Additionally, one more floor down is occupied by Restoran 7 Nebo. The video cards with letterings "Russia" and "Happy National Unity Day" will be displayed on our media screens. Do note you have to deposit all bulky items and haversacks in the locker room. The ticketing counter is located on the far left hand of the pavilion fountain area. After alighting from the Teletsentr monorail station, a good bet is to keep moving in the direction of the tower. Even the guards at the locker room are armed with machine pistols carried openly by their side. It offers great views from its upper observation deck overlooking the city of Moscow. An excursion to the Ostankino TV Tower includes visits to two observation decks: a covered one at a height of 337 meters and an open one at a … Other equipment is mounted 85, 128, 201, 253 and 385 metres off the ground. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The weather forecasting service was set up on Ostankino Tower in 1967.

These are the best places for kid-friendly observation decks & towers in Moscow: Observation Deck PANORAMA360; Ostankino TV Tower; Viewpoint at the Rooftop of Central Children's World; See more observation decks & towers for kids in Moscow on Tripadvisor Considering that there is no Metro station near the tower and no English direction signage leading up to the establishment. Furthermore, there is surprisingly plenty of dining options up here at Ostankino. It is on a technical deck, until now only open to weather service personnel. Sergei Bobylev/TASS Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images First is a standard ticket which just grants you access to the observation deck for about 1000 rubles. It is a super structure of reinforced concrete. Do have a look up before entering the entrance double doors. More > Congratulations on World Tourism Day! So don’t think about trying to get in for free! Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Have a thought or question? There are queuing areas where patrons can convene and queue up for a space for the ride down. Commendably, it is currently the tallest free-standing structure in Europe. And from the volume of concrete, it is calculated to weigh over 55 thousand tons. An “Ostankino” archway by the side of the main road marks the entrance to the Tower compound. The inner compound 4 layers of barbed wired fences, with armed guards sitting behind them. You can stay up at the deck as long as you want. Up to 10 people can fit onto the outdoor platform. Head west bound on the monorail to the Teletsentr station. It offers great views from its upper observation deck overlooking the city of Moscow. In honor of Unity Day the Ostankino TV Tower is coloured in national way. Furthermore, getting in involves quite an extensive security and registration process. Thankfully, there is a Cafe up on the tower which you can buy water from later. When done, he will pass you a courtesy paper tag to write your combination code for you as a memory aid.

Henceforth, you go through another building for a series of security screening before allowed to enter the inner tower grounds. Visiting the balcony is part of a technical route launched on the Ostankino TV Tower in May. Across the road, you can recognize the TV station building by the Teletsentr Monorail station, and a large reservoir situated beside it.

Furthermore, here is also where you can purchase walk-in tickets or verify your purchased tickets too. I was surprised how quick it took to purchase the tickets. You can stay up at the deck as long as you want. That’s great service! Interestingly, it is a fine dining restaurant and opens from 12 noon to midnight on operating days (even past the tower opening times). There is an additional café dining floor below the restaurant counter floor. Elevators go up and down at regular intervals. Today the Ostankino tower is the highest free-standing building in Russia and it is well-known symbol of Russian broadcasting as well. Image of radio, equipment, place - 60545210 It is touted to offer delicious European cuisine as well as traditional Russian dishes. Visitors will be able to see the Botanical Garden, the Ostankino Technical Centre, the Moscow International Business Centre and other landmarks toward the west and northwest of the city, from the platform. The tower was designed by Nikolai Nikitin and stands about 540 meters in height. Ostankino TV Tower is a television and radio tower. Guides will tell visitors about the operation of the weather forecasting system which is considered the highest in Moscow. All sightseers will receive helmets before a tour. At regular intervals, the observation deck PA system will call out informing you that an elevator departing from the top floor if you need a ride down. It was designed by architect Nicolai V Nikitine and built on 1967 at an estimated cost of USD $65 million. There is English speaking staff which you can correspond with to obtain tickets. intel Rocket Lake 11-gen CPUs, an underdog? Standing 1,771 feet (540m.)

They are very friendly, but their stern uniforms and exposed weapons does make the experience bit more tense. Furthermore, the observation deck runs around in a full circular continuous manner. All in all, you are good visiting Ostankino TV tower observation deck for a couple of hours. From here, you pass by a welcome archway leading through a grassy green field. They sit behind heavily tinted glass windows and watch your every move as you enter the tower compound.

This is despite the Ostankino TV tower website recommending pre-booking your visitation tickets to beat the queues. After all, Ostankino TV Tower is a protected government building. The fence line even has two layers of barbed wire. Looking immediately below you is the large open green field and the TV tower entrance and car park. However, judging from the lack of a crowd or a queue, you won’t really need to do that. On November 5, 1967 an act for acceptance into operation of the Union Radio and Television Transmitting Station dedicated to 50th anniversary of October was signed by the State Commission. You pass through an open-air carpark before entering into a high-security fenced up compound. Also, it will be recommended to check out the nearby VDNKh attraction, such as the Museum of Cosmonautics and the TV tower towards the evening. This huge mast holds sensors that take wind direction and speed, air temperature and humidity.

Also, on a clear day, the visibility to horizon from observatory is about 20km. It is the second station and the journey will take under 10 minutes. |.

Also, notably, from 1967 and 1974, the tower momentarily was the tallest man-made free standing structure in the world. Moreover, the bottom two most floors are restaurant dining floors, also similarly with revolving platforms.

On the World Stroke Day, the Ostankino TV Tower is going to take part in "Dress in red!" Interestingly, the tower has 1,706 steps up. Moreover, you can see various nearby landmarks from up here.

You can grab a bite and dine in comfort overlooking the beautiful view of the city of Moscow. You follow a sheltered pathway leading into the base of the tower and tower lobby.

Here, you have an indication of your climb through a led display showing your floor number, as well as an upward facing live camera feed looking upwards into the tower lift-well. Do reach me. My humble little home on the internet. Lets check out the TV Tower in a day trip today. It does distinctively stand out in the night sky. On September, 27 at the media facade of the Ostankino TV Tower from 10.00 to 22.00 a video card with title "Conquer a new height!" Showcased here are various musings and works of interests I enjoy doing. Interestingly, security does look pretty tight here.

Booking is by telephone +7 (495) 926-61-11 or on the tower’s web site. Presumably, it is a critical communicators building, hence the security. Muscovites will see part of the highest weather station in Moscow. Also, at night, the tower is lit by a series of purple and blue exterior lighting. Observation deck - download this royalty free Stock Footage in seconds. Ostankino TV Tower is a television and radio tower. Do bring your passport with you- you will need it here for identification.