Latest mention: Based on: In New York, Emma visualizes a flood of memories after drinking a potion, one of them being her battle with Maleficent. The Dragon refuses to help Mr. Gold, whose heart he deems too dark, however, he agrees to assist Regina because he sees a noble battle inside her as she fights between the light and darkness inside herself. Able to spot liars, Emma breaks into Lily's home along with Regina and discovers via a copious amount of research that Lily knows all about her fairytale heritage, as well as Emma's.

However, when they ask it a question, it repels them, and the three villains soon catch up and realize that the reason it didn't answer them is because Snow is pregnant and, being a product of true love, their baby has potential for great darkness as well as a great good. As they're driving, they almost hit a wolf (just like on Emma's first day in Storybrooke) and cause a flat, and so while Regina heads to a gas station to fetch a new tire, Emma heads to the nearby diner for some coffee - a diner where Lily, having adopted the alias of "Starla", now works. Portrayed by: Herbal shop ownerHealer (formerly) After conversing with her family and such, Emma approaches Lily, who appears to be a bit down. Emma eventually heals her mother with magic and Maleficent finds Lily, who reverts back to her human form. Lilith Page That night, Maleficent visits Snow and reveals that she is also pregnant, and tries to convince Snow that they must work together to defeat Regina, for the sake of their unborn children.

However, once given the child and the ritual is performed, the Apprentice has the child sent through a portal to the Land Without Magic, seeing as how keeping a child with that much dark potential could prove to be very dangerous.

They go to the diner together to spend time with each other, but Lily immediately asks when they'll get revenge on Snow and Charming. She d├ębuts in the second episode of the first season of Once Upon a Time.

Maleficent's daughter Lily becomes a Black Knight in the service of Queen Snow White, guarding Emma's tower. During his time in Hong Kong, he does some research on the Author. It doesn't take long for Emma to learn that Maleficent's daughter is none other than her childhood friend, Lily. In Hong Kong, The Dragon runs a small clinic to cure patients with particular illnesses or diseases by using magical means.

Maleficent, along with the other inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest not protected by Cora's shield, is consumed by Regina's curse and sent to Storybrooke. Zelena responds that Maleficent didn't RSVP to Regina's coronation.

Despite his best efforts, the Dragon cannot finish it, though he suggests that if the three of them work together, they may have better luck.

The Dragon attempts to use even more of his own magic to open a portal between realms, but he soon reaches the limit of his powers, causing the forming portal to fall apart completely. Later, she and Regina end up trapped in the World Behind the Mirror, where they encounter the Dragon again. Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Emma, being the Savior and all, agrees to help her search. Emma doesn't care though, and rejects the girl once more, leaving her to catch a ride on the bus on her own. Hair Color: Child(ren): She was then banished to the Land Without Magic, deemed too much of a danger to stay in the Enchanted Forest.

With more nudging from the Dragon, who reminds her to use what August taught her, Emma remembers August preached that one has to believe in magic in order for it to be seen. Maleficent

For many years, Maleficent hones her skill in magic until she obtains great power, she burns a portion of land into a scorched ruin. Snow and Charming agree to go with them, begrudgingly, but begin to have their doubts when Maleficent slaughters good soldiers who stand in their way; as such, they take off in the middle of the night when the self-named "Queens of Darkness" are sleeping, and they find the tree by themselves.

Lily tells Emma that she plans to squat in a summer mansion for a while, for they'll be empty now that it's fall, and suggests that Emma come with her; Emma agrees happily. She and Captain Hook travel to the underground cavern, and reveals that Hook's job is being bait, before pushing him into a pit where Maleficent's ashes are. David enters the castle of the supposed beast, to discover that the beast is Maleficent. When Rumplestiltskin claims that the bottle of true love that he hid long ago is the key to saving Henry, who had fallen under a Sleeping Curse, he sends Emma Swan, the daughter of Snow and David, and Regina to go to the abandoned library which has an elevator that leads to the underground cave where Maleficent resides.

Regina convinces her not to commit murder, not wanting her to go dark, and the dust finally settles in a peaceful manner, with the three ladies proceeding to Robin Hood's apartment where Zelena reveals herself to be pregnant with his child. Hair color: Maleficent allies herself with Ursula and Cruella De Vil, and they kidnap Rumplestiltskin's maid Belle in order to get a magical gauntlet from him. Gender: Family/Relationships Regina reveals that Maleficent found Lily's father, Zorro.

Relatives: Later, Snow and David use Maleficent's unborn offspring to transfer their own unborn child's darkness into it, before the Sorcerer's Apprentice banishes Maleficent's child through a portal to Earth, where it grows up to be a girl named Lily.

He reveals that there is one possible way to escape the realm through a portal that Sidney previously worked on in an attempt to escape the mirror world. Romance(s): Maleficent becomes a wreck, until she meets Regina Mills, who convinces Maleficent to get revenge and put Aurora, the daughter of Briar Rose and Stefan, under the Sleeping Curse as well. He manages to get the golden egg inside Maleficent by sticking it through the gills in her neck, before just barely escaping Maleficent's castle. She sits beside her daughter and hands Lily her baby rattle.

Ursula and Cruella arrive just as the portal is opened, and wanting to save the child, they end up getting sucked in as well. Status:

However, Snow refuses to work with Maleficent, and doesn't want her child exposed to darkness just to stop the Dark Curse. Maleficent places Briar Rose under the Sleeping Curse. Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. However, Will and Anastasia use the looking-glass to escape to Wonderland.

Later, Regina visits Maleficent, who is revealed to be Regina's only friend, and obtains the Dark Curse which Maleficent had hidden in the glass orb above her staff. Relevant Pages She then orders the Dragon to kill Emma and Regina. As the Dragon's fire breath bursts through the mirror, Henry grabs the Dragon's heart to save his life. Wanting to make sure their daughter, the Savior, didn't end up going down a path of darkness, Snow White and Prince Charming stole Maleficent's newborn child and performed a ritual, with the help of the Sorcerer's Apprentice, to drain all of their child's dark potential into Maleficent's. When Emma notices a star-like mark on Lily's wrist, Lily explains that she likes to think it makes her special, and so she draws a similar mark on Emma's wrist to make her special too; the two girls then promise to be friends forever. A fight ensues, resulting in Hook's death, but the others manage to escape, and in the end, revert everything. Snow, who now feels guilty, promises to return her when they're done. Tzi Ma


Later, Maleficent enlists Emma on a mission to find Lily, and Regina trusts Maleficent to guard Belle's heart, although Rumplestiltskin steals it back. After seeing the news on TV, Emma learns that Lily, along with her boyfriend, are suspects in an armed robbery, and that Lily is currently on the lam. ("Unforgiven"), Sometime passes, and Maleficent finds a cave where she lays an egg containing her unborn child. Eye color: Dragon's Clinic Dragon's Herbal Shop

However, Henry arrives to save the day, accompanied by Hook, and once knocking out Lily, they free Emma and prepare to find a way to revert the Author's writings. 1 Biography 1.1 Background 1.1.1 Season 2 1.2 Season 5 1.3 Season 6 2 Family 3 Trivia 4 Videos 5 Appearances The Dragon is visited by a woman named Tamara, who claims that she has cancer.

As another solution, he suggests they can still find other sources of magic in the Land Without Magic, despite that Henry already destroyed Storybrooke's magic in the Olympian Crystal. Upon arriving in Lily's apartment building, they learn that she died, and Emma's violent reaction to this news causes Regina to worry. "Mother's Little Helper"

The casting call describes him as, "60, mystical, powerful, helpful to those in trouble, and makes predictions that can be difficult to understand. The dragoness reveals that she is in search of her birth father, who not even Maleficent knows the identity of, for what happens in dragon form stays in dragon form.

Emma is shocked and appalled to learn that Lily has a family, despite Lily claiming that she feels invisible in her home.

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"Selfless, Brave and True" Allied with Ursula and Cruella in his plan to find "The Author", Rumplestiltskin successfully resurrects Maleficent. The three find Regina, but are soon caught by the evil Snow White, who was led to them by Lily.