position: results[0].geometry.location Sydney CBD to Parramatta Strategic Transport Plan September 2015 5 Vision and objectives The vision serves as an overarching focus for this Plan. Parramatta CBD - Alteration of Gateway determination.pdf, Gateway determination and letter to Council Parramatta CBD PP 13.11.2018.pdf, Parramatta CBD- Letter to Council Endorsing PP for Exhibition.pdf, Gateway Determination Planning Assessment.pdf, Attachment M3 - Peer Review of Heritage Interface.pdf, Attachment N - Peer review of Church Street.pdf, Application for Exceptional Circumstances - Parramatta cbd.pdf, Attachment 01 Draft Update of Parramatta Floodplain Risk Management Plans 2016.pdf, Attachment 02a Parramatta cbd Planning Proposal endorsed by Council April 2016.pdf, Attachment 02b Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal - Appendix 17 Potential Draft LEP Provisions.pdf, Attachment 02c Parramatta cbd Planning Proposal Appendix 16 Draft LEP Maps.pdf, Attachment 03 Summary of Council Flood Risk Management Activities.pdf, Attachment 04 Parramatta cbd Flood Evacuation Assessment.pdf, Attachment 05 Horizontal Evacuation Pilot Study for Parramatta cbd.pdf, Part B - Request from Council - Outstanding Matters - 24 April 2017.pdf, Part A - Request from Council - 21 April 2016.pdf, 20092018 letter to DPE notification of Council Resolutions (Item 13.2).pdf, Exhibition CBD_Planning Proposal Document_-_FINAL.pdf, 170718 Ltr to Dept re Interface Heritage Study.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix_17a_17b_17c_17d__17e_-_Infrastructure_Funding.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix_16b_-_Review_of_High_Performing_Buildings_Study_2019.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix_16a_-_Sustainability_and_Infrastructure_Study_2015__2019.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix_15b_-_Addendum_to_Preliminary_Site_Investigation_Study_2019.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix_15a_-_Preliminary_Site_Investigation_Study_for_the_Auto_Alley_area_2016.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix_14a_14b__14c_-_Updated_Flood_Risk_Management_Plans_Flood_Evacuation_Assessment__Parramatta_CBD_Horizontal_Evacuation_Pilot_Study_compressed.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix_13d_Technical_Paper_003_-_Parking_Review_-_AECOM_-_FINAL.PDF, Exhibition - Appendix_13c_Technical_Paper_002_-_Strategic_Traffic_and_Transport_Analysis_-_AECOM_-_FINAL.PDF, Exhibition - Appendix_13b_Technical_Paper_001_-_CBD_Benchmarking_-_AECOM_-_FINAL.PDF, Exhibition - Appendix_13a_-_Strategic_Transport_Study_2017.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix_12_-_Economic_Review_-_Achieving_A-Grade_Office.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix_11a__Appendix_11b_-_Opportunity_Sites_Report_October_2019__Parramatta_CBD_Opportunity_Sites_-_Heritage_Review_by_LSJ_compressed.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix_10b_-_Market_and_Feasibility_Analysis_October_2019.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix_10a_-_Overshadowing_Technical_Paper_compressed.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix_9a_and_Appendix_9b_-_Urban_Design__Feasibility_Study_-_Church_Street_Precinct_Council_June_2019_and_Heritage_Study_-_Church_Street_Precinct_City_Plan_June_2019.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix_8_-_Marion_Street_Precinct_Plan-compressed.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix_6a_and_Appendix_6b_-_Heritage_Study_of_Interface_Areas_Hector_Abraham_Architects_2017_and_Councils_response_to_Hector_Abraham_Architects_report-compressed.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix_5_-_Heritage_Study_Urbis_2015.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix_4d_-_Satisfying_the_altered_Gateway_conditions.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix_4c_-_Departments_Approval_Letter_and_Gateway_Alteration_determination_2020.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix_4a_-_Gateway_determination_for_the_Parramatta_CBD_Planning_Proposal_2018.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix_4b_-_Satisfying_the_Gateway_conditions.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix_3_-_Parramatta_CBD_Planning_Strategy_2015.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix_2b_-_Proposed_planning_controls_-_Proposed_LEP_amending_Maps1.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix 2a - Draft_LEP_Provisions_-_Parramatta_CBD_Planning_Proposal.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix 1a - PLEP_2011_extract_of_relevant_clauses_from_the_instrument_affecting_Parramatta_CBD.pdf, Exhibition - Appendix 1b - Current_Planning_Controls_-_Parrramatta_LEP_2011_Maps.pdf, 24.1.18 1. //var address = "320 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000"; The Parramatta River Urban Design Strategy (the Strategy) is a strategy for the regeneration of Sydney’s second largest CBD and its waterfront—a site that encompasses 31 hectares in the centre of Parramatta. Restoring a more natural form to the Brickfield Creek channel outlet including vegetated banks. The Strategy utilises WSUD to improve catchment and waterway health, and encourage conservation and management of this precious natural resource. The new mixed use development in the West Harbour mixed-use precinct is also to be designed to achieve a six Green Star rating. In order for Council to deliver attractive, well-designed and well-functioning places, streets and buildings, a few things need to happen. The proposal seeks extensive changes to the planning controls that apply to the Parramatta CBD to implement Councils Parramatta CBD Planning Strategy. It provides the foundation for informed discussion about the future direc­tion and positioning of Parramatta’s CBD and waterfront. The Parramatta River will become a focus for activity and will be better connected to the CBD through a series of laneways.

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These include: The Strategy has considered long-term effects of climate change and projected sea level rise levels as well as flooding issues that affect Parramatta’s city area. NSW Government published the Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy. The Actions within the Parramatta CBD Planning Strategy identified the research and technical studies required to inform the preparation of new planning controls and amendments to Parramatta LEP 2011. Select "Logout" below if you are ready to end your current session. Parramatta D Planning Framework: Economic analysis – Draft report TABLE OF CONTENTS EXE UTIVE SUMMARY 1 1 INTRODUTION 5 Parramatta D Framework Plan 5 Structure of this report 5 2 ONTEXT 6 Strategic context 6 Existing D planning controls 9 Precincts and assets 12 Adjacent centres, neighbourhood and nodes 14 Summary and implications 14 3 SUPPLY AND DEMAND 15 urrent … The Strategy reorientates the Parramatta’s CBD towards the river and positions Parramatta Quay as a new water arrival point in the heart of Parramatta, connecting Parramatta’s CBD to Circular Quay by ferry. window.onload = function() { This site is owned and operated by the City of Canada Bay using software licensed from Harvest Digital Planning (Harvest). Thank you, your account has been created. Contributors should also be aware that their posts may remain online indefinitely. Unauthorised use of your password or account must be immediately reported to us. }); The purposes for collecting such personal information will be the purpose that is indicated on, or apparent from, Council’s website in each specific instance. Parramatta Quay is to become the heart of the Parramatta’s night­ time economy with restaurants, bars and a grand terrace that can be used as a moonlight cinema or for performances. }); Parramatta Road is a major road transport corridor that runs through several Council areas, including parts of the City of Canada Bay.

For details on how the City of Canada Bay collects and protects your personal information, refer to their Privacy Policy below. initialize(); The Strategy will also enable commuter ferries and pleasure craft to moor in the heart of Parramatta, enhancing the experience of arrival by ferry into Parramatta and bringing activity and excitement to the water’s edge in a new Parramatta Quay. Medium density apartments with northerly aspects, which will contribute to the mix of housing types and tenures in the area.

Harvested stormwater and wastewater will be reused to provide water for non-potable purposes in the new developments.