy’s retained calves are Lassie and Bernese. Highlands on the other hand are as far as i am aware just one breed today. I did some research and found out the cow is called a Scottish Highland cow. Rainbow Hills Daisey Born in 2005, Daisey is a very white (double dilute of red, but she appears white instead of cream in color) 100% Highland cow. Recently I was watching an incredible and inspiring documentary called The Biggest Little Farm and they had a cow I fell in love with. Bernese has excellent hair with a full dossen. Hundreds of years ago the remote rugged islands off the west coast of northern Scotland was home for the wild “Kyloe”, an ancestor of the present day Highland cattle.

Highland Sizes: 46 inches and above ( at age 3) is considered a standard . , Hi Janice thanks for the interest but my own highlands are not miniature but I am considering if it would be worth getting into some but not sure if they would have commercial value in Ireland, Love What you have to say makes lotta sense, Your email address will not be published. The miniature highlands claim to be a reproduction of those cattle. Ginger’s retained calves are Gloria and Joy.

Kendall has excellent conformation and produces sweet calves. Windham Hills Chloe born in 2003, Chloe is a cream (double dilute of red) 100% Highland cow out of registered stock. 40 inches or below (at age 3) some will call a dwarf The miniature highlands claim to be a reproduction of those cattle. Chloe is one of our smallest foundation cows. I would be interested in your mini highland cow to add to our two. Bred to Thor, Chloe has produced some of our smallest Highland calves, weighing in at 25-30 pounds, her calves have also measured in as our shortest 100% and percentage Highland calves each year and at the official measurement age of 3. Born 2007, out of Girl (45” at age 21), sired by Otto (42” at age 3), Puppy measured in at 40” at age 3 and classified as a full miniature. Lindsay is our smallest foundation 100% Highland cow, measuring in at 40” at age 3 and 42.5” at age 9. Not because I’ve recently inherited a farm nor the necessary accommodations for a giant cow.

Ginger measured in at 42” at age 3 and measured in at 44” at age 6. Required fields are marked *. Alena has excellent conformation and THE look that we are breeding for in our miniature Highlands. I am wondering if this is just a way of fooling people out of there money for an over priced small cow or if I am the fool and I am in the wrong game. Should I start breeding for smaller size or will people consider larger cattle for pets. Our miniature Highland cows are not perfect, but they are perfect for us and you might also find them perfect for you. Like her mother, Joy has an excellent coat and the sweetest temperament. Lindsay’s retained calf is Ruby. Although most Highlands would be considered a "Mid-Miniature" size breed (Over 43" at 3 years of age) Miniature Highland cattle (under 42" at 3 years of age) are one of the most popular of the miniature breeds of cattle and good miniatures are still quite rare. Born in 2007, Lindsay is out of registered parents. After some time passed the dreams of having a cow friend started to fade away.

I have recently come across miniature highland cows sale on different websites mostly in the united states and I have to admit that I am somewhat skeptical. Lakeport HL Lizette is a micro miniature 75% Highland, 25% Dexter dun heifer. It seems that they are mostly just breed form smaller cows like designer cows if you will, The most noticeable difference with these miniature cattle is the price. I will have bull or steer calves for sale every year. Farms like lakeport miniature highlands and trembath mountain ranch in the united states or stoneywood miniature highlands in Australia offering both miniature and micro highlands. Lakeport RG Joy is a micro miniature 87.5% Highland 12.5% Dexter heifer. What I did discover is that there is such a thing as a mini Scottish Highland cow. At age 9, Puppy measured in at 43.”  Puppy has excellent hair, a long and thick dossen, and that wonderful round sheep dog looking face that we have been selecting and breeding for. I might just have an old way of thinking like so many commercial farmers in this country where the vast majority are just of producing cattle for kg of beef. Ginger has one of the best hair coats of our foundation stock. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They even offer to handle and halter train them for a fee. Lakeport TP Bernese born in 2012, Bernese is a black (carries red) 100% miniature Highland cow out of Puppy sired by Thor. We have recently purchased and imported from Lakeport farms in Michigan. With prices over 4000 dollars being asked for a small bull it is definitely putting me thinking. The cost or registering purebred cattle can be more than the price a calf would make at the mart afterwards so I guess it really does depend on the customer. Hundreds of years ago the remote rugged islands off the west coast of northern Scotland was home for the wild “Kyloe”, an ancestor of the present day Highland cattle.

theadventuresofminifinn They are known for being very docile and easy to care for. There was a smaller breed in the past but they have been crossbred with larger highlands to become one distinct breed. Sabrina measured in at 44.5” at age 12. Bernese has excellent hair with a full dossen. Your email address will not be published. Belding Farm Girl 1996 45" at age 20, 44" at age 10. theadventuresofminifinn minifinn Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below. It seems to me these miniature highlands are really novelty cattle or pets. Calved a red bull calf 5-14-18. Austin Farms Jade born in 2010 46" at age 6, 43" at age 3. Alena's retained calf is Rusty.

She has been shown twice and … Calved a Red heifer 5-10-20. Born April 15, 2017, Joy is out of Ginger, sired by Rusty. micro miniature means they are 36" tall and under. I think my dog needs a pet and one of these would fit the bill perfectly. We are thrilled to add this heifer to our breeding program. Ginger has a very thick and long dossen; she retains a thick coat even in the summer.