They’ll want to close the knowledge gap and reach out. I’ll see you this afternoon at four. (Only if you want to get insider advice and tips). Last time we spoke, you said that [insert details of previous conversation; be specific]. Agent: Thanks for your time. The new email experience in Top Producer® X is here! Now, on to a listing request follow up from Point2. That said, I think most people are cell only these days, so safe to assume it applies to both. Find any excuse to stop by and introduce yourself in person, even if it’s for a minute or two. Do you have time this evening, or would tomorrow be better?" I received your information from [insert source] and I believe I can find a buyer for your property. I really liked your article. Thanks so much for stopping by the open house for [address] last Sunday. Using real estate internet lead scripts helps real estate agents gather valuable marketing information while establishing trust with a potential buyer or seller. — Tom Ferry, Founder, Tom Ferry-yourcoach,, They Say: "I want to keep the price the same as the last listing.". [$X] of that was from expired listings. If you have someone who’s serious, you can send them by, but I’m not looking to sit down for a sales pitch with an agent.”, “Sure, I can appreciate that. This will also vary depending on the demographics of your farm area as well.

Looking for an IDX website designed to generate and convert leads? Agent: Great!

I definitely use those pretty consistently. Beyond simply listening to your prospects it’s important to follow-up with relevant content and questions based on your notes. Zillow Subject line: [Contact name], let’s chat about selling your home “Hi, [Contact name]: Thanks again for taking a minute to chat with me on [conversation date] about selling your home. A script for real estate prospecting can help relieve any frustrations the prospective client may have about their experience so far. Is your email address [insert email]? Hmmm, yeah that’s a tricky one. So, the easiest thing for me to do is to send you an email so you can see properties that fit your interests. Refresh your market knowledge.

Hi, my name is [insert your name] with [insert your real estate agent agency name].

What is your dream location?”. "The average real estate pro in this market gets X percent of the list price and I get Y percent because I am a better negotiator. She managed the process from start to finish and my family and I could not be happier.’ ―The Jones Family, ‘My home search was full of ups and downs, but Annie never stopped in the search for our home. Here are 4 you’ll want to pay attention to.