Die Frauen brachten Phillip auf den Altar, auf dem Aurora während ihres Schlafes ruhte. Merida is comforted by the knowledge that Fergus didn't use the helm in the actual battle, while Mulan decides to head off with Ruby in an attempt to find her path, admitting that the reason she became so frosty is because she was rejected by her love. Mulan tells them it is their home. Snow eventually realizes the note is written in the squid ink, so uses it to escape the cell. Bae asks Robin to allow his son summon Pan’s shadow; he reluctantly agrees. Neal asks if she means Emma Swan, so the warrior asks how he knows her, revealing him to be the father of her child, Henry. With the help of Robin Hood's son Roland, Neal manages to summon Peter Pan's shadow which takes Neal to Neverland. Emma goes to find Snow so they can discuss them together. Mulan states that it is her daughter's wish. She ends up on a quest to track down a beast known as the Yaoguai, and eventually teams up with Belle. ("Child of the Moon") After Aurora wakes up from her dream and meeting Henry, Snow reveals that the fiery room is real, shocking Mulan. Mulan is based on the character of the same name from the Ballad of Mulan, and the titular character from the Disney film, Mulan.

Belle, using fairy dust, reveals that the Yaoguai was actually a prince named Phillip, who was transformed into the Yaoguai by Maleficent to prevent him from rescuing his true love, Aurora.

However, Emma overrules Mulan and takes her aside before climbing.

Later, Robin thanks Mulan for her help and for saving his son and then he asks what she will now do with herself. Folgende Informationen fehlen: 2x02-2x08, 2x11.

Mulan and Aurora stand guard outside, but when Cora revealing to have been in the guise of Lancelot the whole time, Mulan fights against her, saving Emma's life. The person she loves is revealed to be Aurora. ("And Straight on 'Til Morning"), Mulan watches over Neal as he rests at Aurora's palace. Cora sends a message to the girl revealing that Aurora will die if she doesn’t receive the compass by sundown. After Aurora finds Rumple's note with Emma written on it over and over, Mulan finds an empty vial that once contained the ink. However, Emma soon intervenes and fires her gun into the air, alerting an Ogre.

Mulan, meanwhile, goes to the witch's cottage to ask her to perform a locator spell on the piece of cloak, only to be attacked by the witch's wolf. They both run away, but Snow is knocked unconscious when Mulan throws a sling at her. When Robin Hood’s son, Roland, enters, Bae gets an idea on how to go to Neverland. Smiling, Mulan says she is happy for them both, and says to her that she is going with Robin Hood to join the Merry Men, before leaving, heartbroken. Sie unterstützte den Prinzen auf seiner Suche nach Prinzessin Aurora. Mulan gives Snow her sword and then leaves to reunite Aurora with her heart.

Sie unterstützte den Prinzen auf seiner Suche nach Prinzessin Aurora. They take the woman - Emma Swan and Snow White back to a safe haven as prisoners, until they are summoned by the haven's leader and also an old friend of Snow's, Sir Lancelot. He then reveals that the magic of the burnt wardrobe remains, and with the use of a magical compass that Cora seeks, they might just be able to make it to Emma's land. Merida fires an arrow, hoping to kill the knight, but only manages to hit his cloak, allowing the knight to stab Fergus through the chest, killing him. Red and Mulan know from experience that this can work, but Mulan deduces that the mixture is missing one crucial ingredient - poppies, which can be found in the poppy fields of Oz.

The warrior angrily tells Belle that she spent weeks hunting the beast down and demands she keep out of her way.

She tells them that they cannot defeat Cora because they don’t have Rumple’s assistance. Not wanting to surrender something so powerful to someone so wicked, Mulan and the other two start preparing a potion that should be able to put Zelena to sleep. ("Quite a Common Fairy"), Having resorted to being a common sell-sword, Mulan is found by Merida beating up thugs in a tavern so as to take their gold. Mulan wakes her up before she can get the information and fights off a few of the men. When everyone is ready, Roland loudly states the he believes. Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Aurora follows them and attacks Snow White with a knife, however, she defends herself and pins the princess to the ground. Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character. Snow says they do as she’s been under the sleeping curse. On their way to a camp, Mulan notices a burn on the princess’s arm and is reluctant to let her return to the netherworld.

However, they find a man - Killian Jones - alive, hiding beneath the corpses, who claims to have survived the attack. It then flies away and Bae jumps onto it, hitching a ride back to Neverland. However, this seems to be disproven by the sword. Emma and Mary Margaret acknowledge that he is probably setting them up to take a fall, but this way they can stay one step ahead at all times. Aber sie und Aurora kamen zu spät, sie mussten mit ansehen wie der Qui Shen Phillip die Seele aussaugte. ("Into the Deep"), When the group finally arrive at Rumplestiltskin's cell, Mulan uses her torch to search the cell for the squid ink. When Emma has been gone for ten hours, Mulan strikes a heavy blow to the beanstalk, but it tackled by an infuriated Snow who demands to know what she's doing. Mulan accompanies him, and when they arrive at the castle, they discover that Robin Hood has taken up residence there. Later, the warrior assists Emma and Snow on their journey to find a portal to Storybrooke. When all four of them discover that Lancelot is actually Regina's mother Cora in disguise, Mulan and Aurora decide to help Emma and Snow back to Storybrooke. Mulan uses her sword to deflect Cora's attacks. Mulan and Merida make it to the battlefield in search of the magical item, but all they discover is Merida's arrow and the piece of cloak on the end of it, belonging to the King's killer. Mulan confirms that he was a blacksmith who joined their camp a few months prior. ("Tallahassee"), Mulan later announces to Emma that she may have some ideas as to where Cora is hiding. Mulan pulls Snow off the princess, stating she'll sort the situation out. Mulan appears heartbroken and then refuses to say what she was going to say, so instead tells the princess that she is leaving and joining the Merry Men. Killian brings them to a gigantic beanstalk that leads all the way to the clouds, and reveals that the compass is up there.

Mulan agrees, and then provides Emma with ground poppy in order to knock the Giant unconscious. A while later, when they arrive at the "home", the four girls walk through the camp, and there is many more people there, shocked to see Snow and Emma, mainly because of what they are wearing. Geschichte [Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten] Mulan und Prinz Phillip kämpften gemeinsam in vielen Schlachten. Mulan later walks into the camp of the Merry Men, where she is welcomed warmly by them. When the portal to Storybrooke is destroyed, both Mulan and Aurora promise to help the mother and daughter get back to their family. Having been nursed back to health, he decides to go to his father's castle and find a way back. They mourn his loss and Mulan tells Aurora the truth that Phillip wanted to withhold from her: their land was ravaged by the Dark Curse, enacted by Queen Regina, and most of its inhabitants disappeared into another realm, but for some reason that part of the land was spared and they were frozen in time for 28 years until something broke the curse and they were able to continue their quest to find Aurora. However, the vow she made to Phillip, to protect Aurora, keeps her conflicted all throughout, about who she dedicate her helping hand to: the princess she swore to protect, or the strangers who need to return home. Aurora, who's standing near her prince, crouches down beside him and states that she doesn't know. Merida eventually retrieves the helm, and after they say their farewells, Mulan decides to venture off with Ruby. The warrior angrily tells Belle that she spent weeks hunting the beast down and demands she keep out of her way.

They then head to Rumple’s jail cell to find the way to stop Cora.

("The Outsider") After this, Mulan and Phillip team up together to rescue the latter's true love, Aurora, who has been cursed with eternal slumber by an evil witch named Maleficent. Fergus tells his daughter that if a clan knows their King is willing to die for them, then they know the fight is important and will lay down their lives in equal measure. Mulan (Chinese: 木蘭, Mùlán) is a character featured on ABC'sOnce Upon a Time. They eventually find them about to enter a portal at Lake Nostos and a fight ensues. However, their search is put on pause when Regina enacts her Dark Curse. After making the powder and putting Snow to sleep, Mulan sneaks off with the compass but is stopped eventually. She is able to put Aurora's heart back in her chest. ("And Straight on 'Til Morning"), Mulan is hired by King Fergus to train his daughter, Merida, how to fight for an upcoming battle against southern invaders; initially assuming that Mulan is a man, Merida tries attacking her, only to be floored. Mulan insists they take it, but Emma and Snow want to make a plan. Mulan asks what the other world is like, so he tells her that everyone believes the people from the Enchanted Forest are just characters in stories, shocking her. Robin holds his son back to prevent him from being taken and then Mulan helps by cutting Roland’s sleeve off, losing the shadow’s grip. A skilled warrior who aided the valiant Prince Phillip in his quest to awaken his cursed lover, Aurora, Mulan traveled long distances and fought many foes. When the plan seems to have failed, the shadow unexpectedly arrives and grabs Roland.

She asks Mulan to cut down the beanstalk if she doesn't return within ten hours and to make sure Snow White gets back to Storybrooke.