R201-R500. Copyright © 2020 BottledPrices.com. Patron Anejo Tequila ... Prices include container deposit fees where applicable. So now let’s talk a little bit more about these flavors. A bottle of Avion Silver (750ml) retails for slightly cheaper than a standard bottle of Patron Silver Tequila, ranging between $34.99 - $38.99. { Rose Tequila makes their spirits with specialty flavors. Registered in England and Wales (Company No. We are sorry, this product is limited to Clear. All of Patron’s spirit prices go for much higher, and their flavors tend not to be as adventurous. if (typeof(shoppingListJS) == "undefined" || shoppingListJS == null || !shoppingListJS) { Jose Cuervo produced high-quality and smooth tequila, but at a more affordable price range. £46.00. Canada Post delivery to homes or post offices is no longer available. "langId": -1, Crystal clear with lively aromas of fresh agave and citrus. On Promotion. In a tall, chilled glass over ice, pour the ingredients and stir them gently to mix. The palate is smooth and supple showing notes of caramel and smoke on a long finish; this is ideal for a tequila old fashioned. Please adjust your quantity and try again. per page. ]. VEUILLEZ NOTER QUE NOUS NE LIVRONS PAS À L'EXTÉRIEUR DE L'ONTARIO.

Fifth of Patron price is somewhere between $20 to $30. So without waiting more, let’s check out the latest Patron Tequila prices. 4449145). This is a great drink to enjoy on an incredibly hot summer day! . While talking about... Are you fed up with eating the same sandwich over and over in your breakfast daily? Carefully crafted this pours bright amber colour with fine notes of oak, vanilla, raisins and honey. You save R 10 00 choose options. In a tall glass, pour the tequila and orange juice over cubed ice. All products may not be available in all stores. How much is the percentage of alcohol in Patron?

As a newer tequila producer, Hornitos has been able to distill delicious spirits that don’t break the bank. The most popular Patron tequila drinks are mentioned below-. Your cart exceeds the maximum number of 248 different items. The first being ‘100% Agave’ (quality assured) and the second being ‘Mixto’ (Agave mixed with fermented sugarcane).The 100% Agave comes with one of three labels… –This is made by mixing 2 oz. shoppingListJS = new ShoppingListJS({ {address.city}, {address.stateOrProvinceName}, {address.postalCode}. The journey of the legendary drink, Patron Tequila, is one of the finest refreshments of everything. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Select products may be available to customers in limited quantity. We always look for a diet that provides us with all the necessary nutrients. Patron tequila believes in perfecting the process as much as they can in making the results even better than before. There are several ways to take this drink and mix it up with other ingredients to make even finer recipes with the greatest taste. This simple drink is as easy to make as it is to enjoy. Patron tequila is made by fermenting the fruit of the blue agave plant. Screen readers, content will appear above this control. BottledPrices.com does not provide advertisements or recommendations on alcoholic beverage brands. Or shop from one of our 100+ Same-Day Pickup stores (product availability varies by store) and have your order ready in 3 hours or less. Pint of Patron price is around 30-35 dollars, depending on the store. With a muddler, crush the mint leaves and simple syrup together in the bottom of a julep cup to release the mint’s natural oils. item(s) per customer. Copyright © The Whisky Exchange 1999-2020. if (typeof(shoppingListJS) == "undefined" || shoppingListJS == null || !shoppingListJS) {

Patron Silver Tequila Jalisco Mule Cocktail Gift Pack, 70 cl. A great appetizer that has the best flavor and taste is always what we want. Add the tequila and stir to mix the flavors together. Don’t mix other spirits. This company addresses the fact very strictly that agave ripens rather slowly, with the passing of almost eight to ten years. }, Sign in or register to access your favourites lists, Suggested site content and search history menu, Select a location to find a store near you. Promotions. You …


"Attributes" : { } Value Added Products are subject to limited availability and may not be included with online purchases. In contrast, Avion’s most expensive bottle of tequila, Avion Reserva 44, ranges between #129.99 - $149.99. Once the plant has grown to produce fruit with optimal sugar levels, the fruit (known as the piña) is then harvested. The percentage of alcohol in Patron Tequila is … Stores and prices for 'Patron Silver Tequila, Jalisco' | prices, stores, tasting notes and market data. item(s) per customer. The company usually produces a 375ml bottle and a 750ml bottle. Kids usually don’t like everything... A healthy diet is everything for us. The vintage year displayed on the product image may differ from the stock available in stores and online. "catentry_id" : "54322",

This is an excellent drink for those looking for something sweet, bubbly, fruity, and alcoholic. As I’ve told you above that Patron Tequila is available in Gran Patron Burdeos, Gran Patron Platinum, Gran Patron Piedra, Patron Silver, Patron Anejo, and Patron Reposado. Where is Patron Tequila made? The company’s other products – Patrón XO Café (Tequila and coffee liqueur), Patrón Citrónge (orange liqueur) and Pyrat rums (fine Caribbean sipping rums) – have also earned their own acclaim by carving out a growing slice of the fine spirit market.

The company usually produces a 375ml bottle and a 750ml bottle. But if you want to check all the 400 drinks, you can visit Patron Tequila’s official website. We only provide the approximate prices.

Select products may be available to customers in limited quantity. Drinks have a dominating role in our life. YOU MUST BE 19 YEARS OF AGE TO PURCHASE ALCOHOL. Critics have scored this product 87 points.

Customers are advised to read the bottle labels to confirm the actual alcohol content of their purchases. Latest Patron Tequila Price at Stores. https://www.lcbo.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/en/lcbo/a%C3%B1ejo-15018048/patron-anejo-tequila-34603, [

}, {id: '54323',partnumber: '34603', name: 'Patron Anejo Tequila', image: '/content/dam/lcbo/products/034603.jpg/jcr:content/renditions/cq5dam.web.319.319.jpeg', type: 'ItemBean', components: {}, skus: []}, {}, "shoppingListJS"); The pulp is left for three days to ferment, and is then distilled in handmade barrels for a minimum of two months. Value Added Products are subject to limited availability and may not be included with online purchases. Hornitos’ selection of drinks can typically be bought for less than $40 per bottle. Jose Cuervo Price and Sizes – Enjoy the Smoothness and Flavor of every drop! The above-noted alcohol content may differ from the alcohol content displayed on the bottle label due to the timing of changes in vintage dates or production lot codes. R501-R1000. The Patron Silver price of 375 ml bottles are somewhere between $20 to $30, the 750 ml bottles are a little higher in their price, ranging between $30 to $50. We are still open. Sort by . This particular brand of tequila is significantly cheaper than the tequila options made available by Patron. Kebab is such cuisine that you can find in a Michelin star restaurant and also as street food. It has forty percent alcohol by volume and is made from the finest pinas.

Total Wine customers often prefer the following products when searching for Patron Tequila Prices And Sizes. You have control over the decision on whether to drink alcohol or not. "Attributes" : { }

The correct intake of Patron Tequila is always one in moderation. The plant takes a long time to mature, taking nearly eight to ten years to reach the perfect level of ripeness. After the inner perfection is tested and assured, the outer perfection is taken care of by the glass artisans, who measure and mold the perfectly imperfect Patrón Tequila bottles. Users have rated this product 4.5 out of 5 stars. Besides the Patron Tequila prices, I will also tell you the different varieties of Patron Tequila drinks and the mixed drinks that you can create using it.

If you’ve come to this article, then you must be searching for the latest Patron Tequila prices on the internet. The original Patrón Tequila was produced by Casa 7 Leguas, one of the oldest Mexican distilleries. High in the mountains of Jalisco this tequila is aged to perfection in oak barrels. Let us know your thoughts on a product or view reviews from our members, independent experts and other websites. Bottle of Patron cost across different stores like Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, CVS, and Costco are tabulated below for all bottle sizes.