>> << >> 0000015423 00000 n because of their rapid and complete solubility in cold water to form water-white solutions with low viscosities. 0000031777 00000 n

Polyvinyl alcohol, (PVA) was prepared using polyvinyl acetate emulsion (manufactured by Al-Jihad factory, That-Al-Sawary Company) as a local raw material. The syrup was then vacuum dried. 3. (dextrose equivalent)dextrins and blending the bulked dextrins with liquid ethyl alcohol in ratios such that there is sufficient dextrin present to absorb/adsorb the available ethanol and produce a dry'-to-the-touch flowable powder incorporated with up to about 60 percent ethanol. 9 0 obj /ExtGState

/CA 1 x���t�€������{E�� ��� ���+*�]A��� �zDDA)[email protected]�ޛ��Fz���? stream 0000040657 00000 n However, in a vapor-tight package, the product retains its alcoholic content, remains dryto-the-touch, and retains its original flowable'condition characterized by being pourable or spoonable from the container with little or no tendency to clump or otherwise aggregate.

/ca 1 Additionally, the special dextrins have only a trace to about 1 percent glucose and a very limited amount of maltose. 5 0 obj Pat. /Type /XObject @�Svgvfv�����h��垼N�>� _���G @}���> ����G��If 0^qd�N2 ���D�� `��ȒY �VY2 ���E�� `$�ȒY �#�,� �(�ȒY �!Y2 �d#Kf �/�&�ȒY ��b�|e�, �]Mf 0� �4d ӐY LCf 0 � �4d ӐY LCf 0 � �4d ӐY LCf 0 � �4d ӐY LCf 0 � �4d ӐY LCf 0 � �4d ӐY LCf 0 � �4d ӐY LCf 0 � �4d ӐY LCf 0 � �4d ӐY LCf 0 � �0A֠؄� �5jФNl\��ud #D�jy��c&�?g��ys?zuܽW_p�^2 �^Qջ�3����3ssmBa����}l˚���Y tIhyכkN�y��3�%8�y� /XObject

EXAMPLE IX To 40g of the bulked dextrin of Example III were added 60g of 95 percent alcohol containing 500 of Firmenich liquid wine flavor (P.F.W.570039).

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/Interpolate true of alcohol during the process. range about 10 than the normal dextrins having .the same DE. << 8 0 obj endobj 0000022270 00000 n 1 0 obj Surprisingly, it has been found that aqueous alcohol solutions can be sorbed to form alcohol/water-containing stable, flow able powders. �0�{�~ �%���+k�R�6>�( 4 0 obj 0000005494 00000 n

/Resources 5 0 R << Physical Properties of Alcohol 1.

Drum drying the dextrin material in this manner produces expanded, and not easily compressed, particles of low density, which are amorphous but crystalline-appearing materials, and which are nonhydroscopic and dissolve easily in water. <<

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endstream << For example, CH3OH is methyl alcohol.

/ExtGState d. contacting the expanded dextrin of ('c) with an aqueous solution of ethanol so as to cause the dextrin to sorb from about 30 percent to about 60 percent ethanol by weight of the resulting flowable ethanol-containing powder.

endstream Under these conditions, the DE. When produced for alcohol beverage purposes, each of the products can be readily tailored to contain either water soluble or ethyl alcohol soluble flavoring ingredients which are usually employed in mixed alcohol beverages. milk, sugar, FOODS, FOODSTUFFS, OR NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, NOT COVERED BY SUBCLASSES A23B - A23J; THEIR PREPARATION OR TREATMENT, e.g.

Alcohols generally have higher boiling points in comparison to other hydrocarbons having equal molecular masses. b. expanding the dextrin by forming a film of the solution of (a) and drum drying said film, v c. subdividing the dried film of dextrin to yield particulates of expanded dextrin having a size corresponding to a 20 mesh screen opening (U.S.S. /Filter /FlateDecode The thin film of dextrin is dried to a moisture content of from about 2 percent to about 6 percent and, when doctored from the rolls forms fine particles of high bulk volume.

EXAMPLE VII EXAMPLE Vlll To 2.8g of freeze-dried coffee was added 8.5g of the expanded ethanol containing powder of Example "I to produce a flowable powdered mixture. 0000001507 00000 n 0000029128 00000 n of water and a small quantity of crushed ice and shaken vigorously. 0000002134 00000 n

SUMMARY OF THEINV'ENTION 7 Accordingly, it is an object of the present invention 4 to provide a flowable, high alcohol-containing powder which canbe produced in the presence of substantial quantities of moisture and which, when packaged in a sealed container, is stable. 0000005281 00000 n endobj endobj

x�+�215�35S0 BS��H)$�r�'(�+�WZ*��sr � Preparation of an alcohol-containing powder Download PDF Info Publication number US3821433A. A detailed description of the dextrinization of a typical starch to produce a dextrin suitable for purposes of the invention is disclosed in Example l (below).

(degree of polymerization) of from 1 to about 20 glucose units with an average DR of about 10 (molecular weight about 1,600). h�b```b``�g`c`�� Ȁ ��@Q��d���L�d��z����'P�֧���+� �r �f�Iœ=3�^�ΘxIb�������L�N��6�� endobj lntemational, Englewood Cliffs, NJ. The resulting products are stable when hermetically packaged and are particularly qualified as alcoholic beverage forming compositions and flavoring materials. 0000003218 00000 n For example, a 5 D.E.dextrin at this initial low moisture content will sorb 40 percent by weight of an alcohol solution containing percent water and produce a product containing percent alcohol, 13 percent water and 57 percent dextrin solids.