Fully managed portfolios cost more than fixed allocation ones because they are an investment service, overseen and managed by Nutmeg’s experienced investment team. Yet despite significant backing, the robo-advice firm has failed to return a profit. We also compare the performance of all 35 of their portfolios alongside both our model portfolios and the 10 top performing portfolios managed by Yodelar investments. Each fixed allocation portfolio contains a selection of ETFs that are weighted to meet their pre-set asset allocation, and they are only reviewed once per year to ensure these assets stay in line with your chosen risk level. Offsetting this risk is the fact that the Nutmeg team update the fixed allocations once a year based on the last year’s data. Copyright © 2020 Yodelar Group Limited. 21 July 2020, Topic: Their highest growth fund over the past 5 years was the popular iShares Core S&P 500 UCITS ETF. In terms of how they’re designed, the fixed allocation portfolios have a backward-looking perspective. Robo Advice The fact is, their model does not appeal to enough consumers and their proposition will unlikely attract many with a sizeable portfolio who see little value in saving on costs only to miss out on sizeable growth. Fully managed. Despite concerns over their long term viability, Nutmeg continue to actively grow their client numbers and funds under management by offering low-cost investments through their range of fixed allocation, fully managed and socially responsible portfolios. You can have access to your money in a few days, at any time, “I want experts to take a hands-on approach to my investments.”, “I want my investments managed and invested in line with my values”. Access our complete suite of fund research tools. The investment team learns from past behaviour but is not tied to it. With investment, your capital is at risk. Editors Picks

Baillie Gifford To attract clients, Nutmeg’s robo-advice model focuses primarily on keeping costs to a minimum - which they do by constructing their portfolios using a selection of low-cost ETFs. For each of these portfolios Nutmeg charge a fee of 0.75% on investments up to £100,000 and 0.35% on anything beyond that. Beyond that they do not make amendments to these portfolios.

Through these portfolios Nutmeg have attracted 65,000 clients and funds under management of £1.5 billion, and through their recent round of fundraising they aim to significantly scale up the business over the next 3 years. In that case, you might consider fully managed.

Nutmeg provide investors with access to 10 Fully Managed portfolios which are managed by their investment team.

Nutmeg has three investment styles to choose from: Fixed allocation. 13 October 2020, Topic: Download our fund manager league table. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies.

Fixed allocation portfolios are the cheapest because you have no options and Nutmeg doesn’t need to service them as frequently. Access the latest research, articles, in-depth fund analysis and fund manager reviews via Yodelar Insights.