Anybody know what is the problem ? LADYBUGS In addition, don’t overlook the option to purchase predatory mites, midges, and parasitic nematodes that can be extremely helpful in controlling unwanted pests. Rhonda. Thank you Attached Images September 9th, 2020, 08:22 AM … The best course of action is to remove the sunburned leaf with sterilized shears or a single edge razor blade. Sinead, To treat spider mites, isolate infected orchids. In fact, many orchid growers call it par for the course and don’t do anything except to improve general care practices like watering in the morning, providing good air movement, keeping water off the leaves and crown. Apply a cinnamon paste to the orchid where the leaf was removed. Thanks. Remove infected flowers. To treat aphids take your orchid outside and spray off the aphids with a strong stream of water. Never leave your orchid in your car. away from the infected orchid. However, for the most part, the plant has lots of roots and to me, they do look salvageable. Best wishes, I need help… orchid that I purchased around the holiday season and has been in bloom all this time is suddenly in distress. Where can I find horticulture oil? These little beasts can easily spread throughout an entire collection if you’re not careful. Flowers, buds, and other new growth are most vulnerable to snails and slugs.

After a few days wipe the cinnamon off, if you still see black spots, reapply as necessary. A small fan, set to the lowest setting and pointed away from the orchid will do wonders in preveting bacterial and fungal growth. I love it! Let the cut dry, then dust with ground cinnamon. Then, you need to know how to.

Tina, Tina, Repot your orchid with a fresh potting mix such as sphagnum moss.

Working with fungicides requires greatest attention, these being highly toxic substances! 2. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Watch for streaking.

away from the infected orchid. Reapply weekly. Mealybugs excrete honeydew that attracts ants. All images and content on RVO–OrchidTalk© are copyrighted and may not be used without RVO's permission.

Anna, I appreciate your knowledge and advice. The most common ways to fungi infection are: Anna. If the infection reaches the rhizome, the orchid will die.

Here is a link for the oil that I purchased. . 1.

Marj, Remove the burned leaf. ? Water in the morning. If you do use a razor blade, be sure to throw it out after use. I want to register an account for free right now! Treatment for bacterial and fungal infections includes: removing rotted plant tissue, applying disinfectant, and improving culture practices.

While in recovery, reduce water to the roots, yet increase humidity, and wait to fertilize until the orchid has initiated new growth – particularly roots. 7. Pythium ultimum, and Phytophthora cactorum.

If it is in good shape – that’s excellent news. 3. No wonder the plant was crying out for help – it was packed in there solid! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Pictures are always helpful. To grow healthy orchids, you need to know how to, orchid pests and disease from taking hold of your orchids in the first place. Your orchid just needs a few care tweaks and it should bloom. However i saw a black spot at one of the old leaves. Scale is no fun! Email me at: [email protected]. Thrips are truly beastly as they are hard to control. Provide air circulation. As time goes on the leaf will continue to deteriorate. Rebecca,

Apply cinnamon to leaf edge where the cut was made. Are the spots an indication of sunburn or fungus? Just make sure that the orchid is in an outer pot so that the roots aren’t sitting in water. An easy way to increase humidity is to make a mini-greenhouse by placing a large, clear, plastic bag over the top of the orchid. Check out these two posts and apply what you learn.

Healthy plants will more easily fight off pests and disease, while weak plants are much more susceptible to succumbing to pests and infection. Horticulture Oil A spotted or sunken area where water was left sitting; a foul smell. 1. I emailed you 3 pictures. Would anyone be willing to look at a picture of the plant and add any advice? A wet looking spot dark spot sounds like bacterial rot. 5. I am hoping I am following good protocol with this plant.