'"[4], Octavia experienced police harassment and was arrested on several occasions for wearing gender-nonconforming clothing in public. The first time I saw Octavia St. Laurent , I was at the River Oaks Theater back home watching the 1990 blockbuster documentary Paris Is Burning. They were accustomed to that since I was a child. Michael Musto of the “Village Voice” lamented her passing, declaring, “Another icon has been dimmed…Octavia radiated sheer sweetness as she pursued modeling, singing, and activism, all with the glow of a goddess.”.

Though she came to be known to most through Paris is Burning as Octavia St. Laurent.

But then, honey, cops would arrest you just because you was a boy. Octavia St. Laurent is one of the individuals who made it possible for me to even sit here behind a computer and speak openly about certain aspects of my life.

Does The Increased Visibility Of Black Trans Women In Mainstream Media Bring Positive Attention To The Countless Black Trans Lives Being Slain On Ground Level? She was a tremendous influence to many and her light will continue to shine even after her death. Octavia lived during a time where she and her friends were the ones who were introducing certain realities to the world. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. ", Green, Jesse (April 18, 1993).

I was starting my own transition at the time and the movie was on my must see list since it was about the ballroom community descended from the Harlem drag balls. One of the most common songs she'd walk to was "Swept Away" by Diana Ross. She was an actress, known for The Saint of Fort Washington (1993), Paris Is Burning (1990) and Octavia Saint Laurent: Queen of the Underground (1993). She was a transgender vocalist, drag performer, actress, and ballroom icon featured in the 1990 documentary “Paris Is Burning.” Octavia St. Laurent was born somewhere in Brooklyn, New York. The pooled resources and strength in numbers created a supportive family of like-minded gay men, and for many, this was an attractive alternative to life alone, or on the streets.

Filmed in the mid-to-late 1980s, it chronicles the ball culture of New York City, and the African American, Latino, gay, and transgender communities involved in it. St. Laurent's appearance in Paris Is Burning was cited in Judith Butler's book Bodies That Matter in "Gender is Burning.

During her appearance in Wolfgang Busch's LGBT documentary How Do I Look, St. Laurent further discussed her drug use, sex work, and fight with AIDS. In the description of him in the Bible, there is no other explanation.”, In 2008, St. Laurent was diagnosed with cancer, and after the chemotherapy made all her hair fall out, she told friends that her look was “even fiercer.” She retreated to her mother’s home in Syracuse, New York.

Still optimistic and defiant, she said, “You know how many times these doctors been telling me I’m gonna die? Change ). BRANDED: Xem VanAdams & David Bridgeforth, My Boyfriend Is The Bait: Poppa & Redd Balenciaga – Beneath The Surface, ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Star, Laverne Cox Bounces To Beyonce Before Delivering A Moving Speech About Transgender Struggles, Amiyah Scott’s 8-Part Interview With Ceasar Will Of BRTB TV + Debut Of “TRIANGLE” Web Series, You Will Not Add My Light Skin To Your Collection Of Pink Faces, All Eyez On Me — The Amateur Biopic of Tupac Shakur, FULL 30-MINUTE VIDEO – “Love, Dating & Relationships Between Men”: the iphone group chat live (Washington, DC), VIDEOS: Xem VanAdams Guests On Two Episodes Of ADTV With Derrick L. Briggs, The iPhone Group Chat Live: Washington DC, The “Jocelyn” Runway Performance That Brings The Entire Crowd To Their Feet. ( Log Out /  I’ve been to jail a couple of times just because someone said, ‘That’s a man.’ They’d treat me like this damsel in distress, and then all of a sudden they’d come right back and say, ‘Put your hands behind your back, you’re under arrest.’ It was a different time when I was growing up. "[10], St. Laurent was posthumously quoted in the television series credits of Pose (2019) season 2, episode 4: "Never Knew Love Like This Before," written by Ryan Murphy and Janet Mock, with the following: "Gays have rights, lesbians have rights, men have rights, women have rights, even animals have rights. I stand up and piss in the bathroom, I don’t sit down, you know what I’m saying?” She would later identify as intersex, and stated that she had been since birth. She would tell audiences, “In fact, I believe that Christ was a eunuch.

Between the filming and its later release, St. Laurent reportedly got clean, got healthier through treatment with new AIDS drugs, and aimed for one more comeback.

I was deeply saddened and rather shocked, for I had just begun at this point to read about this woman’s journey, as well as watch her in every piece of archived footage that I could find.

The proliferation of “houses” created new opportunities for Black gay and transgender men, through sponsorship of ball competitions, and companionship that made living in a hostile world easier.

Some of the houses embodied principals usually associated with the Black American celebration known as Kwanzaa (maintaining unity in the family, solving problems together, collective work and responsibility, doing as much as possible to leave the community more beautiful and beneficial, etc.). Octavia, unlike many transgender women, also shared her childhood pictures publicly. It’s easy to follow a path that has already been carved out.

DL: The Down Low in Contemporary Art, "Octavia St Laurent (1964 – 2009) performer, singer", "Octavia St. Laurent " Queen Of The Underground " WINNER 2010 PILL AWARD", Octavia St. Laurent profile for How Do I Look, Octavia St. Laurent " Queen Of The Underground " WINNER 2010 PILL AWARD, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Octavia_St._Laurent&oldid=986079709, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Heavenly Angel Octavia Saint Laurent Manolo Blahnik. She was born producing more estrogen than most people assigned male at birth. In 2008, she was diagnosed with cancer.

She wanted to exist in a world where she felt special, loved and praised for being who she was.

Octavia experienced the death of countless friends who weren’t able to walk into a clinic and receive treatment for the HIV virus. Octavia died after a long battle with cancer on May 17, 2009. She had to go to bed at a certain hour, but still agreed to appear and share her struggles and triumphs with all of Tom’s listeners.

Birthday: May 1, 1970 Date of Death: May 17, 2009 Age at Death: 39 Octavia Saint Laurent Mizrahi, the original Amanda Lepore in many eyes, passed last Monday after a bout with cancer and was laid to rest here in NYC yesterday. How many of us have to die before the community recognizes that we are not expendable? Octavia St. Laurent was born on March 16, 1964 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA.

Octavia St. Laurent was born on March 16, 1964 (to May 17, 2009). She becomes an icon to. I was walking from my job in Santa Monica to catch the subway on Hollywood Blvd. LISTEN TO OCTAVIA’S FINAL INTERVIEW BELOW: It was a little after 6pm on the west coast, as Tom Blumenthal’s online radio show aired on the east coast from 9pm-11pm. The New York Times released a story about Octavia’s passing, that was then picked up by all of the veteran, LGBT bloggers, as well as the ballroom press circuit. Cotter, Holland (October 24, 2003).

That era was heavily populated by white men dressed in women’s garb. This is me, you understand?