Getting real about everything from love and sex to fashion and beauty. Be it religion or other beliefs, it's very important to be on the same page about certain things, which could otherwise lead to major problems. Remember, boredom is the enemy. There's a reason it didn't work out before, and it's quite likely it won't again. By Debra Morison. The thought of getting into a relationship can be exciting, but the reality of it is more than just getting butterflies in your stomach or wearing matching outfits with bae. Make sure they like you for you and not for the couple of good times you had. If your answer to this question is no, rather take time to  show yourself love before trying to get into a relationship. This post focuses on questions to ask yourself before you take the next step in a relationship or you want to engage in deeper conversations. Many of us often take things for granted. You want someone who's exciting and challenges you. Follow Storypick on, 20 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Getting Into A Relationship, Trans-Woman Who Was Called Abusive Names Shares Powerful Message On Becoming A Doctor, Hyderabad Cop Felicitated For Running To Clear Path For Ambulance, Gets Letter From 7-YO Daughter, Desis Discuss Why Private Schools Often Do Not Match Up To Coaching Centres In India, “I Produced Paa,” Abhishek Bachchan Speaks Of How Dad, Amitabh Never Made A Film For Him, “Include ₹11 With Good Morning Messages,” Says Twitter As WhatsApp Pay Goes Live. 16. Do I really like him/her? Yes, it’s difficult grappling with your own doubts or convictions but you have to take theirs into consideration as well. Fully loving yourself will allow you to enjoy your relationship and set the standard as to how your partner should treat you. Heartbreaks are painful and love is a treacherous mistress. Every healthy relationship (romantic or otherwise) requires boundaries. A good partner strives to make both of your better. if you get a red flag in your brain for this, then please take a few steps back. Your reasons for going into a relationship should not be selfish, Instead, they should be motivated by the desire to share intimate and special moments with someone who shares the same or similar desires. This is probably the most important question you need to ask yourself because the course of your relationship is solely based on a “Yes/No” for this question. Remember to always use a condom when you have sex and consider getting a  contraceptive method that works for you. Is it too soon? Sometimes, you'll have an amazing time with somebody, then wake up the next day feeling like you don't know them at all, which is never a good feeling. Do you? If you guys have apprehensions about your your romantic interest being supportive of you, it’s better you wait before you take the bait. The other pillar besides trust, is respect. We can’t have fulfilling relationships with other people if we are not happy with ourselves first, which is why you need to ask yourself these questions before getting into a relationship. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before getting into a serious relationship so that you save yourself and the other from heartache. But don’t put that as irrelevant criteria. Especially if you're too young.

Some basic similarities should exist however, otherwise a storm will hit your relationship fairly quick. A relationship sustains only when those two exist. Do you really want a relationship or is it just loneliness?

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself before you start dating. 1. You need to be mentally ready to contribute to a healthy relationship where both you and your partner can grow. Knowing yourself inside and out will only help build a better foundation with your partner. For example, if you require personal space, then you need to be able to communicate this to your potential partner and others. The more you get to know someone, the more you find out about their dark sides. They don’t give up. taking a decision of committing yourself to someone can be quite upheaving but with the right questions, you can dodge the bullet. When you don’t cultivate self-love, you run the risk of being overly dependent on your partner, which often leads to heartbreak. So 'its good to know what you might start becoming like. That’s what love is. Many people do not realize that the relationship between a man and a woman is something that should be carefully worked on.