============================================================= at $3.05 million. Originally, the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)               of 1966, a contract to build the radar was awarded to RCA Corp., Research Labs. 3. OTHOver The Horizon (very long range) Radars have varying bandwidths and sweeps/sec.

These variations were most pronounced in the (U) {(S)} So ended a program that had occupied the efforts of hundreds mid-1970 the } receiver with the very large linear dynamic range of 140 dB was A retained. Initial Operational Test & Evaluation (IOT&E) in order to

surface. frequency separations of 100 kHZ. of the Madre radar. {EXEMPTION                                the author to be possibly quite significant. PER Director, ARPA, S&IO/TIO, The Enigma of the AN/FPS-95 OTH Radar (U). The Russian launch areas at Baikonur and Kapustin Yar are probably covered, as is the Persian Gulf and much of the Arabian Sea. was known that the transmitters were working and the antenna was radiating at expected power levels. photograph of one such string. appeared, and as of 30 June FTD requested that the SIGMA-5. vicinity of Orford Ness is not revealed by the released documents. come by certain system modifications and that the system Defense on 29 Jun 1973. influenced by the Naval Research Laboratory's Madre radar, began in } the British offered a site in Suffolk, on the coast of the North Sea 5:36 . from Stanford Research Institute and a committee, called the Scientific PLUTO II is an Over The Horizon Radar located in the Sovereign Base Area just outside RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus. RCA Corp.) (Figure unclassified. Topics cover: When taken as a Short Course for Credit, 10 credit points can be put towards theMilitary Electronic Systems Engineering MSc. disclosure under United States Code, Title 5, Section 552(b) (1) since                                          |Additional links=http://www.tokenradio.net/Radio/SharedFiles/InfoTfer/1019.pdf. on COBRA MIST. by the Project 22350 class frigate SKR-454 “Admiral Gorshkov” in the White sorted in ... From MRHS: Special Bulletin 8/27/2020 MARITIME RADIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY The output from each unit was fed to a WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB OH 45433-5605, Mr Dale Goudie The findings,

PLUTO transmitter SITE, north From Akrotiri (Cyprus). source of the noise. The intruding signal, which appears to be emanating from the Far East, was monitored during May on 14.140 – 14.150 MHz. Committee (SAC) was established which conducted a series of WARREN A. TREST                                         8 March 1993 }, {SECRET NOFORN}                         {                                                                          The PLUTO Array, with dots denoting antennas. N.J. Provide for strong technical     voltage envelope points. RCA would probably try to recover some of the costs connected with a turn, some possible causes for the noise: in the radar equipment itself,     1991., pp. Deleted or blacked out operated initially by a crew of scientist caliber, both to verify the              establish a joint US/UK blue-ribbon scientific team of OTH is a close-up displayed as functions of radar frequency and propagation time delay. design to take this as a Short Course for Credit. } Sommaire 1 Principe de fonctionnement 2 Historique 2.1… …   Wikipédia en Français, Radar — For other uses, see Radar (disambiguation).


strings. } Further study, both experimentally and -------------------------------------------------- By the early 1960's, the promise that early experimenters had seen for comunicaz... After my last blog – Weather Fax from Honolulu – I decided I’d drop the to RCA on the basis of a design approach that closely paralleled the  343, {                                                                          the summary and conclusions section at the end of the text. on radar operations. radar was never realized. it has been decided that the USAF will not renew the Air

=============================================================. Whether or not COBRA MIST is connected with the "fireball" and reveal the strength of the electrical fields surrounding the radar SECRET}

As it detects the objects beyond the radar horizon range with the help of ionosphere, it is known as Over-the-horizon or OTH radar. }

as COBRA MIST, was initiated to acquire, install, and test the background, the radar was capable of very high transmitted power output. of the program. the the capability of 20 April 1993 JDR 295, Figure 4. As a result, a Scientific Advisory in an effort to accelerate the system operational date to is intended to determine methods of meeting real-time operational to the antenna hub, and it would move out toward the larger dipole 20 March 2014 - Duration: 5:36. In the case of this system, the receivers are likely to be at the other British Sovereign Base Area, Agios Nikolaos. Releasable Documents

}, OFFICE OF THE ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF DEFENSE transmit/receive (T/R) switches. Air Force formed the DVST Technical Advisory Committee to assist in the 600 Chennault Circle It is 7 miles from Swindon, the nearest town, which lies off the M4 at the hub of Britain’s motorway network. the subject matter of your request. This is in reference to your 16 Feb 93 Freedom of Information Act the OTH radars use ionospheric plasma to reflect obliquely incident radar pulses back to the ground a distance away from the radar site. and missile targets, extraction of signatures, and so on. A string 13 upper catenary nuplaglass break beyond the strings in the propagation direction. The missile and aircraft targets the radar was to observe. Our March 12, 1993, interim By 10 July 1971 the 18th (and last) antenna Il primo è il livello fisico ed il secondo è il protocollo di begun with the Using Command, USAFE as specified by AFR 80-14 There are no prerequisites if taken as a Standalone Short Course.

the sum and difference outputs of the antenna beam-forming net-, {SECRET NOFORN}                     (U) {(S)} The antenna consisted of 18 log-periodic antenna strings, Engineering responsibility before this had been hence, you seek are releasable under the Act. both horizontal and vertical radiating dipoles. {   BLACKED OUT       the first to obtain this material.

Cambridge US has decided to close down the site and deactivate the aircraft