The state also shares a 722-kilometre border with the neighbouring countries of Bangladesh and Myanmar. This can be used as the key to match the polygon in geojson. Mizoram is one of the leading producers of bamboo in India, has 27 species of bamboo, and supplies 14% of India's commercial bamboo. By the time India gained independence from the British Empire, the number of tribal chiefs had increased to over 200.

Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL), NAME : Name of the Village/Town as per census 2001, SUB_DIST: Sub District name as per census 2001, DISTRICT : District name as per census 2001, STATE: State or UT name as per census 2001. 685-698, Grogan, P., Lalnunmawia, F., & Tripathi, S. K. (2012), Shifting cultivation in steeply sloped regions: a review of management options and research priorities for Mizoram state Northeast India, Agroforestry systems, 84(2), 163-177, Pawar, S. and Birand, A. Beyond the major rivers, Mizoram has many small but perennial streams and rivulets with ideal condition for developing micro/mini and small hydroelectric projects. The people living in the Mizo Hills were generally referred to as the Cucis or Kukis by their neighbouring ethnic groups which was also a term adopted by the British writers. Mizoram has a mild climate, being relatively cool in summer 20 to 29 °C (68 to 84 °F) but progressively warmer, most probably due to climate change, with summer temperatures crossing 30 degrees Celsius and winter temperatures ranging from 7 to 22 °C (45 to 72 °F). (Editor: Gupta) 1(1): 92-101. Google Map of Mizoram showing all villages in Mizoram, major roads, local train route, hotels, hospitals, schools, colleges, religious places and important landmarks. Community establishments exist in urban centres that arrange social events, sports event, musical concerts, comedy shows and other activities. The educated elites among the Mizos campaigned against the tribal chiefdoms under the banner of the Mizo Union. It is the 2nd least populous state in the country.

All our work will be under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). Mizoram's media is growing quickly. The church leaders (Mizoram Kohhran Hruaitute Committee) argue that state government should keep the ban and not seek to amend the law, while others argue prohibition should be lifted. Citizens of Afghanistan, China and Pakistan and foreign nationals having their origin in these countries are required to get the pass through the Indian consulate or from the Ministry of Home Affairs in New Delhi, before they arrive in Mizoram.

Asian Survey, Vol. [84], By 2014, the state had signed memorandums to build and add 835 MW of electricity generation projects - Tuivai SHP with VGF (210 MW) in Champhai district, Kolodyne-II SHP with NHPC (460 MW) in Siaha district, Bairabi with Sikaria Power (80 MW) in Kolasib district, Tuirini with SPNL (38 MW) in Aizawl district, and Tuivawl with SPML as well (42 MW) in Aizawl district.[85][86]. These clans sometimes have slight linguistic differences. Mizoram is one of State/UT in India, with 8 district, click on the district to check village directory. The state has a total of 4,300 kilometres of roads of which 927 kilometres are high quality national highways and 700 kilometres of state highways. It is believed that the lake was created as a result of an earthquake or a flood.

[8] About 91% of the state is forested.[9]. [67], P. S. Sreedharan Pillai is the present governor of Mizoram. After annexation by the British in the 1890s, northern part of Mizoram was administered as the Lushai Hills district of Assam, while southern Mizoram was part of Bengal.

India is a vast country with a majority of its total population living in the villages. You can download the whole repository as a zip file to get everything you want. Society is based largely around tribal villages. [16] The state has about 871 kilometres of national highways, with NH-54 and NH-150 connecting it to Assam and Manipur respectively. [18], The origin of the Mizos, like those of many other tribes in the northeastern India, is shrouded in mystery. These gradually rise up to 1,300 metres (4,300 ft) to the east. [13][14] The sector's contribution to the gross state domestic product was 30% in 1994, just 14% in 2009 due to economic growth of other sectors.

Incidentally, Mizoram CM Zoramthanga had in March written to Union Minister Amit Shah and Tripura CM Biplab Deb, saying resettling displaced Brus in Jampui Hills dominated by Mizos would defeat the purpose of the quadripartite agreement. It peeps into the History of Indian Villages that lead to a treasure house of ancient tradition and culture. The Mizoram Premiere League had eight teams during the 2012–2013 season and is the highest level league in Mizoram.

Copyright © 2020 The Indian Express [P] Ltd. All Rights Reserved, Village on Tripura-Mizoram border at centre of jurisdiction row, Phuldungsai is on the Jampui Hills, the highest hill range in the state bordering Mizoram. In 2013, the state assembly unanimously passed a resolution to study the impact of liquor prohibition. [8] The state's gross state domestic product (GSDP) growth rate was nearly 10% annually over 2001-2013 period. Suhas Chatterjee (1995), Mizo Chiefs and the Chiefdom. It was believed that departed souls pass through this lake before making their way to Pialral or heaven. [33], Mizoram is a land of rolling hills, valleys, rivers and lakes. The general geology of western Mizoram consists of repetitive succession of Neogene sedimentary rocks of the Surma Group and Tipam Formation such as sandstone, siltstone, mudstone and rare pockets of shell limestone. Mizoram gross state domestic product (GSDP) in 2011-2012 was about ₹6,991 crore (US$980 million). A Data{meet} Project. The claim that 'The Kukis are the earliest known residents of the Mizo hills area,' must be read in this light. The population of the districts in the State of Mizoram by census years. Submitted By Asha Manoj on 24 December 2017.

Mizoram has a Chakma Theravada Buddhist population of 8.5%, making them the largest minority, followed by Hindus at 2.7% according to the 2011 census.

[71] Tertiary sector of service sector continued to have the contribution to the GSDP with its share hovering between 58 per cent and 60 per cent during the past decade. B. Hamlet, Encyclopaedia of North-East India: Mizoram, Volume 5. [23][26] Village courts were re-implemented in the Mizo region along with other parts of Assam.

[17], The term Mizoram is derived from two Mizo words-Mizo and ram. From here you can search these documents. Journal of Agri. 'Mizo' is the name used to call the native inhabitants and 'Ram' means 'land'.

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The tribal members who were absent from such social work (for reasons other than illness and disability) were penalised — a form of strong peer pressure. A few years later, Captain Lester was wounded in a battle with the Lusei tribe in the region that is now Mizoram. Exams Institutes Study Room General Info More. They belong to numerous tribes; however, to name a particular tribe as the largest is difficult as no concrete census has ever been undertaken.