Also available with a gold paper lid. Material: PE coated board suitable for direct food contact. Liverpool With plenty of designs to choose from this is a great option. To the customer, they are aesthetic to elicit happiness and create cherishable memories. We stock a range of round paper food containers ideal for hot foods take away foods such as soups and pastas as well as cold or frozen foods such as ice creams and frozen yogurts. You must be ready for unique demands from customers, and the multi-designs of the ice cream paper cups allow for any uncertainty. Besides, the friendliness of paper will enable you to serve a range of other beverages without concerns. Ice cream and frozen yogurt are popular desserts in the spring and summer. A market-leading size for offering premium quality ice cream, our 500ml Ice Cream Paper Cup with Lid (P500) is manufactured from a thick, white, coated paper and supplied with a white plastic lid. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. They embody great experiences and reflect stunning events. We ship to every corner of Europe, quickly send us your quotation request and stay proud of your choice, forever. These thick and insulated ice cream tubs can keep your ice cream fresh and yet unfrosted, contrary to your belief that PET ice cream tubs are necessary for ice creams.

They entail the usage of safe and sustainable material to reduce environmental pollution and enhance customer safety while ensuring business sustainability. Dynamic generations, changes in customer tastes and preferences call for a realignment of packaging strategies. But the fact is that currently there are managed tree farms, places where trees are grown as a crop for lumbering, these monitered farms keep planting trees similar to how a farmer plants new seeds after that season's harvest. 24/32 oz PP Paper Ice Cream Cup Flat Lid, 600/cs . The cups size range from 3oz to 16 oz to allow for selection. The dashing ice cream paper cups are ideal for ice cream, yogurts, ice cream snacks, frozen desserts, and gelatos. [email protected] Rating: 0%. When folks think about paper cups, they visualise trees being cut for paper, they typically visualise that old oak in the field, the birds, the squirrels, and even worst, the depleting rainforests, the rising global temperatures. Safe design material and first-rate lids allow for extreme versatility. They also use bamboo trees for their easy renewability. Read further on 7 Reasons to Choose Printed Ice Cream Cups, Read Further on Important things you need to know about branded ice cream cups. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Organisations that certify and monitor these farms and their method of harvesting and replanting and maintaining the inexperienced cover. Our branded ice cream paper cups suit anyone who sells ice cream, from outlet owners to ice cream shops. 15 Items . Cups & Accessories.

**NEW BOX SIZES** Units per Case: 800. Check cup dimensions and container specifications here. For full specifications, please find the downloads here. Add to Wish List. All of our products are available with fast delivery across the UK. Printed Paper Cups are shipped using overnight shipping all over Europe so you can expect your cups in an average of 3-4 days, at your doorstep now. Ice cream tubs are a must have items for most ice cream sellers, after all not everyone wants their ice cream in a cone. We congratulate Naked Juice and encourage all client businesses to plan forward towards a shift towards PLA coated biodegradable, compostable paper cups. $52.95. Rim diameter   96.7mm +/- 0.3  Skip to main content. PLA based coating derives from biomass or animal starch; thus, they are 100% renewable and eco-friendly. © 2020 from PackPack, Company Reg No : 11087124. Eco-Friendly Options. 100/125/200/300/500ml Cup Bespoke Keylines, 3oz, 5oz and 8oz Ice Cup Bespoke Keylines, Ice cream Spoons, Screwballs, Smoothie & Sundae Cups, Kraft & Bagasse Take Away Containers & Lids. Our team is ever ready to ensure fast and top-notch service.

The dashing ice cream cup’s beauty, elegant styling, and material type turn businesses’ images around, captivate, win customer’s hearts, and lead to more growth.

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Add to cart. For full boxes of lids, click on the blue "View Addons" button. We are also delighted to offer our compostable range, these tubs are 100% compostable and come in different sizes for differing appetites. Each type of cup has distinctive strengths, but the double-walled paper cup stands out for its sturdiness. Safe design material and first-rate lids allow for extreme versatility. They entail comfort and durability. Add to Cart. Products. Be you an ice cream maker or a speciality ice cream parlour, you would like to make good use of that space to promote your brand image and engage customers, take direct orders using our client Engagement solutions. Add to Compare. Single Wall Ice Cream Tubs PE Coated Disposable 4 colours to Full colour prints offered Printed with Food safe non toxic inks Minimum 265 gsm boards used Unlimited design choices. So ask the paper cups manufacturer company you have determined to place the order with, if they manufacture their cups within the UK, don't choose low-cost paper cups imported and delivered straight from some bulk paper cups shop somewhere in China. Copyright © Branded Paper Cups, Northamptonshire, UK, By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. We make the ice cream cups with biodegradable paper; thus, no need to stress over human or environment side effects. Naked Juices UK has now adopted our PLA Paper Cups. If you want to make an order of ice cream paper cups or enquire about our products and services, contact us or ask for a custom quote. express shipping is available to all our customers.

Before you place the order for your Paper Cups, tailor-made to augment brand visibility, check if its the best quality out there. Quantity: Clear: Quantity. Many users and managers of stalls using branded ice cream paper cups attest to an increase in sales and positive reactions from customers. Add to Compare.

Branded ice cup designs embrace the use of advanced technology to develop exquisite company visuals on paper cups. Advantages of Branded Ice Cream Cups. To enhance strength and durability, manufacturers use 265 GSM boards sourced from PEFC & FSC Certified Paper Board-certified forests. We at scyphus solely obtain our papers for our printed paper cups, only from FSC and PEFC accreditec mills, these mills are accredited by responsible monitoring organisations like FSC and PEFC and thus can be assumed to be following all sustainable forestry practices that help us keep the planet green. Height  106mm +/- 0.5 You can order in packs or bulk; the choice is yours. Carton grammage  260g/m2 +/- 5% The PE coating and the high quality board used in these ice cream cups provide excellent moisture barrier, preventing moisture from penertrating the outer surface of the cups. You seem to have forgotten that a couple decades ago, ice cream cups were only available as paper cups! Manufactured by Solo from double poly paper these containers have been designed to meet any service or storage requirement, including freezing and refrigerating. We offer an array of options from colourful wax paper ice cream tubs, plain ice cream tubs and lids or bespoke, personal print tubs with your own company logo or imaging. Thus, you’re sure of your ice cream’s safety.

Also available with a gold paper lid. Dashing branded ice cream paper cups are a perfect opportunity to promote and grow your business. Dimensions: Initially, the cups were PE coated, but because of the need to remain consistent with our sustainability vision, we sourced for the safer PLA and earth-coating for paper cups. Professional Appearance. Add to Cart. Go. VAT No : 284 550095. We offer an array of options from colourful wax paper ice cream tubs, plain ice cream tubs and lids or bespoke, personal print tubs with your own company logo or imaging. We supply around Europe within 48 hours.

Serve up delicious soft serve ice cream, homemade dipped ice cream, or frozen yogurt covered in toppings with ease by stocking up on our disposable ice cream cups. The activities of these farms and all that is happening to our forests is monitored by some credible Not for Profit organizations like FSC and PEFC. All rights reserved. Please add Printed Paper Cups to your Quote, before sending the request. Capacity: 500ml.

Read the. With the growing popularity of ice cream, you’ll encounter diversity and varying needs of clients. Branded Paper Cups is now shipping all over Europe in 48 hours. To the stall owner, they are a novelty to touch hearts, stir conversations, and build relationships.

Add to Compare. Show. A range of designs, sizes, and features ensure you have a complete package to suit any of your customer’s needs. Apart from being biodegradable, the PLA has better waterproofing and anti-defrosting features. Also, the need to provide customer and environment-oriented solutions demand endless innovations. Ice cream cups provide a wide visible space for brand promotion. Ice cream paper cups serve a fantastic treat. $43.95. Plain White 280ml Wax Paper Ice Cream Tub & Flat Lids, Plain White 160ml Wax Paper Ice Cream Tub & Flat Lids, Plain White 160ml Wax Paper Ice Cream Tub & Domed Lids, Plain White 100ml Wax Paper Ice Cream Tub & Flat Lids, Plain White 280ml Wax Paper Ice Cream Tub, Plain White 160ml Wax Paper Ice Cream Tub, Plain White 100ml Wax Paper Ice Cream Tub, 3 Scoop TAS-ty Finest Wax Paper Ice Cream Tubs With Flat Lids. Stunning ice cream paper cups encompass all features an outlet or customer ever desires. They add value to all parties. You can count on the styles for customers captivation and growing brand identity. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Branding should, without a doubt, bring out logos and brand names well. Branded Ice cream paper cups are dashing, a beauty to behold. If you’re out of stock or in urgent need of supplies, request for an urgent supply and leave the rest to us. Ice cream paper cups are single-walled or double-walled. They are non-soggy! Custom printed ice cream pots are the de facto choice for ice cream, ice cream snacks, coffee, yogurt, and slush like drinks.

UPS, the UPS brandmark and the color brown are trademarks of United Parcel Service of America, Inc. and are used with permission of the owner. Paper Ice Cream Cups or Ice Cream Pots are the most sought after ice cream packaging product, manufactured from at least 265 gsm single wall paper boards, ice cream cups are thus pretty strong and do not get soggy easily, so paper ice cream tubs are thus ideal for freezing.