You still get to have all of the detail of the flower, but the design just doesn’t have the natural colors found on that specific orchid. Orchid tattoos are often large and ornate because the intricate detail of the flower requires a significant area to render realistically. While these meanings can be taken literally with some people, in most cases they simply mean that the owners are proud of the innocence that they still have and they will not let it go. A beautiful duality contained in a single symbol, expressing the potential for gentle loveliness and crazy adventure. These reasons, and many more, are why the orchid flower is such a common tattoo for girls. Orchids are flowers of great elegance and beauty, plus the fact that they are rare makes them highly desirable among tattoo enthusiasts and designers too.

If you are looking to get an orchid tattoo, you may want to choose the … Orchids make an interesting choice for tattoos because these flowers have rare beauty and symbolism, which make them unique and desirable to be inked in the form of a tattoo. A group of orchid flowers is seen as a representation of female organs while the expression “purple orchid” is used to define a male reproductive organ. If you are thinking about getting one, take your time when choosing a design and a place to put it on your body and then find an experienced artist to make it for you. Pink orchids symbolize happiness, joy and innocence. These flowers have been revered in various cultures around the world, particularly in the Asian culture, where they are associated with fertility. For the ancient Greeks, they called an orchid flower as the “Flower of Magnificence”. On top of these creatures looking great in orchid tattoo designs, you also get to include any meanings attached to them as well. Orchid tattoos are become more and more popular not only because of their meanings, which we’ll get to, but also because there are so many different species to choose from for your design. The orchid was thought to have begun to bloom when Orchis, half satyr and half nymph, committed an atrocity and was killed, afterwards transforming into the Orchid flower as a symbol of his newfound humility.

Whether an orchid is included in a floral pattern or it’s showcased with the ever-popular watercolor orchid tattoo style, there’s also something about it that says self-love and happiness. As we pointed out earlier, there is a lot of detail found in these flowers and people generally want to make them look as realistic as possible. This is a great idea if you like the look of abstract flowers, though you should make sure that the final design is recognizably an orchid tattoo.